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Sat. October 13- Friday Oct. 29- Westminster/Denver

Saturday-  We packed up ski stuff, went to the storage unit and picked up more of our stuff and took it  to Play It Again Sports in Boulder. This was a great place, with lots of sports equipment. They took most of what we brought them and wrote us a check for the equipment. What they did not take, we are going to donate. We got about what we expected for everything, including skis, poles, boots, roof rack and carriers etc.

After we left there, we went to the Farmers Market. It was cool and sprinkling,  but there was still a crowd. We wandered through. We stopped for lunch at two of the vendors. Bob had a tamale and I had dumplings. Very good! We bought some bread and returned home. By this time it was pouring rain. We cannot complain, because they really need the rain!

We took a short nap then joined everyone for dinner at the Lodge. We had been hearing from everyone that the Chicken Pot Pie is excellent. They have this on some Saturday evenings. This week it was Turkey Pot Pie, and was as good as advertised. We forgot to take our cell phones, so we were not able to get pictures.

The cook takes 3 ‘puff’ pastries, stacks them, ladles a hole in the center, and bakes them. Then they scoop the filling into the pastry, when they serve it to you. It comes with salad and a drink for $5. You can also purchase dessert for an extra $2, which we did not do… what a deal! The meal was excellent! So was the company, there were 11 of us. Ernie, Reline, Fred, Marianna, Thelma, Mel, Ann, George, and a new lady, Shirley. 

Sunday-  A quiet day for us. We did our usual Sunday tasks, then went to the storage unit to work some more on getting rid of stuff. Every time we go there, we bring back insulation to put in the Elks dumpsters. We are trying to be careful not to overload them!

We sat out with everyone for Happy Hour, then returned home to have leftovers for dinner.

Monday-  Here we go again… I had PT at 7:30. I returned home and Bob went for his Endocrinology appointment.  We thought we might be able to use our library cards from Summit County, here in Westminster, so we went to the Library. Nope, can’t use them, so we returned to the motor home for lunch. Then I went to the Chiropractor. I returned home and Bob went to the Cardiologist. At 4, I took the dogs and went to Happy Hour. Bob joined us when he arrived back home. Whew, busy day!

I called the travel nurse agency and my rep decided that she was going to blind submit me to the hospital in Bull Head City AZ. This is directly across from Laughlin NV and looked great. When I went to the hospital website,they did not have any Case Management positions advertised, so I am not getting my hopes up.

We ate dinner in.

Tuesday-  Bob ran over to King Sooper and rented a Rug Doctor to clean the rugs. Meanwhile I put things up and vacuumed. Since it is fall, we are doing the ceiling also. So while he was working on that, I took the dogs to the Vets to be groomed. I returned and we continued the rug cleaning. Bob had the ceiling done by lunch, so after lunch he started on the floor. I cleaned the leather, cleaned  mirrors, and dusted. So the motor home smells great!

Just before 1, Bob returned the machine and  we went and picked up the dogs. They smell good also!

The agency said that Bull Head City would not accept the blind submit and had no needs. So they offered me a place in Tuba City AZ. It is on a Navajo reservation. The median income is 14K, The nearest Walmart was 55 miles away in Page, or 80 miles in Flagstaff. One small, Navajo run grocery store. The only RV park is in a Quality Inn parking lot. We declined. So the next place on their list was Gallop AZ. This looked okay, except for the fact that the low temp in December is 11 degrees. We declined this also, as we don’t want to have to set up for cold weather again. The back up is California. They had also had two hospitals in Dallas, but the closes RV park is 30 miles away in heavy Dallas traffic, so we declined those also.

We went grocery shopping and returned in time to go to Happy Hour. The wind started to pick up, so we all went home. We ate dinner and watched TV. Just as we were getting ready for bed, the wind started to howl. We did not get a lot of sleep.

Wednesday-  We were out the door early heading for the doctor’s office to have our blood drawn. Then we went to breakfast at Georges Café. A great breakfast. Bob had an omelet and I had French Toast.

We returned to the motor home and I went to PT. Zack really worked my shoulder! Then at 3:15, I went and had my hair styled and cut. When I returned to the motor home, I warned Bob before he saw it. He was pretty shocked. Everyone likes the style, but it is very short! I told Lorraine, the stylist, I wanted wash and wear.

We went to happy hour then to the Lodge for dinner. We had left over turkey pot pie.

Thursday– Up early again, and out the door, after I had done my pre-op eye drops. I had to be at the Harvard Surgical Center by 7:30, which is located on the south side of Denver( we are staying in the northwest).  I hardly waited when they took me back to start getting me prepped for surgery. Of course I had to change, then they put in the IV and lots of eye drops and ointments. I am so afraid of eye surgery, that I was shaking and my blood pressure shot up. They brought Bob back and eventually gave me some Versed to calm me. When they took me into the surgery suite, I remember that they put the drape over my face and the next thing I woke up in the PACU. The surgeon said that I spoke with him during the surgery, but I don’t remember anything! Perfect! They put on an eye cover and the ugly old folks sunglasses and sent us on our way.

We stopped at Burger King so I could eat some breakfast. The eye started to hurt on the way home, so when we arrived home, I put ice on it. Then I took a 2 hour nap,ate lunch, did my eye drops,  then took another two hour  nap! I woke up about 3:30, just in time to head over to happy hour. I put on a hat, put on the granny glasses, and walked over with Bob and the dogs. We stayed until 5;15, when I had to return and put in my next eye drops.( Four times a day this week). We ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed. I only have to wear the eye patch now at bedtime for 3 nights.

Friday- I woke up at 4:00, since I slept most of yesterday. I got up and put in my eye drops. One time down, three to go! We took off for my post-op appointment. The MD office was backed up, so we sat there for over an hour. Oh well. First thing was they did an eye test. I now have 20/20 vision in the left eye. The doc thinks it will improve from there! Bob had popped out the left lens in my glasses, so I am wearing funny looking glasses.

Since it was so late, we stopped at Hacienda, a chain restaurant, and had a Mexican lunch. The food was pretty good! We arrived back at the motor home to find that Margie and Wayne had moved in next to us. They are our guests for the week, here at the Elks. Hopefully, Wayne or Margie with join an Elks Lodge.

We greeted them, then I drove myself to PT. Teresa did needling, actually, it is like Acupuncture. It worked, the muscles immediately  went into spasm then loosened! I have better range of motion now. It hurt a lot less than then working with their fingers!

The agency has submitted me to two hospitals in California, one in Santa Barbara and one in Riverside. Now just waiting to hear. Since I do not have a California Nursing License ( they are not a compact state), once I have been accepted, if I am accepted, the agency is going to fly me to Sacramento for the day to walk my nursing application through the Board of Nursing. That should be interesting!

After I returned from PT, we waited to see if anyone was going to happy hour. No one showed, as it is cloudy with a mild ( comparatively) wind.  The last two days the wind has been howling, so this is mild in comparison. The temp is 70.

We walked down to the Lodge at 5:15 for dinner. We had to wait for them to set up a table, as all the tables were taken. There were 13 of us! Wayne , Margie, Bob and I were at one end and sat talking while we waited to be served. They were impressed with the meal. It was prime rib night! A nice serving of prime rib, mash potato’s with gravy and green beans for $9. A real bargain.

We returned and fed the dogs, then went next door to visit. It is so good to see our friends plus, Kathy and Brian are arriving tomorrow! Margie and Wayne had caught up with Brian and Kathy at the International Balloon Fiesta in ABQ two weeks ago. Wayne had worked the Fiesta  every day and Margie worked a couple of times. They said it was everything we had told them! They also met up with the Boomers group while they were there! Bob had talked to Brian earlier this afternoon letting him know that there are 30 amp FHU sites available here at the Lodge. .

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