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Sat. Oct. 6 to Fri. Oct. 12 Westminster/Denver

Saturday- I woke up early and worked on the blog, when I really should have been working on the second article. Procrastination!

At 8:30, we went to breakfast with Erie and Ralene( I am working on getting her name right)and Marianna. Fred was working. We went to a place called Great Scotts Eatery.

I started working on the article and made real progress. We went to the storage unit and brought back warmer clothes. It is cold and rainy, so it is a bone chilling cold.

We took a short nap, and basically had a pretty quiet day.

Sunday-  We had a nice breakfast, did the bills, then I worked on the article. I got it finished, and will let it vegetate today.I will look at it tomorrow and give it to Bob to proof read. It was a quiet day for us. We rested and took a nap.

We had dinner in the motor home and watched TV.

Monday-  I reviewed the article and worked on reading the manual for the ACLS class that I am taking on Wednesday and Thursday. Bob worked on the satellite TV. For some reason it was not working. There was a lot of cussing involved!

At 12:45, we left for our doctor’s appointments. We are changing our doctors from Breckenridge to Westminster. Her name is Dr. Johanna Freedman. We both liked her. So one appointment down, more to go!

We returned to the motor home and I continued reading the manual and Bob continued working on the satellite.

We went to happy hour with about 10 people there. The dogs love it, as they get to run loose, but there are no dogs to play with and they are missing the interaction. Although, Roxie is on the ‘hunt’ for rabbits.

Bob was able to get the satellite working enough that we could watch TV this evening. Dinner was in.

Tuesday-  We left at 8:40 for the Ophthalmologist appointment. I already have my surgery scheduled for the left eye cataract. We liked the Ophthalmologist. I really liked him a lot better than the one I saw in April! I had a very comprehensive eye exam, which did not scare me to death. I DO NOT DO EYES! So I am not happy about this whole process.

We left there, returned towards home. We stopped at the Smiling Moose in Arvada for sandwiches. We ate there, then returned home. Bob walked the dogs and I went to sleep. Not much else to do, since I cannot seen anything. When I woke up, I was able to see again. Bob and the dogs had joined me for the nap.

At 4:30, we took Roxie( Karlie went along for the ride) to the vet. She has been intermittently three legging it.So we have now changed Vets, also. We liked the new vet, she seemed okay, although she had a cold. She is not sure what exactly is wrong with Roxie’s right hind leg. So we have to being Roxie back on Friday, to be sedated for an X-ray of her hind leg.

We returned home and ate dinner, watched TV and I kept reading the manual.

Wednesday-  EEEK, the first day of the ACLS class. I am not sure why the agency is making me take this class, other than it makes me more marketable. I will never do any of the tasks in this book. Since I don’t do this kind of work, this is extremely difficult for me. I have not had cardiac experience, or worked a code in years!

The class was as frightening as I thought it was going to be!  At least I am not the only one terrified! None of us have ever been through this course before, although, it was not as new to everyone else.

I was exhausted when I returned home. We went to dinner at the Elks Lodge, the menu was steak sandwiches ( which they have every Wednesday and they are  a steak on a roll with french fries), fried shrimp, fried chicken, and pork chops. Bob had the fried chicken, which was excellent, with mash potatoes and gravy, and I had the fried shrimp with rice pilaf; it was possibly the best fried shrimp I have every had! We both had green beans. Excellent meals for $8 each. .

We returned to the motor home. Bob watched TV and I had to study.

Thursday- I woke up at 5:15, so I got up and studied some more. Class was busy, then the testing. We had to do a “Mega Code”. I have only been in one adult ‘code’, back in 1974. I had been in infant ‘codes’, not the same thing, when I worked NICU. So this was very different. I had to run a code. Not fun! Fortunately, the Paramedic running the class was good to work with…. Finally ,we had the written test. I PASSED( I really was not sure that I was going to be able to pass, as this old brain is overloaded)!  I flew through with flying colors.

I returned home and we went to happy hour. There were about 10 of us there. As soon as the clouds moved in and the sun started to set, we all returned, home, as the temperature dropped. It started at 61, but dropped into the 50’s with a breeze.

Bob had through a beef meal into the crock pot, and it sure smelled good then we returned to the motor home!

Friday-  I dropped Roxie off for her to be sedated for her X-rays. Then I went to the Endocrinologist. I returned to the motor home. After lunch I went to Quest to have my labs done. They had moved to another building, so it took a while to find them. Then I headed to Physical Therapy for my left shoulder. I think it was slightly out of place and was getting progressively worse. It had sort of popped back in on Wednesday evening, so Teresa the therapist, is working on getting the muscles in my shoulder to ‘un-cramp’. At 4:30, we took Karlie for her appointment and picked up Roxie. To get the flea/tick and heartworm pills, the Vet wanted to exam Karlie also.

Roxie was ‘loopy’, but the Vet could not find anything wrong with her hip, knee or feet. Oh well, a bunch of money down the drain. At least, we know what it is not!

We returned in time for dinner. Roxie was a little bonkers, so we did not want to leave her. So I sat in the recliner, she jumped up on my lap, and went to sleep. Bob went to the Lodge and picked up dinner for us. I had Chicken Cordon Blu and Bob had NY strip. Bob had the French fries and I had mash potato with gravy. Both came with a corn mix, which unfortunately had bell pepper ( red and green) so I ate them.

We watched TV and went to bed.

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