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Sat. Aug. 18- Fri. Aug. 24 College Park

Saturday- We headed to the College Park Farmers Market this morning. Bob had done our shopping yesterday, so we were just purchasing corn and cantaloupe. We returned to the motor home and picked up the dogs for their trip to Waldorf to be groomed. We waited in Pinefield in front of Lefty’s BBQ for Lisa to arrive. When she did, the dogs where happy to see her until they remembered why she was there. They don’t like to be groomed, but they do like Lisa!

Once the dogs were in her van, we ran to Country Florist to pick up John’s BJ’s card, and went shopping. We miss BJ’s a lot. Costco and Sam’s Club are just not the same! BJ’s is only on the east coast, whereas, Costco and Sam’s are nationwide. So we no longer maintain a membership, as it is not cost effective to do so….

We returned to pick up the dogs, who were now freshly groomed and smelling nice! We stopped at Nick’s of Clinton for sandwiches then drove back to College Park. We ate lunch and had a nice nap.

We were supposed to meet friends for dinner, but Carole was not feeling well,( hope you feel better soon Carole) so we were on our own. We have been wanting to have crabs before we left the area, so we drove to Annapolis,  to a crab place on the Severen River called Mikes.  Even though we left early to go there, so did everyone else in Annapolis! We waited 10 minutes for a parking place, then the wait was going to be over an hour to be seated. So we bailed and went to another place on the river called Yellowfish Steak and Seafood. The food was okay, but expensive for what we got. I had a bowl of Maryland Crab soup and an appetizer crab cake. Bob had the crab cake dinner, which was two crab cakes, a scoop of rice pilaf and green beans. All for over $60.

We drove back home. On the beltway there was a cluster motorcyclists, six of them, with four of them riding on their back wheels. Can’t wait to see them in the Trauma Unit! What idiots!  They were riding the other direction, and cars were staying behind them, not daring to pass! It happened so quickly we could not get a picture.

When we arrived home, we had a nice campfire, as it was a beautiful evening. This is only our second campfire of the season! We still have firewood left over. At least we have not purchased wood, Bob just picks up packets of them that people leave around when they leave.

Sunday-  A quiet day for us. We paid our bills, made reservations for our upcoming move, and generally just caught up on ‘stuff’. We ate lunch, and took at nap. Bob went to work at 3PM. He worked 3-11 today. It was a rainy Sunday, and it was best to stay home.

Bob ended up taking some folks to their site, making ice for the ice machine, and working the gate. He had a couple who arrived, after dark, following a six hour ride from Williamsburg. It was the traffic. They had four kids with them, so you can imagine it was not a fun trip. He also checked in some people to one of the ‘yurt’s’, and one couple, with a motorhome, not towing a car, that arrived late. They had spent the day touring DC( in their 40 ft. motor home) and drove to Cherry Hill up Rt. 1. Ugh! Bob politely suggested to them that they take the bus from Cherry Hill to the Metro to finish their tour of DC. We are not sure where they could find a 40 ft long parking place downtown!

Bob arrived home around 11. I was already in bed, as I had to work Monday morning.

Monday- A fairly busy day. I only had one patient left from Friday, and only one of my beds was empty. We had Amy with us again, so that lightened the load quite a bit. Since we are a level 1 trauma center, there are State Police helicopters flying in all the time. In the early afternoon they called a Stat Team Bravo and  right after a Stat Team Alpha. Bravo is a trauma, Alpha is imminent death. We really did not pay much attention, as it happens all the time, although a Stat Team Alpha is less frequent. Anyone who lives in the Washington area knows what happened. A twenty-three year old police officer was killed when he was run off the road, on I-95, while chasing a stolen car.  The news raced around the hospital quickly. Just looking out the windows, you knew something was up, as there were at least 50 PG county police cars surrounding the hospital., interspersed with news vans. A press conference was held, in front of the ER doors, at 4 PM. Bob arrived just before four to pick me up and immediately checked the browser on his smart phone to see what was going on…. He said he was passed by several cop cars, racing to the hospital, on his way to pick me up. The other police officer, who was the passenger in the police car, was able to walk out of the hospital that evening. He was wearing his seat belt, while the twenty-three year old was not! Evidently, some police officers do not wear their seat belts, so that they can get out of their vehicles quickly, if necessary.  It was a sad afternoon.

Our mail had arrived. Good news! We have reached our Catastrophic limit,  meaning that all the the rest of our medical bills, except for prescriptions, Dentist, Chiropractor and the $20 office visit co-pay’s, are paid at 100% for the rest of the calendar year. We have nothing else to pay,  including my 60K hospital bill, Bob’s Nuclear Stress Test, my EDG and Colonoscopy, and my cataract surgery!  We were really pleased as we expected $3-6K more on my hospital stay, plus the co-pay’s on all the rest of our procedures.

We sat out in our lounge chairs until it started to rain, just before  7PM. The tractor ride was rained out.

Tuesday- Another busy day. Sabbena was off, so it was just Amy and I. We finished everything by four, so that worked out!

The weather is cooler( in the 70’s-80’s), so we sat out in our lounge chairs. Bob drove the tractor this evening.  He drives between 7 and 8:30

Wednesday- Another busy day at work. Nia came to help us, so the day was okay. We thought it was going to rain, so Bob did not think he was going to work. The storm we were watching on radar by-passed us, so he went and drove the tractor.

Thursday– Ugh, Jell-o day ( clear liquids) in preparation for my colonoscopy/EDG tomorrow. It made for a long day! I waited until I was home to start the prep. Bob went over to the café for dinner then he drove the tractor.

Friday- The Colonoscopy Center had called ,earlier in the week,and changed my appointment  from 7AM to 10 AM, so we did not have to get up too early. I still had more prep to do, then I went back to bed. I woke up at 8:30, took a quick shower, and we drove Waldorf. We parked, walked into the office, and there was long time friend, Jimmy McCully. HIs wife Jeanette had just been taken back. After a quick hug, we sat and talked until they called me back.

I had an EDG and Colonoscopy. Everything went well and I do not have to return for 7-8 years! Yippee! Bob of course drove me and stayed with me. We went to Bob Evans for breakfast for me and lunch for Bob. I rested the rest of the day. Bob drove the tractor this evening.

Occasionally we have seen some interesting RV’s. This is one we thought was fascinating. This is a ‘pop-up’ camper,


Notice that there is a awning over the bed window on the far left, an inside living area, and an outside screened area. Now this is what it looks like closed up. 008-001V

Very small, huh! It has to be, it is towed by a motorcycle! Most pop-up campers are much larger than this one, and much heavier! Bob thinks it was designed by a parachutist, as they are experts a folding material.

We also thought this little beasty is interesting. This is a ‘Hummingbird Moth’. It looks very similar to a Hummingbird, and flutters around the flowers, just like a Hummingbird.


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