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Sat. Aug. 11 to Fri. Aug. 17- College Park

Saturday-  We were out the door early again today. We went straight to the Walmart  to pick up a few items, them on to the Dutch Country Market. From there, we returned home, walked the dogs, then went to Silver Spring. We stopped in at the used bookstore again, then ate lunch at the crepe and cafe , again. This time afterwards we stopped at the Silver Spring farmers market. They were also having an African Festival, which did not excite us.

We returned home, took a nap, and ate dinner. Right after dinner, it started to rain, so Bob did not go to work to drive the tractor this evening. We had stopped in at the office on our way back into the park to check for mail and for Bob to pay the park. They took off Bob’s “salary” so we paid less than we expected. Since this is Dan’s last week they asked if he would take over Dan’s tractor driving times, so Bob said yes, He also told them that he had to have off the 18th and the 25th, when we are meeting with friends.

Sunday-  We puttered around all day. At 3, Bob went to work. He escorted some folks to their sites. One motor home was too long for the assigned site, so Bob moved them to another, longer site. My hips have been hurting, so I went to Massage Envy for a massage. My first one! I arrived back in time to meet Bob for dinner at the café. He gets a 20% discount, so we had a nice dinner. Bob drove the tractor this evening.

Just before he got off work, someone ran into one of the gaslights and he had to go clean up the mess.

Monday-  A relatively quiet day at work as we had help. Amy was back, so she came up to assist us with reviews. Bob drove the tractor this evening.

Tuesday- Another relatively quiet day at work. No help today, but we really didn’t need it.  Bob was off this evening; he should have driven the tractor, but they forgot to let him know he was to work.

Wednesday- A busier day with no extra help, I did not get everything done, but oh well!Bob drove the tractor this evening. Roxie was vomiting this evening. UGH! When Bob arrived home he said she had vomited after her breakfast this morning, so nothing for her to eat now, to let her tummy rest.

Thursday- We did not feed Roxie her breakfast . Bob walked both dogs before feeding, then took Roxie out. I quickly fed Karlie. She was so funny. She was upset that Roxie was getting a walk without her. I put her food in her bowl, then called her over. The look on her face was priceless.” Oh! Okay, so that is what is going on.” She ate quickly, then she jumped up on the couch pretending to Roxie that she has not eaten. Roxie of course knew, since I am sure she could smell the food. Poor little Roxie looked so pitiful. She is not acting like she is sick, but we loved her up so that hopefully she understood that she was not being punished.

Bob went to the grocery store and bought some ground chicken and cooked the chicken with plain rice. We fed Roxie that for dinner and she kept it down.

It was a quiet day at work, as Amy was with us again. We went to dinner at Plato’s Diner again.  Bob drove the tractor this evening.

Friday-  Roxie’s tummy is back to normal, but we are keeping her on the mild diet until it is all gone.

A pretty busy Friday.  By the end of the day I had only 3 patients left. All the rest had been discharged. Amy spent most of the day trying to find a Home Health agency for a patient that had a weird insurance. Only one business on their list actually took their insurance. That happens a lot with United Health Care( that was not this insurance, just an editorial comment. You also could not pay me to have Kaiser, just saying!) . What a pain that was for Amy Six hours of phone calls to agencies!  Bob drove the tractor this evening.

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