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Sat. July 7 to Fri July 13 College Park MD

Saturday-  We were out the door early this morning since the forecast is for high temperatures, again. We stopped at the Xtra for gas, $3.29 this week, an increase of 8 cents. Then we were off to the Farmers Market in College Park.  We bought cucumbers, a large tomato, and corn. From there we headed up to Laurel to The Dutchman for lemon pickles, ham salad, broccoli salad, sliced ham, and bread. I also met up with a Mary Kay saleslady who I had met at the Laurel Main Street Festival in May. She brought me my order.

Our next stop was at Walmart for our usual shopping. It was very busy and we waited in line for 25 minutes. We hate this Walmart, but at least we saved money. Everyone seemed to be out early due to the extreme heat. The staff could not seem to get everything on the shelves fast enough, so we still have items that we need.

We headed home. By the time we arrived back at Cherry Hill the temp was 92, at 10:15! We hunkered down in the motor home to stay cool. After lunch, of left over Chinese, we took a nap. We still had some items we could not get at the Walmart, so we went to Shop Rite. By now, the temp was 102. The CRV does not seem to cool off very well. We had been noticing this for awhile. Once you get up some speed, the car cools down, but with slow driving, it just never cools off.

The Shoprite had lost their electric for three hours, so they were throwing away the frozen food and milk etc. We had not been able to get milk at the Walmart. So we ended up heading over to the Giant in Calverton. This is a tiny, awful Giant, but we were able to pick up most of what we still needed.

We drove home again, with the car still not cooling off. The temp was now at 104, the high at the motor home for the day.

We cooked dinner inside, then went to the swimming pool. This was our first time over there. What a waste! The pool water was very warm, we think in the 90’s. We used both pools and tried out the hot tub, which never felt all that hot, since the pool was so warm. The pools were pretty crowded with kids and people trying to cool off.

Sunday- Another quiet day for us. We have places that we want to visit, but with this heat wave, we are staying home in the nice cool motor home. Bob went online and made an appointment for the CRV to be serviced. It was time anyway, and we want to get the air conditioning checked. We paid bills and updated the budget.

After lunch, it was time for another nap. Does it seem like we take a lot of naps? I had noticed some symptoms, and when I woke up this morning I put together that the change in my thyroid medicine may be causing them. One of them is insomnia, and I am having to catch up on sleep on the weekends. So I am planning to call my endocrinologist tomorrow.

Monday-  The hospital census is down, so it was a pretty quiet day. A nice break after last week. When I arrived home I called the Endocrinologist to discuss what I think are hypothyroid symptoms. He called right back and I have to go to the lab for a blood draw.

Bob had taken the CRV in to the Honda dealer, which is right down Rt. 1 from us, for them to check the air conditioner and our emergency brake, which did not seem to be working. We were also due for some other items on the regular maintenance  schedule.  We usually do not use a dealership, but since it was close, Bob decided to use them. What a joke! First they wanted to add an extra $1400 to the work. Bob said no. They were supposed to rotate the tires, and they came back and told him we needed new brakes; we have lifetime of the car on the new brakes. Remember, we just had the brakes done. When Bob got the car back, the first thing he checked was the emergency brake. It went to the floor! So he went in to speak with the manager who said it was fixed. So Bob insisted that the manager check it. So they took the CRV to an incline, the manager put the care in neutral, put on the emergency brake, and the CRV rolled back down the incline! So they took it back for adjustment.  They did change the oil and the other items, as Bob checked what he could check himself.

The weather was nice this evening so we sat out reading our books.

Tuesday-  Early this morning, after dropping me off at work, Bob took the CRV to another local place for them to check on the other items that he needed done, and items that the dealership never completed yesterday. Then he sent an email to Honda about this dealership.

Another really quiet day at work. As we were heading out of the hospital entrance, we noticed that the BW parkway was backed up. So we took our alternate route home, on the side streets. Kenilworth Ave was a parking lot also. So much for getting to the lab for my blood draw before they closed at 4:30. At 4:30  we were not quite half way there. It took us 55 minutes for the 18 minute drive. Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

The weather was nice this afternoon, so we sat out and read our books.

Wednesday-  the census is starting to creep up, so it became a little bit busier. It turned out to be a sad day. Around 9:30 we rec’d an email that one of our liaison’s, the gal from National Rehab Hospital, had died the afternoon before in a car accident.the previous afternoon on the BW parkway.  She had been working at NRH for the past 12 years, many of those years as the liaison for PG hospital, so even the nurses knew Sonia. She was in the accident that had closed down the BW parkway yesterday! It was one of those days when you think about your own mortality. Here one minute, gone the next. How sad! It was also interesting to see how many people, one person’s life impacts!

Bob and I stopped at the lab on the way home from work. 4PM, is a very nice time to go to the lab. There was no one there! Of course, neither was my lab slip which was supposed to have been faxed to the lab. So I called the Endocrinologist office and they immediately faxed the slip over.

Thursday- Definitely busier at work today! All of the beds are full and the bosses had to send us another Case Manager to help us for the day.  So it was an okay day, busy, but okay…

We went out to dinner at the Szechuan Seafood Buffet again, and again we were very happy with the food. So many different ways to cook shrimp, scallops and crab!

Friday-  Almost all the beds are full on my floor at work, so it was a very busy day. Fortunately we had a third Case Manager today, so I was able to leave on time. I think, that other than the first week that I worked, this is the only other week, so far, that I have not had any overtime!

We had a quiet evening at home reading out books, sitting outside. The weather is going to start getting hot again!

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