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Sat. June 30- Fri. July 6 College Park

Saturday- We were out the door early due to the heat. We drove west to the College Park Farmers Market where we bought tomatoes, cantaloupe, and cucumbers, stopping at the Xtra for gas( $ 3.19).   All this before 8:05 AM. Then we headed north on the BW parkway to Laurel. OOPS! Walmart had no electric. We headed over to The Dutchman, but they were also closed. At least people are being polite and most of them are treating the intersections like a 4 way stop. Of course, there are still the idiots who go barreling through without regard for anyone. We found that the electric has been spotty everywhere. One block will have it and the next two will not. Then you will go half a mile with electric, then none again…

We went to Shoprite for our grocery shopping. Even with coupons, it still cost us about $30 more. Oh well, such is life! At least we have electric! After lunch and a nap, we decided to go to Cold Stone for some ice cream, since we have a coupon and have not been to Cold Stone in several years. Nope, no electric in that part of College Park. So we stopped at Rita’s for some frozen custard.

We had wanted to video tape a movie on Comcast, but Bob could not get the machine to work. Then we lost satellite. Not sure exactly what our problem is… Then the park lost all of it’s internet. At least we have the Verizon, so we are not completely without any internet. 

Sunday- Still no internet at Cherry Hill. In fact , it is worse than before. Before it was the close towers, now it is the entire park. They had predicted more thunderstorms last evening, but we did not have any. Still the triple H’s with heat index of 110.

It was another quiet day for us. We went looking for some cords for the Satellite, then went to lunch at Chevy’s in Greenbelt. Their rice has bell pepper in it, so Bob ate my refried beans and I ate the rice. After that, we continued our search for the cords. Most of the stores were not open due to the lack of electric.

Here is a picture of Roxie, the great hunter, looking for rabbits! Notice she just puts her head through the blind. She loves to sit, looking out the window!

Roxie, the great hunter!

Monday- A very busy day at work. My fellow Case Manager took Monday and Tuesday off, so I had another agency nurse. She was great, but we were overloaded. At lunch time I asked for help, because there was no way we could get all the work completed. There were a lot of discharges and utilization insurance reviews. We  were sent two people to assist for a couple of hours, and we still did not get everything completed.

It did not help that this is the first week of July! Nope, it has nothing to do with the holiday. Well the holiday makes it more difficult, but this is the week that nationally the Medical Students become Residents. Out with the old and in with the newbies. Med students graduate the end of May, take June off, then start their residencies July1. You never want to be a patient in a teaching hospital the beginning of July!

I was exhausted when I got home and went to bed early. Bob did laundry most of the day.

Tuesday- Another really busy day. I had an extra person today. Since this is my regular floor while I am here, I was pretty much the lead.   Amy only works this week and Sharon is new, so I was the ‘go to’ person, a scary thought!. Fortunately, they are both bright, hardworking ladies who went right to work. We managed to get everything done today! I hate leaving work with tasks uncompleted, as it just back ups the next day! It was busy enough that I asked the Nursing Instructor to not assign me a student this week. Usually I have a nursing student following me on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I am really glad that tomorrow is the holiday!

Wednesday- Happy 4th of July! It is another hot day, but not as bad as we are anticipating the weekend will be. We had a quiet morning. We left about 12:45 to drive to Swan Point MD to visit with friends Kathy and Bill Neblett, Joe and Ginny Shannon, and Carol and Al Raucheistein. We had a great time talking, then went out on their boat to a cove to swim. It was nice to get into the water and just stay cool!

Joe in front, Kathy & Bill's house.

Bill and Kathy had a lot of damage to their home in the storm last week, losing shingles off the roof and the screens to their porch. You can see some of the damage to the roof in the picture. That is Joe in the boat. 

This is the scene from on the boat. Setteling in at the beach.


Above, the beach. Some people had even set up a canopy.

After the fun floating, we returned to the Neblett’s house for steaks( thanks Joe and Ginny, they were great) and delicious salads (wonderful Kathy).. Tomorrow is Al’s birthday, so we sang happy birthday to him over a peach cobbler for dessert!

After dinner, Kathy, who is helping to organize games for a family reunion, tested games on  us. Here are a few pictures. We had to blow a ping pong ball from one glass to the other ( Bill must have been practicing, as he was the only one able to do it!),

Below, Joe blowing the ping pong ball.

Joe trying to blow a ping pong ball from one glass to the other.

Carol trying to blow a ping pong ball from one glass to the other.

Above, Carol trying to blow the ping pong ball from one glass of water to the other.

We had to carry a soda can on a piece of spaghetti, This is Kathy and Bill attempting it with a small bucket.


Ginny and Joe sucessfully carried the soda can to the table.

That really did not work, so we moved on to Ginny and Joe attempting the feat with a soda can.

Finally we had to put two pieces of  ziti on a piece of spaghetti. This is Kathy, planning her strategy!

Kathy contiplating trying to pick up ziti with spaghetti.

 Bill  sucessfulling putting ziti on a piece of spaghetti.

Here is Bill, was successful!  A lot of laughter ensued!

We left around 8:50, and arrived home at 10:15,. The temp was 90 when we arrived home!

Thursday- back to the grind at work. It was steadily busy, but there were three of us on the floor, so it was a little bit better. We were going out for dinner, but Bob just picked up some Chinese food for us. Temps were still very high, about 99-100.

Friday-  Another busy day at work ,with a lot of discharges. We had a quiet evening at home. We miss being able to go out to enjoy the evening, since it remains so hot.

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