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Sat. Jun 23- Fri. June 29

Saturday- We were off to the The Dutchman and Walmart. Then back home. The weather was beautiful, so we sat out until lunch. After lunch, we took a nap. We BBQ’s for dinner. A nice quiet day.

Sunday- Another quiet day. We paid bills, updated the budget, and sat out by the motor home until lunch time. After lunch, it was another nap! The weather was so nice, we wanted to ride our bikes, but had a flat tire. Bob did not want to start up the motor home to use the air compressor, so we went to Target and picked up a bike tire pump.

Monday- A typical busy day at work. Bob worked on cleaning the recliners ( outside ones) as they are really dirty. This is the first time that we have really cleaned them since we bought the motor home. They look really good!

Tuesday- A typical day at work.  Bob cooked dog food and cleaned the motor home. He is also doing the laundry every day.

Wednesday- Nothing special today. I forgot to put in the blog last week about Verizon. Last Wednesday, I checked my email and found that we had a Verizon bill for $394. Almost twice our usual bill. So I immediately checked to see if we had forgotten to pay the last months bill. Nope, paid June 5. So we called Verizon. They thought we had gone over on the MiFi. We are able to look on the MiFi in our computers and found that there were days and times that we had not been using the MiFi which were excessive. We don’t download music or movies etc which could cause us to go over. So I spent an hour on the phone with Verizon getting them to correct the bill. The first gal was willing to give us a 25% discount on the overage. NO WAY! I kept after them. They admitted that we never go over, that we pay our bill every month, and that we have been with them for over 12 years! So finally a supervisor did away with the overage and moved us to another plan which costs $ 10 per month less and if we go over, we will pay an extra $10 for the overage. Okay, BUT, why was there the overage in the first place. We believed that we were hacked. The times did not correspond to times that we would be in the internet. I keep track of my times for HEDIS, so I knew I was not on the computer for that time, plus some of the times were in the middle of the night! Verizon swears that we could not have been hacked. UH Huh! Right! So, now we are just using the free wireless here at Cherry Hill, except for banking, until we can figure this out.

Thursday- Typical work day, but the weather is awful, triple H’s. Since the weather guru’s are predicting thunderstorms  tomorrow evening, we decided to go out to dinner tonight. This time we went to a little store front restaurant, next to the Giant in Calverton. It is called TJ’s and we had seen a lot of people going in and out. Bob had checked it on YELP, and the menu looked good. It was a great find. We love, family owned, local restaurants. Thursday evening and the place was very busy. A good sign! We both had the summer special, which was the ‘crab melt’, crab with cheese on top of an English muffin, with a terrific coleslaw ( neither of us are fond of coleslaw, but this was delicious) . Bob’s French fries were very good ( he is picky about them , so that is a real compliment) and I opted for a baked potato.

Friday- Another triple H day! It became really hot in the case management room at the hospital, even with us turning the air conditioning all the way down. It was very nice in the motor home though! The extra roof air conditioner that we installed in 2010 really makes a difference during the day. It becomes cold enough that we have to turn it off when the sunsets because it becomes too chilly!

We found a tick on Roxie and pulled it off. Bob had one earlier in the week, and I had pulled it off him.

We went to bed at about 10:15, knowing that the thunderstorms were on the way. They hit around 10:30, and the motor home was ‘a rockin’. Heavy rain, hail and strong winds. We lost electric twice, but only for a few minutes each time. The worst was over a little after 11:30 PM. We were very lucky.

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