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Sat. June 16- Fri. June 22- College Park Maryland

Saturday- I needed to get my hair trimmed, so we took off early for Laurel. After my hair cut, we went to The Dutchman, buying more chicken, a steak, potatoes, broccoli, corn, bread, and rolls. Then we were off to Walmart. We hate this super Walmart, but it is the only one in the area, and items are cheaper.

We returned home, walked the dogs, and took off for Wheaton, again. I went to the sale at Macy’s and bought 4 tops for work. We ate lunch at Ledo’s and returned home to take a nap.

We grilled Chicken Cordon Blue on the grill. After dinner we went to Home Depot. While Bob was grilling, I started thinking we needed something to just keep the dogs from going under the motor home. We have several fence type pens, that we put together to keep the dogs from wandering away.Roxie definitely would, since there are a lot of rabbits here and she is in ‘hunting’ mode. The pens get in the way of opening the basement doors plus the shade in the afternoon is closer to the motor home. Bob liked my idea of buying something short to keep the pups contained, so off we went. We found this fence material, for a total of $16. We have re-arrange the pens to give us more room, while not blocking the basement doors. 001-001



We had a campfire, using the firewood that folks left after the Memorial Day weekend.

I also rec’d an email that an old friend had passed away. Dennis Craig and I were childhood friends. My mother was best friends with his aunt. Her younger sister was Dennis’s mother, and also my mother’s friend. Dennis and his family had visited us in Arlington, many times when I was a kid. Usually over the 4th of July and I remember the fireworks and playing with sparklers. We used to visit him in Pawtucket Rhode Island and we spent a lot of time at his grandparents in Bristol Rhode Island. RIP buddy! I am too young to be losing so many of my friends! Dennis was number three this past year!

Sunday- Happy Father’s Day! We had a quiet Sunday. We ate breakfast, did laundry, paid bills, and sat out reading. After lunch, I could not stay awake, so I took a short nap. Bob joined me a little later. After our snooze, we went to the X-tra for the Wacky Weekends $0.06 cents off, paying $3.27 for gas. After that we went to Baskin- Robbins to use our next coupon.

Back at the motor home,  we sat out, enjoying the terrific weather. We grilled dinner, and walked the dogs around the park.

Monday- A nice day at work. Steady, but not frantic.

We put our new sheets on the bed. Bob has been washing the sheets on Monday’s, so it was change sheets day!

Buying new sheets has been a frustrating adventure. We have been trying to buy new sheets for months. A few weeks ago, our old sheets finally bit the dust, so we have been using spare sheets, which are ‘pilled’. According to the folks at Bed, Bath and Beyond, the sheet makers are only making 15”+ fitted sheets. They think if you have a shallower mattress, you can just tuck the sheet in…. No way! So I had kept looking and looking. Finally, I gave up and found a custom sheet company online. So we measured the mattress 3 times, then paid an arm and a leg for new sheets!  We splurged for a fitted bottom on the top sheet. It was an extra $15, but so far we think it was worth it! Our Queen Sleep Number mattress is 8” deep, and even Sleep Number does not sell sheets to fit it! We are very happy with the new sheets, so hopefully they will not pill. They are 800 thread count!

After dinner, we visited 2 of the other 3 Alfa’s that are here in the park. We had met the people who owned a newly painted Alfa, last week. Today, we met a gentleman who owns a 2005 Alfa See Ya. We chatted with him for about 20 minutes. Then we moved on to a 2004 Alfa Gold, just like ours. Both of these Alfa’s have the blisters that we have….

The folks in the 2004 Gold, were from South Carolina, and bought theirs last year. We talked to them for about 45 minutes, much to the dogs dismay. Bob ended up showing Larry, how to take the drawers out. That is what RV’ing is about. I had just walked up to their open door and yelled “knock knock” and they came out to talk  to us! We had a great time talking about Alaska. They recommended a place called Phyllis’s in Anchorage!

Tuesday-  Anther steadily busy day at work. The triple H’s arrived, hazy, hot and humid. It was 97 degrees. Ugh!

Wednesday- More high temps. A continued steadily busy day at work.

Thursday- A pretty frustrating day at work, since I could not get my folks discharged. Another really hot day, the temp was 100.0 at the motor home. Inside we were a nice 78. We were thinking of going out to dinner tomorrow evening at the Elks, but it is fried chicken. So we decided to pass. It is also supposed to be hot, hazy and humid again, with bad thunderstorms in the evening. So we decided to go out tonight.

We had noticed the Sakura Seafood Buffet on Rt. 1 was always busy. Bob looked it up on Yelp, so we thought we would go. We decided it was the best buffet that we have ever been to! We usually avoid buffets, as the food is not great and it is too easy to overindulge. This restaurant  was a cross between a Chinese restaurant and a seafood one. There was Sushi and they would cook fresh stir fry in the back, then about 10 buffet tables. We had nothing that was bad. Everything was very good. I stuck with lots and lots of different kinds of shrimp. Bob was a little bit more adventurous, going with other items. We will definitely be going back! For the two of us, all you can eat, it was $25.42, including tax. The Elks last week was $ 24 for 6 fried shrimp.. So it was actually competitively priced, and really very good.

Friday-  A busy day at work, up until about 2;30 when things slowed down. In the morning, my cohort ( there are two of us on this floor) had a flat tire that she had to have replaced; she did not arrive until 12:00, so I had to cover for her.  Then towards the end of the day I had two patient’s I really needed to put their information out to the sub-acute rehab’s, but could not get their charts, until right before I was ready to leave. So of course, that made me late getting out. I will be so glad when all the hospitals have electronic records! At least this week was much better than last week!

On the way home there seemed to be a lot of backed up traffic and ambulances, with a helicopter hovering overhead. Turned out to be someone lost control of their SUV  and plowed into a kiddie pool with kids in it  playing and trying to stay cool. This happened in Berwyn Heights, and we were in the fallout traffic. Saw it on TV when we arrived home. Typical of the crazy drivers in this area with their ‘I’m special’ attitude. The driver was going too fast and lost control while trying to squeeze by someone who was stopped. We have seen way too many of these crazy drivers!

The thunderstorms held off for awhile, but we had one around 8 and then another during the night.

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