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Sat. May 9 to Fri. June 16 College Park MD

Saturday- I had an appointment to have my blood drawn at 9:15, so we started at Quest in Greenbelt. The gal who took my info. was very confused. We are in Maryland, lab slip from Colorado, address South Dakota. She was fascinated when I explained our lifestyle. She is in school at George Washington to be a Physicians Assistant .

After the blood draw, we went north to The Dutchman for meats, breads, and veggies. Of course we had one of their awesome doughnuts. Then to Walmart for the rest of our shopping  We arrived home just in time to eat some lunch. Then we took a nap. I have been waking up very early each morning, probably from stress, so I needed to catch up on some sleep.  I only napped for an hour.

We grilled a T-bone we picked up this morning, which was very good. We had some left over for breakfast tomorrow.

Sunday- After breakfast we paid bills and updated the budget. I started some laundry and we went to Wheaton. We stopped at Wheaton mall to have lunch. We were not sure what we wanted, but the Hollywood East Café seemed pretty busy, so we went there. Very interesting! It was oriental food. The staff wander around with carts and you choose your food by what you want and by size, small, med, and large. We paid more than we expected and had some trouble finding food without bell pepper. The food was upscale, and this is not a place we would ever go again. The price was high and not all that great. Oh well.

I was headed to the Easy Spirit store, but they did not have what I wanted. So we cruised through Penny’s, again nothing I wanted. So we went to the CVS. We are trying to find Bob a bracelet or necklace with the blood thinner warning on it. We have not been able to find one. Guess we will have to order over the internet.

We stopped for gas at the X-tra, $3.33, the cheapest around here, and only on the weekends. They raise the price during the week. We also stopped at Best Buy, since I need a new battery for my camera. Then we stopped at Micky D’s for a Cherry Berry slushy, since we had a free coupon. Bob drank that, and we stopped at 7-Eleven for a sugar free mango Slurpee for me. (they are very good!).

Diner was BBQ chicken.

Monday- A really rough day at work, trying to catch up from the weekend.

Tuesday-Still very busy at work. Bob went for his sleep apnea test in Waldorf. Since he has lost so much weight, we don’t think he has sleep apnea any more.

Wednesday– Bob returned home and took me to work with the ‘goop’ still in his hair. He was told if you have sleep apnea, that they will wake you up. The tech did not wake him up.  The tech cannot tell you anything, but it was a clear sign he does not have the apnea. Still very busy at work, but today I had some help. Bob went to bed without using the CPAP!

Thursday-  Still very busy at work, but I managed to discharge quite a few people. I also had another Nurse Case Manager to help me.  The difficulty, as I am on the trauma floor, is that many people do not go home. They go to Acute Rehab, Sub-acute Rehab, or a ventilator facility. Believe me, I will never get on a motorcycle! They are just an accident waiting to happen!

In talking to several of the Nurse Case Managers at work, we decided that Bob needs a second opinion on his A-fib, so he is working on getting an appointment with another cardiologist.

Friday- A much quieter day at work. Still very busy, but not frantic as it has been all week! Bob made an appointment with a Dr. Katz at GW. He is evidently one of the top Cardiologist’s in the country. He is also Dick Cheney’s Cardiologist, so hopefully he will tell us whether Bob can have an oblation. That is a procedure to fix the part of his heart that is fibrillating.  Not being able to ski bothers us, but  more importantly, we are really worried about him being on the blood thinner the rest of his life. That, hopefully, is another 20-30 years! So we are hoping to see if he can have the procedure and go off the blood thinners. This may change our plans for the fall.

We went to the ELKS lodge for dinner. They had fried shrimp, broccoli, coleslaw, rolls, navy bean soup, salad, applesauce and cake for dessert. ( $12) We stayed until 8;15 PM, just talking with folks.

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