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Sat. Apr. 21- Fri. Apr. 27- Westminster CO

Saturday-  We met up with Ernie, Marianna, and Fred to go to breakfast at Westie’s, just around the corner from the Elks Lodge. This was at 7: 30, early, since Marianna has to go to work.  The waitress did a double take, as we sat in Thelma and Mel’s usual seats. They were off to Ft. Collins for an RV rally.

We left our friends at a little after 8:30. We stopped at an RV store and picked up a new water filter. Then it was off to King Soopers to drop off the carpet cleaning machine. We stopped in to picked up our new glasses.  We drove south of Denver, to check out where the Bartending School is located. We returned to the motor home, walked the dogs, then took off for Boulder.

We have never been to Boulder before, and had wanted to go there. We found a Farmers Marked and after hunting for a parking place, we wandered around. It was fun!

Next, we moved over a few blocks to visit Pearl Street. Pearl Street is well know for it’s shops and restaurants. We parked the car and walked to BJ’s Brewery for lunch. It was very slow service, resulting in Bob racing back to feed the meter. We complained to the manager, and rec’d his personal pan pizza for free. Pearl Street Boulder CO

We wandered up and down Pearl street. They are also known for their tulips and they were quite pretty. There are over 15,000 of them  currently in bloom.

Pearl Stree Tulips


The zipper on my fanny pack broke, so we headed to Flattop mall and found  a new one.

We returned home  in time for happy hour, where we joined Ernie and Ann. We ate a quiet dinner at home.

Sunday- We left the motor home early and went to grocery shop at Walmart. Then we went to King Sooper, to pick what we could not find at Wallyworld.

Back at the motor home, I worked on HEDIS and Bob worked around the motor home.

At 4:00 we went to happy hour. There were about 10 of us today. We met a new couple, Bill and I can’t remember her name. She is a retired nurse! We talked about Alaska, Escapees, the Escapade and RV’ing in general.

We ate a quiet dinner at home.

Monday- I took Bob to his Bartending class, then went to Panera again. The Arvada Panera has a “Book Crossing” book exchange, so I dropped off 3 books and picked up 2 new ones.

I went to  the optometrist to have my new glasses adjusted, then I was off to PT. My ankle had been bothering me since  King Soopers. Brad, the PT, said that is what the problem is with high ankle sprains. You can do nothing, and irritate the tendon. So he changed my exercises and taped my ankle.

I returned to the motor home, ate lunch, walked the dogs, and worked on HEDIS. At about 2:30, Brian knocked on the door. The dogs were ecstatic to see him.  They pulled into their site, two doors up from us.

At 3:30, the dogs had been pestering me to go visit, so we went over to visit Kathy and Brian. the dogs rec’d their treats!

At 5, I left the Elks to pick up Bob. There was a 3 car accident on I-25 north, so we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant just across from the school, to wait out the traffic. This messes up our dinner schedule for the week!

Bob was impressed with the school and enjoyed his day. There are only 4 in the class, so it is really going to be hands on! 


Do you think the dogs missed Bob while he was in class!

Tuesday- Bob drove himself to class today and I stayed home and worked on HEDIS. The weather has been really warm. Today it was in the 80’s and I broke down and turned on the air conditioner. At 3:30 I took the dogs over to visit with Kathy and Brian.

Bob arrived home at about 6:45. Another accident on I-25, which slowed traffic.

Wednesday- We dropped the dogs off at the groomers. They were overdue, but we had been unhappy with the groomer in Frisco, so we are moving their grooming to Westminster. After we dropped off the dogs, I took Bob to his class, returned and worked on HEDIS, until the groomer called. I picked up the girls, dropped them at the motor home, then went to PT. The therapist is pleased with my progress!

At 4:15, I took the dogs over to visit the Kathy and Brian, then left to pick up Bob from his class. Since there are only 4 students, and none of them smoke, the class has moved rapidly. Bob is going to be taking his final exam tomorrow!

So we arrived home, ate dinner, and Bob studied all evening.

Thursday- Bob drove himself to class. I worked on HEDIS, but there was not a lot to do at this point.  Dan, the RV tech arrived to put in the part to fix our ice maker. That only took about 20 minutes. I did a lot of laundry. In the afternoon, thunderstorms built up, so the dogs had a really quick walk. Bob emaied to let me know that he had passed his test,  both paper and the practical exams.

He decided he wanted to go out to dinner, so we went to Joe’s Crab Shack. We have never been to one before, so that was fun. They danced while we were there and dinner was pretty good.

When we arrived home, Bob checked the ice maker. No water in the ice tray. So he called Dan, who is going to come over to check it tomorrow.

Friday- We ran to the storage unit for the final time, taking the piles of stuff we had decided that we did not need this summer. Then it was off to Walmart to grocery shop. Bob dropped me off at PT, then he went to meet up with Brad, the owner of the Bartender School franchise. He had to pick up his drink flash cards, which had not been returned from the printer yesterday. He ran back and picked me up, and we stopped for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. We had to be back at the motor home, as Dan the RV tech was meeting us there. While on the way home, we were stopped at a traffic light, where we watched a prairie  dog cross the highway, in the crosswalk, with the pedestrian crossing light. Smart doggie!

Dan arrived and figured out that we have a more serious problem with the ice maker than he thought. Evidently, during production, Dometic put the water tubing next to some heat source and it had melted the tubing. This is why no water is getting into the ice maker. So Dan ran over to Dometic. They did not have a tubing for our refrigerator. Now we are going to have to get it fixed in Maryland. Dometic has registered the problem though, as the rerig. is still on warranty.

Meanwhile, I continued to do HEDIS and laundry.

At 5: 30, we left to go downtown to meet up with friends Frank and Maureen for dinner at the Yard House Restaurant. We had a nice time. Thank you Frank for treating us to dinner!

W returned to the motor home and did some items around the motor home to get it ready to leave in the morning. The wind was howling and the temperature has dropped, so it feels pretty cold! 

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