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Sat April 14- Fri. April 20- Westminster ( Denver)

Saturday- I have to say one thing! We made it through the season in Breck without a single cold! Last year, one of us always had a cold! Of course, I would have preferred a cold to the high ankle sprain or the liver stone. BTW, several people have asked whether the liver stone will happen again. Liver stones are rare, but it could occur again. Since they are made by cholesterol and bile, I asked the doctor to check my cholesterol. My blood cholesterol is normal ( except for the triglycerides, which were a little elevated, darn Girl Scout cookiesSmile). The liver makes it’s own cholesterol and the doctors have told me that there is nothing that I can do to prevent another one. We are just grateful that this all occurred in Breck where we had Kathy and Brian to take care of the dogs and the health care system is in our insurance plan.

We ran a few more times to the storage unit, moving some boxes back to the motor home. I shredded some paperwork that we had been saving. We also transferred some clothes. We have a lot more to do!

We ended up taking a nap and ate leftovers for dinner.

Sunday-  I worked on HEDIS for 8 hours today, catching up. We went to the storage unit again, then King Soopers and Walmart, since King Soopers did not have everything we wanted. It was cold and rainy, and Bob wanted soup, so we made a pot of meatball and tortellini soup. We spent a quiet evening at home.

Monday-  I headed off to PT this morning. I have transferred from the Howard Head PT in Breck to the one here in Westminster. It took a while to find it as it is located in a Bally’s Gym., in an office complex. The witch in the Garmin could only take me so far!

While I was gone, Dan, the RV tech arrived to check out the refrigerator. It is a newer model than he had trained on, so he called the tech support. He gave Bob some tasks to perform, and Bob worked on that for awhile.  It seemed to have worked, but we still have a problem with the ice maker.

We continued shredding paper until our little, cheap shredder died. So just before lunch, we ran to Walmart and bought a new, stronger one. Then we went to Ace Hardware to pick up something. We stopped at the storage unit. I needed to get my my computer bag, as I may need that if I get this job, and I needed some phone numbers out of the bag.

We returned to the motor home, shredded some more, and at 3:30 ,we left for our optometrist appointments. Both of us need new glasses. Both the ophthalmologist and the optometrist think I need to have the cataract that I have in my left eye removed, so I am going to have to have that done this fall, here in Denver.

We stopped at Total Beverage, and picked up some beer for Bob and my summer Mike’s Hard Lite Cranberry Lemonade.

We returned home and had the rest of last night’s soup for dinner.We worked on getting the motor home ready to move again tomorrow, as we have an appointment at Transwest for some maintenance issues.

Tuesday-  We left the Elks at about 7:15 and headed over to Transwest for the RV maintenance items. We dropped off the motor home and headed to Arvada. We stopped at Panara for a treat, then took the dogs to the dog park. They had a great time, staying and playing for an hour. We went to Sears, as I needed some new socks. We stopped at Honeybaked Ham for sandwiches for lunch, taking them to a local park for a picnic lunch. Bob walked the dogs, then we both read our books. Transwest called at about 1 PM, and we ran back to pick up the motor home. They had repaired the tubing for the generator, which had some loose clamps. We have to return tomorrow for a tank to be replaced. It was a plastic tank, and is being replaced with stainless steel, so that should not break again!

We returned to the Elks in time for ‘social hour” where we met up with Marianna/Fred, Thelma /Mel and Ernie. This must have been the first time they held social hour, because all the guys ended up hauling the picnic tables out of the storage unit. The dogs had a great time, playing with their friends. Some people think dogs do not have good memories; let me tell you, they do! They remembered their friends and joyously greeted them.!

Wednesday- I took off for PT at 9 AM. I have been in a lot of pain since Monday. The PT said this is normal, as I have lost muscle tone while using the walking boot, so my calf muscle has been cramping. 

Bob left at 10:30 to take the motor home over to Transwest. After PT, I joined him at Transwest. The dogs were ecstatic to see me. I think that they thought Bob had forsaken me and took off without me!

While at PT I had received a phone call from the Travel Nurse Agency telling me that they had the hospital contract in place. We reviewed the pay, benefits, travel allowance and where we are going to stay. I wanted to discuss this with Bob before I made a commitment, so we sat down, in the motor home, and ran the numbers. We approved, and the emails started coming in with things that I have to do.

This job is where I used to work, at PG hospital, so we will be leaving to drive east on April 28 and I start work on May 7. We will be staying at Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park Maryland.

We went to Arvada for lunch at the Smiling Moose Deli. We picked up the sandwiches and took them to a park to eat. Bob walked the dogs. After lunch, we moved nearer Transwest, to Nottingham park . Bob walked the dogs again, and we read our books for while. We got bored, so we moved to the Transwest parking lot until the motor home was completed.

We returned to the Elks lodge, parked and set up the motor home, and fed the dogs. We met up with Kathy and Brian at a BBQ restaurant in Northside mall for dinner. Kathy and Brian are flying out of DIA, Brian to Frederick Maryland for a family wedding and Kathy to Florida to visit her parents. They will be back on Sunday, then they move their motor home to the Elks for their maintenance issues, prior to leaving for California.

Thursday- I woke up early, so I started on the 4 tests that I have to take for the travel nurse agency. I passed all of those, now I have to get other information together. I have my PPD, but I need a statement from my doctor that I can work. I need to find my titers ( measles, mumps, chicken pox etc), set up the direct deposit, tax forms and lots of other ‘stuff’.  Just a lot of items that have to done prior to starting the job. I also have to go through clothes and shoes to make sure that I have everything ready to go.

Meanwhile, Bob took the car over to be detailed, stopped at the grocery store, and at Lowes. I had my BLS ( CPR course) this afternoon.

We had a quiet dinner at home.

Friday- I was off to PT in the morning. After lunch, while Bob ran to King Sooper to pick up a carpet cleaning machine, I vacuumed the motor home, twice! There was a lot of dirt on the floor after spending the winter in Breck. When he returned, I ran to Labcorp and donated for the drug test for the travel nurse job. I returned and assisted Bob with putting the motor home back together again!

We went to dinner at the Elks Lodge. It was prime rib night, so it was pretty busy.

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