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Sat. Apr. 7- Fri. Apr. 13- Breckenridge

Saturday-  We paid bills, updated our budget, and freaked out over the hospital bills. $14,856 for the 6 hours in the ER in Frisco! Eeeek! We hope that included the cost of the MRI, CT scan and sonogram!, although that will not include the radiologist. We haven’t even rec’d the bill yet for the 10 days in the hospital in Denver! Our insurance pays 90%, since the stays were in network, but still, 10% is going to hurt the pocketbook! 

We went to Walmart, Safeway, and ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant in Frisco. We had wanted to go to the Crepe shack, but the line was out onto Main street.

We returned home and took a nap. I am still having the fatigue, but everyone is telling me that I look better. Guess I had been looking pretty bad!

Kathy, Brian, and Wayne joined us for a cook-out at our site for dinner. Kathy and Brian had received an Omaha Steaks cooler full of meat from Brian’s brother for Christmas. It included some really nice hot dogs. Brian does not eat hot dogs, so Kathy wanted to use them in a cook-out. Wayne brought German potato salad, and we supplied dessert. We sat out at our picnic table, then ran up to the swing to watch the sunset over the mountains. As soon as the sun drops over the mountains, the temps drops ( it had been in the 60’s), so we came into the motor home and played Phase 10. Lots of joking and laughter!

Sunday-  Happy Easter! We had a nice breakfast, then I headed off to PT. Eeek, the knot is back in my calf. I was not happy, but Eric ( the PT) was not concerned. He says that happens.  I stopped at City Market on the way home, and ran into Harold and his wife Debbie. Debbie had been in the Frisco hospital while I was in the Denver hospital. She had been re-admitted again for diverticulitis. She looked pretty worn out, as she had been discharged last evening. We ate lunch, and took another nap! I will be glad when the fatigue goes away!

Happy hour this week was at Hearthstone. This is a very nice restaurant in a historic house. It was our final happy hour of the season! We had fun and there were lots of hugs and good-byes! It was a large group. Kathy, Brian, Dixie, Barb, Harold, Jean, Mike ( our team leader) Joanne, Joanne’s son( whose name I never heard), Michael, Ted,and Teresa. The food was good. Bob enjoyed his beers, I stuck with water.

It was back to the motor home for an evening of TV. I checked my email and had rec’d an email from Kristi, that she had re-set my account. I tried to get in, and had to request my lost password. The email never arrived. I tried answering the security questions. My question was my date of birth. it did not work either, so I had to send another email to explain that I still could not get in and that the bad guys have changed my settings! Frustrating!  This must have all occurred when my credit card number was stolen 4-6 weeks ago and the bad guys had put through money on Itunes.

Monday- Bob and I both have our “to do” lists so we were both working on them first thing this morning. Bob had to return the second CO2 monitor. This one was the correct one, wire wise, but was too big(thick) to put into the wall space. He also called to have the propane tank returned to Amerigas and to have the electric put back into the site owners name. We set up optometrist appointments for Monday, and motor home repairs for Tuesday. Plus, Groupon had a 53% off deal for Bartenders school. We can find a job for me, much easier than a temp job for Bob as a Mechanical Engineer. With us having only one car, we thought that him finding work as a Bartender might work for our schedules. Plus, there are a lot of Bartender jobs in Breck. So he is now going to be in Bartender school the last week of April, in Denver.

BTW, when those Navy airmen ejected from the plane in Virginia Beach on Good Friday, they have Bob to thank for the ejection seats working. He did the design and testing of the ejection seats for their plane!

I worked on setting up another job for the summer. Now just waiting to hear on this one. Plus I made reservations for the Escapade, Elks BOF post rally, and the Genealogy  post rally, all in mid to late September in Missouri. I also changed my Breckenridge PT days, as I had scheduled too many for this week and set up PT in Westminster for next week, as we leave Breck on Sunday.  Finally, I changed our regular mail delivery to Westminster for next week, and let them know that we will be leaving Breck. We will email them two times a month,letting them know where we are going to be this summer. Plus I tried to set up grooming for the dogs, but she is not open on Mondays, so I will have to do that tomorrow. So it was a busy morning for us.

I worked on HEDIS for a couple of hours. After lunch, I contacted Apple again. This time I did it by phone and managed to get a different department. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, and after waiting a long period of time, I was able to get the supervisor to understand my issue and to correct the problem. When I was finally able to  get into my account, I found that, yes, my answers to the security questions were correct, Apple was just not accepting them! Chuck, the supervisor, who is American, said that Apple always shuts down accounts when there  is a credit card problem.  The Kristi that I was talking to ( related to Peggy in the TV commercials) kept insisting on my credit card last four digits from the cancelled credit card, and then would not accept them because the card was cancelled. Of course, that was the problem that started the whole issue! Anyway, the issue is solved!

I also spent a long time on the phone trying to get the Radiology bills taken care of…. never did get those issues corrected. Will work again on them tomorrow.

Kathy and Brian picked us up to go to the Senior Center for dinner. Ham, scalloped potatoes, candied yams, salad and pecan pie for dessert. Yum! You can tell that people have left. We went from fifteen  tables to seven.

Tuesday-  I worked on HEDIS and Bob worked around the motor home. He has been painting the insulation for next year. I went to Mahjongg in the afternoon. I did manage to schedule the appointment with the groomer in Denver. We had a quiet dinner at home.

Wednesday- We watched the weather report and decided that we need to leave Friday rather than wait until Sunday. There is a big storm coming in and it is supposed to snow Sat-Sun-Mon. Our lease expires on Sunday. We think the landlord would let us stay an extra day, but we have appointments set up for Monday and Tuesday.

I worked on HEDIS for an hour and a half then went to my Chiropractor appointment and PT. I had to change my appointments due to us leaving early. After lunch, we ran to Dillon to donate another bag of clothes to the thrift store.

We worked on getting the motor home ready to leave. I made Shepard’s Pie for the ‘wine and cheese”. There were only 6 of us there, ( Kathy, Brian, Marian, Tom and us) so the Shepard’s pie went fast! Kathy made a recipe from “Pintrest”. It was strawberries stuffed with cheese cake. Yum! Have to get that recipe! Guess that is the end of the wine and cheese parties, as there are only 8 of us left in the park!

Thursday-  We continued to work on getting the motor home ready. Bob has most of the outside done, so we were working on the inside. Did two final loads of laundry. Bob closed off the gray tank, so we can build up some water in the tank.

I worked on HEDIS for 4.5 hours and popped dinner into the crock pot. It was a quiet day at home for us, getting ready to leave.

Friday- I went to PT and Bob continued to get the motor home ready to leave. I returned home and we put the insulation in the car and into the motor home. We cleaned up the site, and drove out the gate at about 11:15. We checked the mail, one more time and turned in our gate passes. We connected the CRV to the back of the motor home and waved good-bye to Tiger Run until next fall. In some ways it is sad to leave and in others it is nice to be moving again!

It was an easy drive to the Westminster Elks. We parked and while Bob was connecting the motor home to electric, water and sewer, I ran to MickyD’s for lunch. It was after 1 at this point. We ate lunch, then took the load of insulation in the car over to the storage unit. It took 3 runs to transfer all the insulation, but we got the job done!

Do I need to tell you we were tired? So we went to Golden Europe for a nice German meal. We both brought home half, and fell asleep on the couch.

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