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Sat. March 31- April 6 2012- Breckenridge

Saturday- I was off to PT this morning. We took a nap, then went to BBQ night at the Family Center.  We had a lot of leftovers from Wednesday evening, so we pilled meat on plates and microwaved them. There was also a lot of potato salad, coleslaw, and three bean salad. I took some baked beans over. We had a great dinner.

After dinner, we played Mexican Train with Kathy, Brian, and Wayne. We said a fond farewell to Bette, John, David and Jeanne. So many people are leaving for the season, but everyone except Wayne will be back next season.

Sunday-  I worked on an article revision, which is overdue, due to my illness. My editor understood, and gave me two extra weeks, but I want to get the two articles I have left done before I delve headfirst into HEDIS.

We went grocery shopping at Walmart, Safeway and City Market. Again we took a nap. At 4 PM, we headed over to Relish Restaurant for happy hour with the Sunday GSA’s. We met up with Brian, Kathy, Harold, Debbie, and Barb. Team Leaker Mike McCord and his wife joined us, as well as friends of Debbie and Harold. The food was very good, and not that expensive. Bob had a beer and Lobster Sliders. I had the Lobster sliders and a virgin Margarita. ( I am still resting my liver!). Kathy had escargot and Brian had Kobe beef. Everything was delicious. It was one drink and 1 appetizer for $10. Not a bad deal, since the portion sizes were large.

At 10 PM, Bob takes the dogs out and I go to the bedroom and turn on the electric blanket. It is supposed to be cold tonight. When we climbed into bed, we smelled rubber burning. Needless to say, we hopped up and were checking everything out! We turned off the electric blanket, and the smell went away. Hmmmm!

Monday-  I started laundry, then went to PT. Today is when I start weaning from the walking boot. Oh boy, am I ready to start!  At this point it is  1 hour in the air cast in the morning and 1  hour in the afternoon. When I returned I completed and turned in one article revision. After lunch, I took a short nap. My fatigue seems to be improving, so I am down to one nap a day! We  checked out the electric blanket, and my side was no longer working. So we took it off the bed.

On our way to dinner at the Senior Center, we stopped in at Walmart and bought a new electric blanket, on sale! Dinner was Veal Piccatta with pasta in a tomato sauce, and some delicious broccoli.  Dessert was pecan pie. Yum!

Tuesday- So far so good on weaning from the walking boot!  I worked on HEDIS, we ate lunch, Bob worked on our CO2 detector and other stuff around the motor home. He had noticed on his checklist that the CO2 detector had reached it’s expiration date. RV ones have an expiration date, and this is the second replacement! So he had ordered one. He went to put it in, and they had sent him the wrong one. So he returned it and ordered the correct one, again. In the mean time, it started beeping. Poor dogs, as this happened while we were at dinner last evening. So he ended up taking it out.  We have been keeping a roof vent open all the time anyway, as the temps have been very warm. I headed to Mahjongg. The National Mahjongg League changes the cards every year on April 1. So this was the first day of the new card. Since we did not know where we were going to be the beginning of April, I had my card sent to South Dakota. Mine had not arrived, so I borrowed Kathy’s. They have friends staying in Vail, so they were off to Vail to visit with them. I won one game, which was pretty good considering the new, unfamiliar card.

We ate a quiet dinner at home.

We have almost no snow left in our site. Just the pile in the back of the motor home. The mountain has lost, according to the newspaper, 26% of the snow pack. I would say that is a very conservative estimate. There are a lot of brown spots on the mountain. Vail is even worse, from what we have heard. But people who paid a lot of money to come to the resorts are still skiing!

Wednesday-  I worked on HEDIS, then headed out for PT. On Monday, I still had a large knot in the back of my left calf. It was gone today! That means progress!

We had wine and cheese this evening. I am still off the wine. I figure about 3-4 weeks to let my liver recover, before I do any alcohol, just to be on the safe side. We said good-bye to more folks. TR is really clearing out. The main people left are Al, Linda, Marian, Tom, Wayne, Kathy and Brian. So no more BBQ nights or Wine and Cheese.

We sat talking for hours. Marian and Tom are also planning to go to Alaska next summer, so it looks like they may be going to Wayne, Margie, Bob and I. Wayne/ Margie and Tom/Marian have all been there before. Hopefully, we will be able to get the extra money together to go.

I heard back from PSN, the agency I have been working with. The OK guy had not been returning their phone calls. So they spoke with someone over him. Turns out he had found someone in-house who knew Utilization Review, so they did not need me. They are working on finding me something else.

Thursday-  Today I progressed from one hour twice a day, to two hours twice a day in the air cast. We went to Denver today. First stop was to drop off more stuff at the storage unit. I also had to pick up some smaller clothes. I have lost 17 lbs. and have moved to a smaller size! Yippee!

Second stop was at the Elks Lodge to pick up our coffee order. We really like WAWA coffee, and they now have it in their store online, so we ordered coffee. Not knowing where we were going to be, we had it sent to the Elks Lodge in Westminster. It was there, waiting for us!

Then it was off to the Social Security office. Neither of us can find our SS cards. So we ordered replacements. This office was much, much nicer than the one In Clinton MD!

Next we went to lunch at Jose O’Shay’s for lunch. We had a really nice Mexican lunch, with good service.

Finally, we ran over to the Container Store to purchase some items. We wanted some containers for the new freezer. We keep meats in freezer bags, and we wanted containers to keep them organized. We also wanted something smaller for ice, as the ice maker container is way too big. BTW, the ice maker is not working. Bob has contacted Dometic, and we are going to take it in for a repair, under warranty, when we get to Denver.

It was an easy drive back to Breck, with the warm weather and the sun shining.  We stopped at the office and picked up our mail. We ate a dinner of leftovers. I went to play Words With Friends and there was a new version. I was required to click on it and when I did, Apple said that my password had been  deactivated. Huh? So I kept trying and could not get in. I called Apple and they were not really helpful. The girl on the phone gave me a website address to contact tech support. So I sent them the issue. Late in the evening, I rec’d an email from a gal named Kristi. I had to give her my billing address. Then she is off until Sunday. Well, isn’t this frustrating!

Friday- I was off to PT again. I returned for lunch, then had my hair trimmed by Linda here in the park. Then I was off to a Chiropractor appointment. My neck and right hip are painful from all the walking in the walking boot! After this we took a nap.

Our farewell party for GSA was this evening, so I made a corn casserole to take along. The resort supplied ham, and the rest of the food was pot luck. It was quite an assortment of food. My favorites were Kathy’s cheesecake, a Texas sheet cake, and some of the delicious salads and potato dishes. Yum!

The party was more fun this year, as we know so many more people. We sat with Kathy and Brian, like at last year, but this year we had more of the Sunday people sitting with us. Like last year, the end of the year DVD was a hoot. Everyone was hooting and hollering at the pictures.  Friends Ted and Theresa, from Sunday’s, received their 5 year awards. Cliff is the one person who has been there the full 21 years that Breck has had the GSA program!

There was lots of goodbyes and hugs! Sandy and Lori have asked us if we are coming back next year! We have told them, yes, we will be returning!

Everyone says that the skiing is awful, but the guests are enjoying it. We have noticed that it is much busier in town, as more people are shopping, especially in the afternoons. There is no snow on the sides of the roads. Temps are in the 60’s during the day and 20’s to 30’s at night.

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