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Sat. March 24- Fri March 30- Breckenridge

Saturday- I seem to be on the mend, with just a lot of fatigue to deal with. We had another quiet day with me off to PT in the morning. Bob dropped me off , then ran to Frisco to the barber ship. We are trying to get ready to leave this week, if the job in Oklahoma comes through. Just waiting to see.

We took an afternoon nap. I have been doing a little at a time trying to get the inside of the motor home ready for travel. The temperatures have been really warm, so I am glad that I have not been skiing. Bob has given it up also. Yesterday we had taken the bikes and the skis to the storage unit, along with the inside insulation for the windows. It is so nice to be able to have our window’s clear and be able to see out them again!

We went to the evening BBQ and then played Mexican Train with Brian, Kathy, John, Bette and Sandra.

Sunday– another quiet day. I did not even get dressed until 3:30. At a little past 4, we went to Blue River Bistro for happy hour. I am resting my liver, so all I drank was water. It was so nice to see my Sunday GSA friends. Lots of hugs around as we were leaving, as this may be our last Sunday happy hour this season. I was able to say good bye to John, Harold and his wife Debbie, Ted and Teresa, Martin who flies back to England on Tuesday, Anita, and Ed. Brian and Kathy were there also. What a great group of people to work with!

We returned to watch the Comcast DVR shows, while the Direct TV DVR is recording the new shows.

Monday-  I was off to PT at 10 AM. Then we loaded up the car for another trip to Denver and the storage unit. This time we took the container , filled with the ski clothes,we had bought in the fall, plus the snow blower and a few other items. I am taking some of the clothes back and forth, washing the summer clothes and packing some of the winter clothes. The temps during the day are in the 60’s and at night only some nights into the 20’s, but most nights in the 30’s and 40’s. It is definitely spring skiing, with mash potato conditions and lots of brown spots that you can see from the road. Glad that we do not have to be out there!

My appointment today was with the Ophthalmologist.  During the first hospital procedure, my left eye had dried out. I had burning and severe pain, like someone was sticking a needled into my eye. I had asked for the on-call hospitalist to come and check the eye. He could not see anything and ordered artificial tears. So I wanted it checked out. This was the first appointment I could get.

The doc put in some dye and saw a scratch on the eye ball. I have been massaging the corner of my eye, and the tear duct has improved, but he did see some drainage there’; not tears. He wanted to stick a needle into the corner and flush the duct. I am very bad with eyes. I can handle everything else as a nurse, but eyes! So I declined. He gave me a prescription for drops instead, to use for 5-7 days, along with the the artificial tears.

We started back to Breckenridge. Today was very windy, and when driving down the mountain, looking at Denver in the distance, we could see the dust in the air. On the way back, there was a lot of smoke, just outside of Denver, right as the road starts climbing into the mountains. I-70 had been closed in two areas, One was Frisco, for 5 hours, for a major accident in which two people had died. We knew about that before we left, and took Swan Mountain road across to Dillon to avoid the area. The second area was also on our way back, but the road was completely open. Since the snow pack has been so low this year and it has stopped snowing, the winds are spreading a lot of forest fires. We were lucky to get past this smoky area, as there is a major fire, with over 900 homes evacuated, to the south, and this smoke was part of the smoke plume that is covering so much of the Denver area. 

We stopped at the Walmart in Frisco to drop off my prescription. We continued to the senior center for dinner. Brian and Kathy had already checked us in and paid for us. The TR gang had saved us seats at their table. Dinner was beef lasagna with salad and some very good zucchini and squash. The usual chef was not there as his brother had brain surgery for a recurrence of brain cancer. We had to leave early, as the pharmacy at Walmart closed at 7 PM. We arrived back to find that the prescription had not been filled. They only had the generic, so they had to call the MD office to ask if the prescription could be filled with the generic. Not sure why they had not called me to let me know the prescription had not been filled so that we had to drive back. Oh well! So the pharmacy is calling the MD office in the morning.

Tuesday-  It was off to the Dentist for us this afternoon. Both of us had good check-ups. We had bought a $25 dinner at Spencer’s Restaurant in Beaver Run for $5 from Restaurants.com a month ago. So we, along with Kathy and Brian went to have a nice dinner there. Our reservations were for 6 PM and we did not leave until after 8 PM. Good food, great company!

Wednesday-  I had a 10 AM PT appointment. Bob dropped me off, ran errands, and then picked me up. We ran up to the locker room to pick up our uniforms. I had left mine there one more week, as Christy Neal and I were sharing my windbreaker jacket, so I wanted to give her one more day before I turned the jacket in, and she works on Tuesdays.

I had my Chiropractor appointment at 1 PM, and Bob ran more errands. We had the farewell BBQ this evening. It was pot luck for the appetizers, side dished and desserts. The BBQ was purchased and was excellent. There is a lot left over for Saturday evening. This was really the farewell, as a lot of people are leaving in the morning.

After dinner, we played Mexican Train until 10:30. I actually won this time!

Thursday- No appointments today! So we did more errands. We stopped at the Vets in Frisco to pick up dog items for the summer( the flea and  tick stuff and the heartworm pills). We went east of I-70  to Silverthorne and dropped off the plate that we had not returned to the Elks Lodge. We stopped for gas in Silverthorne, as there is the cheapest gas at this one station. $ 3.65 per gallon. It is one block from a Shell station that is ripping people off for $4.29 a gallon! And there were idiots buying gas there!

Our next stop was in  Dillon at the Thrift Store. We had two bags of clothes to donate. While there, we cruised through the clothing. Bob picked up two shirts, almost identical to what we had donated, but in a smaller size. I bought 6 new tops. All of this cost us $25. Can’t beat that, as I bought some Liz Claiborne and other name brands.

Next we stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We bought some sheets, Returned home and realized that they were too deep! ( 18 “). Our Sleep Number mattress is only 9”, with the mattress pad. So we have to go back. I also picked up some stacking jewelry boxes. The jewelry box does not fit well the drawer, so I wanted something easier to use.

Next was a trip to Walgreens for some stuff, then on to the Smiling Moose for lunch. Great sandwiches.! We wandered into the Blue Moon Bakery and picked up some brownies for dessert. Then stopped at Tuesday Morning. We found a ‘ pedal exerciser’ for me to use. The Doc  and PT want me using the exercise bike, but since we cannot carry one with us, we settled on the ‘pedal exerciser”. It is one of those pedal things that you can use sitting in a chair. $19.99. I had been looking for one on the internet and they were priced at $39.99. Good deal!

Last evening at the BBQ, Jeanne had asked us if we wanted to go to see ‘Oscar and Felix ‘at the Breckenridge Theater. So we said yes. She made reservations for the 6 of use, and so at 7PM, Brian and Kathy picked us up. The play was fun, with a nice script and good amateur acting. Although, the guy who was filling in for Oscar was there with permission of Actors Equity. The original actor playing the part is in ABQ filming a movie with Dennis Quad and Michael Chiklis. So they are not all amateurs!

Friday– I had an 8: 30 conference call for the HEDIS project. I am also still waiting to hear about the job in Oklahoma. The call lasted until 9:35. While this was going on, Bob put together the pedal exerciser and mixed up some cleaning fluid  for washing the motor home. Might as well get it done while the weather is nice. The temp this morning was 37 when we woke up. We have the ceiling vents open and windows open, every day, cleaning out the air in the motor home.

After lunch, I went to Mahjongg and Bob dropped off our uniforms at the uniform store.  I put a note on my pants saying the they were shortened for me, hoping that I get them back next year. Yes, we are returning to Breck next year. We love it here!

I rode with Brian and Kathy to Mahjongg. Jeanne met us there. After Mahjongg, Kathy and Brian needed bread, so we stopped at the French bakery downtown and picked up a loaf of bread for us and them.

After dinner, Bob and I took the dogs and walked up to the swing in back of the motor home to watch the sunset over the mountains.

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  1. Hi Denise and Bob: I got a call about week and a half ago and gave you a glowing reference for the job you have applied for in Oklahoma. Hopefully, you will be hearing from them soon. Take care you two.

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