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Sat. March 17 to Friday March 23- St. Anthony’s, Breckenridge, Back to St. Anthony’s

Saturday-  No problems with the tube, so I dressed to go home. While Bob and I were walking the halls ( I did this rather than having Lovenox injections) we ran into the Hospitalist who said, “Your dressed, guess you are ready to go home! “ So I was discharged. We stopped at King Sooper’s to pick up some dressing supplies, but they did not have what I needed. So we went to Walgreens and found the stuff there. Then we headed back to Breck. I really did not feel well the entire ride. I laid down when we arrived home and took a nap.

Tonight was the St. Patrick’s Day Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner. We went, but I ate only a small amount. I really was not feeling well, but it was so nice to be warmly welcomed back by our Tiger Run friends. After dinner, we left and I returned to the motor home. I hooked the tube up to a bag, and drained 250 cc of bile. I felt better after this. We went to be early.

Sunday-  We stayed in and  rested. Bob started taking down the insulation around the base of the motor home. I also started getting the motor home ready for us to move. We did a lot of loads of laundry. 

Monday-  I am still having a lot of fatigue. I had my appointment with the Orthopedist who is keeping me in the walking boot two more weeks, then I move to a air cast. No surgery needed, as long as the ankle continues to progress. That about wore me out! We did not go to dinner at the Senior Center this evening.

Tuesday- I went to PT today then Mahjongg in the afternoon. Everyday I have been taking a nap, and then waking up too early. So today I was determined to stay up all day so that I could get a good nights sleep.

Summit County is incredible. Everyone knew that I had been in the hospital. One gal who I play Mahjongg even went to the Senior Center to find out my phone number to give me a call.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends! Between Facebook , phone calls, and emails I have been feeling so much love! Thank you to everyone (country wide) for your thoughts and prayers!

Friends Kathy and Bill Neblett had given us a gift card for Blue River Bistro, so with Wayne joining us, we went to have a terrific dinner at BRB. Thank you Kathy and Bill.  What a wonderful treat!

Wednesday-I had my appointment with Dr. PJ.  Last year he had been in our plan, but this year was not. There is only one doctor up here in Breck who is in our health plan, but he is not accepting new patients. After my appointment, we went to the Columbine Café for breakfast. Afterwards we wandered around town shopping. I bought a new sweatshirt.

Wednesday evening was our usual happy hour. No drinking for me with my liver issue., at least for a few weeks,  We stayed only until 6:30, then returned to the motor home to watch TV and go to bed early. I just wear out rapidly!

Thursday- It was another quiet day for us with laundry and Bob continuing to work on preparing the motor home for travel.  I had a conference call at 8;15  an interview about a chart review job in Oklahoma. Waiting to hear back on this possible temp position.

Went to PT, then came home and rested. I am trying to work a little bit at a time getting the motor home ready to leave next week.

We took Brian and Kathy to dinner at the South Ridge Street Seafood restaurant. This was a big thank you to them for caring for the dogs while I was so ill. We still need to do something for John and Bette who also cared for the dogs during the 10 days we were in Denver.

Friday- We left for Denver at 8:30. Our first stop was to drop off ‘stuff’ at the storage unit. Then we ran through a car wash. I had an endocrinology appointment scheduled for 11:30 then had to go straight to St. Anthony’s for the drain to be removed. Originally we were told that the drain was going to be removed in Frisco. I was supposed to be called several times during the week by the Interventional Radiology nurses. No one called. Since I did not know a time for the procedure, at noon I called them. Oops, they had forgotten all about me. So they had to hustle to fit me into the schedule. NPO again!

I arrived at the in and out surgery center, and they took me right in. By 1:15 I was ready to go into the room, and Bob ran to get a sandwich at Jason’s deli across the street from the ER. He likes the food there.

This time I had Dr. Patrick Moore. He is a character. He decided to do this without any anesthesia. Okay, I agreed,we would give it a try. I was able to watch him put contrast into the tube and follow it through the tube into the small intestine. There was still some swelling at the sphincter, but no more stones. I had already passed the clamping test, as I had not had to unclamp and drain the tube since last Saturday. They were very happy with how the tube site looked ( gee, a nurse flushing and changing her own dressing everyday, made it an easy situation. Bob did have to assist in putting the dressing on for me each morning due to the location, it was just easier for him to tape it on).

I did pretty well. At one point I jumped, scaring everyone, including me. The pain was intense, and they had to stop while I took some deep breaths. Then they finished. By 1:45 I was back in the prep room, ordering lunch. We had to call Bob to find him, as he was sitting in the waiting room waiting for the call. We left around 2:30. After we went through the tunnel I decided I wanted( deserved) some chocolate, so we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate at the outlets for a treat! First time we have been there all season.

Thanks to Kathy and Brian who walked the dogs for us again! We had dinner at home and watched TV. We have restarted the Direct TV and are recording on it, We are trying to catch up with what we have on the Comcast DVR so that we can turn it in next week.

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