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Sat. Feb. 25 to Fri. March 2, 2012- Breckenridge

Saturday- Our friends from the Southern Maryland Ski Club arrive this afternoon. This morning, we paid bills and updated our budget spread sheet. I went over to Margie’s Chalet to play Mahjongg with Brian, Margie and Phyl. We played until noon. Bob and I did some running around. We ran to the French Bakery in town and I cooked soup for dinner for everyone. Our pals were a little later than expected, as the winds had picked up. Everyone had made their own plane reservations. Kathy and Bill Neblett were coming in from Florida and their plane ended up circling the airport due to the winds.

Since they were running late, we ran over to AlpinAire to pick up four oxygen tanks for the group. There was an issue, as the group only had one prescription and the gal at AlpinAire refused to give us two regulators. You have to have a prescription for each regulator. They arrived at almost 7 PM at the Riverbend condo’s. I immediately started the soup cooking, while Bob took Doug and his five year old daughter Lindsey, to Breck Sports to pick up skis and a helmet for Lindsey. We receive a 50%  discount on rentals, so one of us needed to be with everyone. We had picked up everyone’s lift tickets yesterday.

Matt had run in to Christy’s to pick up a pair of demo skis for Missy; Bob went to find him, so that he could run him back to the condo with Doug and Lindsey.

The group, who consists of, John & Lorrie Anderson, Nancy & Dave Shambaugh, Matt & Missy Zalesak, Bill & Kathy Neblett, Gary & Sharon Sunderland, and Doug & Lindsey Ploutner. The usual suspects!

Everyone was exhausted. So we  ate  the soup and bread, cleaned up, and we left so that they could go to bed!

Sunday- I went over to the condo to meet up with everyone. I dropped Bob at the base of the gondola so that he could go to the locker room. He put on his boots and skied over to the condo. Doug had taken Lindsey while he dropped off his skis to be waxed. I took Kathy and Bill on the bus over to Beaver Run. We met up with Doug and Lindsey on the bus. I sent Kathy and Bill on to the green slopes to warm up, as they had not skied in two years. I took Doug and Lindsey to the ski school. I pointed Doug in the right direction to pick up his skis, then went out to Beaver Run to wait until everyone arrived. Lorrie and John had decided not to ski today. I had arranged for a private tour of the mountains for everyone. There was even a nice sign for the group. Everyone signed their waivers, then went on the tour with JW and Sue from Guest Services. I do not know Sue, but I have worked with JW several times. 001-1

No that you can tell, but from the left are Dave Shambaugh, Matt and Missy Zalesak, me, Sharon and Gary Sunderland, Bob and Nancy Shambaugh.

I took the bus and returned to the condo to visit with Lorrie and John. We met the rest of the group at the Ski Hill Grill for lunch.  Then Lorrie, John and I returned to the condo, took the car and went to City Market. Since it was Missy’s birthday, she chose to have dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. We picked up a birthday card and a cake. We had tried to get a reservation at MiCasa, by phone, but could not. So we took the cake to the restaurant, and they gave us a reservation for 5:45 for 14 people.

Bob and Gary  skied some more after lunch, and I picked Bob up at the base of the gondola at about 3:30. We showered and met the group at MiCasa, where we had excellent food, service and conversation.  Missy ( and Matt) were surprised by the cake. Lindsey was so cute. Doug had told her she could have birthday cake, if she ate her dinner, and she could barely contain herself with the surprise! The waiter sure knew how to cut that cake!


Matt, Sharon and Gary.


Nancy, Lorrie, John, and Doug.


Bob, me, Dave and Nancy.


Missy and Matt with the cake.


The cake. Yes, it says 40, she turned 35, and the second candle is a question mark! It was a joke!

Monday- I dropped Bob off at the condo and  went to water aerobics. The Physical Therapist, Kristin, had cleared me for the activity. After the class, I returned to the motor home and called Physical Therapy and the Orthopedic office. Both were supposed to get back to me last Friday and neither did. PT checked on the insurance and immediately called me back to schedule an appointment. I went at 11:20, they worked with the ankle, and gave me more exercises to do twice a day. On my way back to the motor home, the Orthopedic Fellow, following Dr. Clanton, called me to discuss the MRI. I call him Dr. Cutie Pie, since I figured out what  his name is.  I have a severe high ankle injury. He immediately started talking about doing an Arthroscopy to go in and take a look at the damage. I immediately started telling him it is getting better. The MRI showed that I have a lot of fluid in the ankle, and the ligaments that connect the tibia and fibula to the heel are separated. Since it has been improving,I have to make an appointment for a follow up appointment in two week.s Both the MD and the PT have said that the ankle is stable.

We went to dinner with only some of the group, Gary, Sharon, Kathy, Bill, Doug and Lindsey at the Quandry Grill. This is our first time there, but we had been told it was very good. We agreed!

Tuesday- I dropped Bob off at the gondola base and went to the Rec. Center for water Physical Therapy. It was very similar to water aerobics with more emphasis on the ankle. I think I will stick with the regular therapy, as it was so much like Water Aerobics. It counts as one of my PT sessions, and I can only have 3 per week.

Since it had snowed and the wind was howling, the group decided not to ski today. Lorrie called and asked me to pick up John, as he now had a prescription for an oxygen regulator. So when I left the Rec Ctr, I ran over to the condo and picked up John and Nancy. Nancy was having a problem with the first regulator. We went back to AlpinAire, and they exchanged the regulator and gave her an extra “o” ring. These are not the kind of “o” rings you can get at a hardware store. John also picked up the other regulator and another O2 tank.

We went over to the motor home so Nancy can see where we live and the motor home. Bob rode back with me to the condo, then we returned to the motor home and ate lunch. We had a quiet afternoon.

We went to dinner with Nancy, Dave, Matt, Missy, Kathy, Bill, Lorrie and John at the Blue River Bistro. This is one of our favorite places. The food was excellent and the company was fun. Dave, Nancy, Lorrie and John bought our dinner for us which was sweet.  It was still snowing and the wind was still howling. Driving home was interesting, as the road kept whiting out. Now an evening that we would normally have gone anywhere.

Wednesday- No snow today and the temps were in the 20’s. I dropped Bob off at the gondola base and went to water aerobics again. After the class ended, I did the exercises that the PT had given me.

I returned to the motor home, ate lunch, and read my book. While I was watching the noon news, they announced that Davy Jones of the Monkees had died. That certainly makes you feel old! I had such a crush on him when I was a teenager, that I feel like I lost a member of my family!

Meanwhile, Bob has been skiing every day with our visiting friends, acting as their tour guide on the mountain.  I picked him up at the gondola base at about 3:30.

We went to dinner at Angels Hollow. This restaurant is a locals favorite, not a restaurant that the tourists visit. It is kind of a ‘bikers bar’ type place, but the food is inexpensive, for Breck,and excellent. While we were there, we ran into Randy, Jane, John and Bette from Tiger Run, who were also having dinner there this evening!

Thursday- It had snowed again overnight and the weather forecast calls for more snow today.  So I dropped Bob off at the base of the gondola and he went to the locker room and then to meet up with everyone. He skied until lunch time. I went to PT at 11:20, then went to pick him up. We had a quiet afternoon, then went to a spaghetti dinner at the condo with Gary, Sharon, Doug, Lindsey ( who slept the whole time), Kathy and Bill. We played Mexican Train afterwards.

Friday- It was cold when we woke up at –6. Bob had accidently knocked our water hose, and it froze. So he pushed it back into the motor home and we are waiting for it to defrost. We switched on the pump and are using water from the tanks.

I dropped Bob off at the condo’s and went to water aerobics. Michelle, the Friday instructor is a ski instructor and she really works you!  I picked Bob up at the base of the gondola and brought him home to change clothes. We ran to the condo and picked up Nancy and John, and went to return the oxygen tanks. We returned for dinner at the condo with our friends for their last night in town. They have to leave in the morning. They had a lot of left overs, which we brought back to the motor home. We are planning to donate a lot of beer, wine and snacks to the Loosey Goosey and use the rest at our Wednesday and Saturday evenings here at Tiger Run.


The group. In front, Missy, Matt, then Bob, Lorrie, Me, Kathy, Doug, Sharon, John, Bill, Dave and Nancy. Gary was taking the pictures.

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