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Sat. Feb. 18- Fri. Feb. 24- Breckenridge

Saturday-  We paid bills and updated the budget. At 10, Bob dropped me off at the Family Center so that I could play Mahjongg with Phyl, Jeanne,and Margie. Bob then continued on to Steve and Doreen’s motor home to deliver the big cooler back to them. ( Steve said he turned it on and it worked, guess it just didn’t like our motor home!) There were two tables of ladies ‘beading’, plus our game table. When we walked in, one of the tables was covered with soda bottles, plates, mugs from the kitchen, and left over pizza. The people who had used the table, just got up and walked out, leaving their mess.

The office already knew about it. They had reviewed the security tapes and Michelle, the manager ,called the folks who did this. They were owners! They could not clean it  up, as they were now in Tahoe. Huh? You just get up and leave your mess? What awful folks! We were glad that they were owners, not renters, as the resort had changed the lock on the door because of problems with previous renters.

I had an appointment with Linda for her to trim my hair, which she quickly, and expertly did in the kitchen. We cleaned up the hair! Then we played Mahjongg until 1:00. We left the ladies still beading.

Bob had cooked the dog food while I was gone, and had done some work around the motor home. I ate lunch, and threw together the crock pot dinner that I was going to to do yesterday. We ran to Walmart to pick up some items.

At 5, we went to the BBQ, taking our crock pot dinner with us There were so many of us wanting to sit together, we put two tables together. A new couple came in and joined us. They were really nice, Connie and Mark, who live in Denver. They are new owners, having just bought a Chalet last summer. They were fascinated with our GSA stories and are thinking about becoming GSA’s when they retire in a few years.

We put things back the way there are supposed to be, and played Mexican Train with Brian, Kathy, John, Bette, and Doreen. We had a great time. There was also another table of folks playing 30 ( a card game). They were louder than we were!

Sunday-   Bob had taken my GSA day, so Kathy and Brian picked him up at 7:10. Since it is President’s Day weekend, it was really busy. The major issue was at about 4 pm the Peak 8 Super Connect lift went down.( This is the major lift which transports skiers between Peak 9 and Peak 8). A ski patroller had tried to get on the lift at the mid-station and caught a strap on the chair. When he turned to remove the strap, his other strap got caught. It pulled the chair out of it’s normal spot, causing the automatic shut off to occur. Evidently he was pretty shaken up!  Brian, Kathy and Mitch were skiing down to the mid station when the call came out on the radio. They continued to the mid-station to assist with getting people off the lift  out of that area. The resort re-opened the Snowflake lift, so they directed people down to it. When everyone was taken care of, they went to ski down to the Snowflake so that they could get to Peak 8, and the locker room. A skier cut off Mitch, causing him to take a bad fall. He bit is tongue and chipped a tooth! Brian and Kathy  assisted him back to Peak 8.

Bob called me after 4:30 to say we were heading to happy hour. The first place we were going, was the Warming Hut, a new restaurant. They had changed to Blue River, since the Warming Hut does not have it’s act together, and was charging full price for the food and drinks. No way were we paying $9 for a glass of wine.  I headed to Blue River to meet up with everyone, and when I arrived, Barb and Anna were there. Barb was on the phone with the other Denise, as Blue River had no available tables. So we quickly switched to Taddeos( $3 wine).  I tried to call Bob, but his phone was dead, so I called Brian. I took Anna with me, as Barb’s car was full of stuff. Anna is staying with Allison, who is from England, as is Anna. Anna had been a GSA several years ago, and was visiting with friends. She says that she misses it, so she is going to come back next year. She used to work Sundays. We pulled into the Hilton two hour parking lot, just as Bob arrived to put his bag of clothes into the car.  We are not allowed to wear our uniforms to happy hour!

We had a good group with Harold, Allison, Denise, Barb, Kathy, Brian, Bob and I. Cliff and Tom joined us. Cliff is one of the paid staff. He is a ‘hippy’ type, vegan, who makes this awesome homemade chocolate, which he sells. He has been on the Food Channel on two different episodes, regarding his chocolate making. Tom is one of our supervisors; he is a real comedian, and the one who assisted me when I was injured..  Since Taddeos was pretty busy, they put us in the restaurant section, instead of the bar area. We had to be out by 7pm, as they were fully booked with reservations. We had a great time!

Monday-  a quiet morning. I had a 2 pm appointment with the foot/ankle doctor at Stedman Hawkins. Didn’t see the regular doc, but I ended up seeing the ‘Fellow”. What a cutie, although these doctor’s look younger every time I visit a new one. He tried to get my foot/ankle to hurt, but did not succeed. It was pretty swollen. So he ordered an MRI. The first time we could get was Wednesday at 4:00 in Vail. I also asked for a physical therapy referral. I already have an appointment for tomorrow morning.

We returned to the motor home. At around 3:30, there was a very strong gust of wind. There was also a second one, that was not as strong. During the  first one, we could hear what we thought was the snow shovels falling over. After the gust ended, Bob went out to check on things. I did not notice, but he did not come back for a long time. When he came back in, he said that Brian and Kathy’s Omaha Steaks cooler was gone. Bob had put a jug of ice on top of it to keep this from happening. The jug was still there, but the cooler was gone. Bob had walked all over the park looking for it. To understand, the park has several hundred sites/chalets, so the place is large. If it is not in the park, it has really traveled! Bob then took the dogs for a walk, and still did not find it.

Margie and Wayne picked us up to drive us to dinner at the Senior Center. Dinner was fajitas. Bob had checked with the cook last week to make sure, before we signed up, that the meat and bell pepper were going to be separate. Chris had assured him it was. Of course, it was not. So we spoke to Chris, who went in the kitchen and cooked Bob some meat. We could tell he felt bad, as he had forgotten that Bob has this food allergy. We told Brian and Kathy about the cooler disappearing ( it had been there when we returned from the doctor’s appointment). They laughed with us, and were not upset about  it disappearing, as they were going to throw it away at the end of the season anyway.

It had snowed much of the day, but we only received about 2”. 

Tuesday- This morning we noticed that Roxie was anxious to go out. Turned out she has diarrhea, again. Such fun! Poor dog.  We have no idea why, although she had eaten a ‘busy bone’ yesterday.

Bob dropped me off at Howard Head Physical Therapy. Kristin, the PT, looked at me and said “you look familiar”. I told her, ‘you treated my husband last year’, and she immediately remembered Bob. Interestingly, when she did my assessment, she noted that my right heel does not move side to side( normal), but the left( the injured one) moves. She was very gentle, and it did not hurt,but it was obvious that is slides sideways. That is why it hurt when I was walking up and down hill and when I tried to put my foot in the boot. The Doc did not try that yesterday! So when it moves to the side, it is pulling on the left side of the ankle/foot, stretching the outer tendon. No wonder it hurt so much! She said no skiing yet, but I can do water aerobics at the Rec Center.

She massaged the leg and foot, gave me three exercises to do 2x a day, and put me in the Game Boy. That is the icing machine.  When I was leaving, I noticed Bob sitting, waiting for me. I was also thinking about asking Kristen how many times a day I was to do the exercise. I completely missed the step from the treatment area, and fell onto my knees. Geeze! I was not injured, but I am sore. Well, that is fall two for the year! I am not usually that clumsy.

Bob had to park at the Hilton, again,as the are now charging for the parking garage under the PT office. Will have to ask about that. We returned to the motor home, and I iced my knees. We ate lunch, and I picked up Margie to go to Mahjongg.  I stopped in at the Vets in Frisco to pick up some more of the probiocs for Roxie. She is not acting sick and has no vomiting, but  the Vet Tech told me to bring her in if she starts vomiting.

There were three tables at Mahjongg and we were with Lenore and Sandy ( from Tiger Run). Margie and I both one one game each.

We left at 3:30, so that we could get home and put on warmer clothes. At 3:50, we stopped to pick up Margie and Wayne to head  downtown to the Mardi Gras parade. The regulator on Margie’s oxygen tank broke, so we ended up stopping in at Alpinair for a new one. Wayne took it in, and they quickly replaced it. We parked in the south parking lot, and met up with Kathy and Brian on Main street. They were talking to a nice couple who are from New Orleans. The parade started at 4:35 and was over by 5;00. All of the people on the floats threw ‘beads’, so I returned home with 10 strings of colorful beads. It was fun, but not as good as the Ullr parade. Less drunks clinging to the floats! 001-1

From the left, Wayne, Me, Kathy, Margie, Brian and Bob.


The Mardi Gras King and Queen.


People hanging out the window watching.







We returned home and ate the Saturday left overs, watched TV and went to bed. 

It snowed all day! We rec’d 7”  of fresh powder.

Wednesday- The winds have picked up and we have a strong wind advisory in effect. On TV last night they were showing that the wind was so strong, the interstates were closed and trucks were stuck up in Wyoming. The winds were not too bad early in the morning, but we could hear them. All the winds and the warm, then cold, then warm weather, have caused a lot of avalanche warnings. We are right up against a small mountain, but are not worried as there is not much snow on the  hill behind us. Of course, the resort does the avalanche control, up above the bowls. To do that, the ski patrol shoot explosives up to the cornices, to cause controlled avalanches, clearing out the areas prior to the resort opening each day. 

Each day on the news ,they keep telling people not to go out into the backcountry, and of course, the warnings are ignored. So far 6 people have died in avalanches in Colorado this year.  There was an avalanche on Loveland pass yesterday, which closed the road and it has been closed for over 24 hours while they are cleaning the road.

Bob ran to Frisco to have his blood drawn.  I had the MRI scheduled for my ankle. When we returned  at about 6, we went to the wine and cheese. Most of the food was gone, but when we drove through Frisco we stopped at the Blue Moose for deli sandwiches.

Thursday- we had a quiet day at home. It’s snowing!

Friday-  Bob’s GSA day. It was busy, but nothing really interesting, although it snowed again today.  I picked up Margie and we went to play Mahjongg. We ate dinner at home and went to bed early.

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