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Saturday Feb. 11- Friday Feb. 17- Breckenridge

Saturday- We worked a little on the taxes and Bob worked on the ice and snow outside. The RV tech, John had called and he was not coming up today. Grrrrr!

We took the dogs for their grooming and did a little grocery shopping. We had BBQ night at the family center, which was also a Valentine’s Day party. We sat with friends Wayne and Margie, who we have missed. They have just arrived. Poor Margie is on oxygen. Their first night here, her oxygen level dropped to 70! They put you on oxygen at when you register under 89, so she was really low. She is not a happy camper!

Sunday- My first GSA day since my ankle injury.  I did not ski. My first assignment was the ticket plaza on Peak 8. Pretty boring, although Mitch walked down the steps from the gondola with two young ladies in their 20’ s. They asked him which way to the ski shop, he told them ‘to the right’. They promptly went left. So  he said to them, ‘to the right’. At which point they pointed to the left ( both of them) saying, ‘yeah, to the right”. We don’t know whether they were blond or not, as they had on hats, but they were definitely directionally challenged!

After my 1.5 hours at the ticket plaza, I went into the locker room and put my foot up for 1/2 hour, then wandered around in Ski Hill Grill and on the plaza talking to the guests. My second duty was at the Gold Coast Runner at 11:30. I had to hike up the hill, then of course hike back down. That was painful, and I have asked not to do it again until my ankle heals.

After that duty, I went to lunch in the locker room, putting my foot up again. I usually do not take my full hour for lunch, but I did today. My final duty was at the Peak 8 ski check. we were very short today, as Kathy and Brian had gone to Park City to meet up with their ski club. We also had  quite a few people out for various reasons. So I went early to my duty. I worked a little, then went into the GS shack and sat for awhile. My duty was actually from 2-3. A little before 3, the Bombers started arriving for a “bomber flash mob!” The bombers are the little kids in a special ski school program. They were really cute!  The instructor left me watching the kids while she went in and got them cups of hot chocolate. She brought me one also, which was nice. 0212121455c

I finished my duty at 3, and called Bob to come get me. We went to the hot tub to soak. Bob had fallen on the ice and he was sore.

Monday- It was snowing like crazy when we woke up. The forecast was for snow all day. The RV tech is supposed to come today to install the refrigerator. We kept checking for a voice mail or text message. He was scheduled to arrive at about 12, and at 12:30 he called to say that he was just getting off I-70 in Frisco. It was still snowing and there were chain restrictions at the tunnel, so we were not sure that he was going to arrive. He arrived at 12:50. He and Bob worked on getting the window taken out. We had the inside of the motor home ready to go. We called for help; Al and Wayne arrived. I went to find Frank ( he had left his cell phone inside and was waiting for Al to pick him up) and we picked up Steve. The job went easier than I thought it was going too…. The first step was to take the side window out.001-1

This is the old refrigerator:



Then they guy  removed the old refrigerator, out the window. 007-1

This is Bob, Wayne and Al. Then put the old refrigerator out the window.


This is Steve and John pushing the refrigerator out the window.


John and Bob looking over the new refrigerator.

Then put the new one in the window( and John wanted to do it with the crate still in place).

Of course, Roxie had to check out what was happening. She and Al became friends.


Naturally, Karlie had to check things out!


And so did I!


Actually, Bob was trying to take a picture of both the dogs in the window, and took a picture of me instead.  When the guys were working, the dogs had to stay in the bedroom, out of the way. They behaved very well. We think they understood what was going on and knew that they had to stay out of the way.

Then the guys had to set the new refrigerator in the old spot. 030-1

The entire operation went really well! John connected everything in the back. All Bob has to do is to trim some sheet metal, as it is close to the propane and water tubing. With the bumping when we are on the road, that could be dangerous. So he is gong to do that on a nice day. 032-1


Doesn’t it look bigger than the old one? It fits in the same spot, without any alteration, but with the upper and lower doors, and not having the wall in the center, there is much more room inside!

Bob and John turned the refrigerator on, using propane, and now we had to wait 24 –48 hours for it to cool down.

We went to dinner at the senior center. Shrimp Alfredo tonight. We ate with the usual group, including Margie and Wayne. When we returned to the motor home, the refrigerator temp was 34! Yippee! We moved everything from the coolers into the refrigerator. It  had only taken about 5 hours to cool down!

Tuesday- we ate breakfast, then moved everything from the outside coolers into the freezer. We emptied out the ice maker, so that we have clean fresh ice!  We could have added a door water dispenser, but decided we wanted the extra room more than easy access to water.

We went grocery shopping. Even after buying a lot of ‘stuff’ we still have lots of room in the freezer and refrigerator! We like the new one a lot. The only issue, is that having the freezer on the top, I am going to have to use a  step stool to get access the back of the freezer! Oh well, that is a small inconvenience, and due to the design of the motor home.

At 12:30 I picked up Margie and we went to Mahjongg. She had played a few times last year, and after a review, she did very well on her own. She even made Mahjongg once!

Margie and Wayne had invited us to Valentine dinner today. So at 5:30 we walked over to their rented chalet. They had decided that rather than driving their 5th wheel out to Breck, they would rent a chalet ( #16) for 2 months. With Margie’s need for 24/7 oxygen, she is only going to stay for 1 month, then she will fly to Virginia to visit her grandkids.

Wayne did the cooking and it was excellent. Nice fresh asparagus, onions/ mushrooms, scalloped potatoes, and pepper steak. Strawberry shortcake for dessert. Yum!  Great food and conversation. We spent some time talking about going to Alaska next summer. Jeanne and Dave had asked us about going and we had mentioned it to Wayne and Margie. Now we just need to find the money!

Wednesday-  Nothing special today. We just hung out at the motor home, doing various tasks. In the evening we went to the Family Center for the usual Wine and Cheese. It was pretty crowded with every table and chair full! It looked more like one of the Christmas or Thanksgiving parties. As usual, lots of good food.

Thursday- I figured it was time to try skiing. So we headed up to the locker room. Bob held my ski boot open, but it hurt too much to try to get my foot into the boot. This is not good! I probably could have bitten the bullet and gotten my foot in the boot, but I was afraid of further injuring the ankle. It hurt a quite a bit in the heel, but the worst was on the left side of the ankle and up the left side of my leg. So no go!

I told Sandy that I did not want to work on Sunday as I felt I needed to go to the doctor again to see what he thinks. Bob is going to take my GSA day. We went directly to Howard Head Physical Therapy. I signed up for Tuesday, then returned to the motor home and called  the doctor’s office and have an appointment on Monday afternoon. I want to be able to ski starting the 26th when the Southern Maryland Ski Club is here!

We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Friday-  Bob’s GSA day. At around 7:45 Craig called. He and Terilu are on their way up and Craig is going skiing. I called Bob to let him know that Craig is on his way so that they can ski together. Craig dropped off Terilu and we had some girl time. We went to lunch at the Columbine Café in Breck, then ran back to the motor home to drop off the leftovers. We picked up Margie and went to the Senior Center for Mahjongg. There were two tables; the three of us and Dora, who is also new to the game. So we had a really nice time. Margie and I changed her oxygen tank regulator, and we went to the car. Terilu stayed at the Senior Center as Craig was going to pick her up there. We passed him on the way home.

Craig and Bob skied most of the day. Bob had two duties, first the plaza then the Super-connect hut. So between 10-11, he skied with Craig, then they met up at 12, ate lunch and skied the rest of the day. So they had some guy time!

Because we were in a rush, I did not get dinner into the crock pot. So gosh, too bad, we just had to go to the Elks Lodge for dinner with John and Bette! Originally, they had a ‘Babes on Bumps’ party this evening, but it was changed to next week. The last time we were at the Elks, when we went to pay the bill, the three couples put the cash is a pile, which Brian had placed on the bar. When the waitress, Gail, counted it, she was short by $20. ( that was $1 short and the $19 tip). There was a $20 missing! We all knew that we had put in three $20’s, one for each couple. So John had given her the dollar and  we hoped that she found the $20.

When we walked in she happily told us that they had found the twenty. It had fallen under the counter and the janitor found it and put it, with a note, on the cash register. We know she thought we had ‘stiffed’ her of the tip, but she knew now, that we hadn’t and we were happily greeted. 

Dinner was good. Bette ordered a steak, which was huge! Bob had a huge burrito; John and I had the chicken fried steak. Never my favorite, but it was okay. Lots of leftovers. Gail was out of carryout containers, so she gave me a plate and aluminum foil. So we covered the plate and will return it next time we go to the Elks.

It was still snowing, so we drove both ways over the Dillon Dam road, rather than on the interstate. Brian and Kathy were heading back today, and  passed by the Elks on the way home. They laughed and thought about stopping for a quick dinner, but decided not to, as they knew that they were going to have to shovel snow. I had sent a Facebook message that we were having dinner at the Elks and found the twenty. Brian did not get it, but Kathy did, so they were happy to hear it had been found.

Not much entertainment this evening. Bob ( the cook) sang two songs, but that was it.

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