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Sat. February 4 to Fri. February 10- Breckenridge

Saturday- We did our usual bill paying and budget update. Then we spent most of the day working on our plans for this summer. Originally, we were going to the northeast, but my cousin Gloria is having her 50th wedding anniversary over 4th of July weekend in Gulf Shores Alabama. So we are going to slowly work our way across the south so that we can attend. I have not seen most of the members of this branch of the family for years!

With the price of diesel so high, we are looking at minimal driving of the motor home and staying longer in some free places. After the 4th of July we are planning to head to Maryland for doctor appointments and hopefully I can work a bit at the hospital to make some extra money for next summer.

We went to the BBQ night at the family center. None of us stayed too late as it was very cold in the owners lounge, where we meet. Hopefully it will be warmed tomorrow for the Super Bowl party!

Bob was going to take my GSA day tomorrow, but since they expect a very low turn out, Lori, our boss, called him and cancelled.

Sunday- we continued to work on our plans for the summer. Then we went to the Super Bowl party at the family center. Lots of good food at the pot luck. About mid-way through the game, a gal came in and whispered in Doreen’s ear. Doreen raced out of the room. We followed. An older lady was in the ladies shower/rest room, in the handicap stall. Jane beat me there. Jane is also a nurse. She shimmied under the stall door, and talked to the lady.  The lady was mostly deaf, so it was an interesting conversation. Brian and Bob were also there, as both were EMT’s and Brian is tall enough to reach over the door and open the lock. The lady was cold, and she had come to the shower room to get warm. She was okay, but not great. They got her out of the stall, and sat her on the chair in front of the mirrors. Crisis solved.

We enjoyed the game, then went back to the motor home.

Monday- I had my first conference call this morning for the HEDIS project. Yep, I‘ll be doing it again! The company cancelled their computer/nurse provider and brought  the work into the company. I will still be doing the over-reads.

We went grocery shopping, which is a real pain, since we still do not have a refrigerator. Good thing we are eating out tonight!

We went to dinner at the Senior Center tonight. There were about 120 people there! We ate with the usual Tiger Run crowd, Brian, Kathy, Randy, Jane, John, and Bette. Dinner was Swedish meatballs, salad, ham & bean soup, and vegetables with cake for dessert. Excellent as usual!

Today, we have been without a refrigerator for six long weeks!

Tuesday- I had to be up at the mountain for the Tour Guide training. So now I am official, I am a tour guide and 50+ guide, although, since I am still not skiing, I still  have to do the on mountain part of the training. That just consists of going up on the mountain and evaluating people’s skiing.

I called Bob just before I got on the gondola to come down, and I had to leave a voice mail message. I  called again when I arrived at the base, and called every 10 minutes for almost an hour. I even sent him an email. Meanwhile, Bob was back at the motor home checking his phone. No messages. He thought it was taking a long time to complete the 1 hour training. Finally, he had 10 messages pop up. He said that the electric had gone out, so it must have knocked out the cell tower near the motor home. My phone was fine, but then I was in town.

Bob had a message from John, the RV tech. He is going to install the refrigerator on Thursday. So we have to start to line up some assistance for getting the refrig into the motor home.

He picked me up, then we ran past the library to pick up some books that I had ordered. We arrived back at the motor home in time to make lunch, then head north to Frisco for Mahjongg.

There were 3 tables going with 5 people watching to see if they wanted to learn to play. We all cheered as Dora, who has just stated to learn to play, won a game! Bob won once and I won twice.

We had a quiet evening in the motor home. Since we have been playing so much Mexican Train, I made two more  plastic canvas domino trays for us to use when playing.

Wednesday- Since the tech at the doctor’s office told me I could start riding the exercise bike, I ran over to the exercise room here at Tiger Run to try the bike. I lasted 5 minutes, about 3 minutes more than I should have done. I started having pain up the inside of my ankle, so I stopped and returned to the motor home.

I started working on the taxes while Bob worked on the air system in the bedroom. He went over to Breck Hardware, but they did not have any air vent covers. So we will have to get to Silverthorne for him to pick one up at Ace or True Value.

Bob worked some more on trying to get the ice chipped away outside on the patio. But it is a long hard process. We went to the ‘wine and cheese’, then played Mexican Train. Tom and Marion joined us this evening. Bob rounded up a group of the men to assist with getting the refrigerator through the side window tomorrow.

Thursday- The refrigerator was supposed to be installed today. At 7:15 Bob received a text message from the RV tech stating that he would not be here. Bob called him, and John said that due to the weather and the fact that he was not feeling well, he was not coming. Huh? He was supposed to be at a motel in Silverthorne  last evening, spending the night. Granted, it was snowing, but he was also concerned about safety. Just wait until he sees the 2” deep ice on the patio, that he caused!

Bob had picked up his skis on Tuesday, thinking he was going to ski at Keystone on Thursday with Kathy and Brian. He took them back on Wednesday, since he was going to be here for the refrigerator. So he could not even go skiing! Do ya think we are a bit upset? We also had 6 guys lined up to assist with putting the refrigerator through the window, so we had to contact all of them to cancel.

So we went to Silverthorne to the hardware store to pick up a vent cover so that Bob could work on the vent today. When we arrived back at TR, we ran into Wayne and Margie who were just checking in to the resort. They left their 5th wheel in New Jersey and drove out. They have rented one of the chalets for a month.

Bob finished up inside,he cabinet, then he installed the vent cover. He needs two more screws and he needs to figure out how he is going to install the filter.

We left for the Loosey Goosey après ski at 2:30. There were well over 100 people there. It was the annual thank you party for the ‘Over the Hill Gang’ guides at A-Basin and Loveland ski resorts. Loosey Goosey is loosely affiliated with OTHG. OTHG is a privately owned ski club. It started in the 70’s at Cooper Mountain and spread across the country. In addition to skiing, they also offer various vacation trips all year long.

Several years ago, Vail Resorts (and Copper Mountain) cut their ties with OTHG because their guides were in the Vail uniforms, but not acting like Guest Services. It was bad publicity for Vail, since guests would ask questions and the guides did not have answers. So Vail started the 50+ skiing at their resorts. Copper also started their own group, which costs $450 to join, and then you have fees for all the events. OTHG costs $350 to join, then you still have to pay to ski. We don’t belong to OTHG, but we are members of Loosey Goosey.

We had a nice time, then went to the Frisco post office. We avoid the Breck PO as there is a long, long line, every time we try to go there. We returned home and watched TV.

Friday- Bob’s GSA day.  Nothing exciting happened, other than it snowed all day!. I cleaned out the file cabinet then went to Mahjongg after lunch. We went to dinner with Brian and Kathy at Carlos Miguel’s in Frisco.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are coming down to the coast for Mom and Dad’s celebration. It’s actually their 60th Wedding Anniversary that we will be celebrating. Look forward to seeing you there.

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