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Saturday Jan. 28- Friday Feb. 3 2012- Breckenridge

Saturday- We tried to sleep in, but both of us were awake by 6:30. The temp was –9 this morning. Last night before we went to bed, Bob had noticed that the light on our post outside was out. That meant that the breaker had tripped. It also meant that our water hose had frozen. So he went out and flipped the breaker. In the morning when we woke up, the hose was un-frozen, but the little brass fitting still had an ice plug. So Bob took his heat gun and unfroze the fitting. We had water again!

Craig and Terilu called and asked if we could join them for lunch at 12:30 at Keystone. They were coming up for a military retirees dinner and skiing ( Craig). They called us back and asked us to join then at 12. Then called from the road to ask us to meet them at 12:30 again, due to the high volume of ski traffic on I-70. The International Snow Sculpture contest is at Breck this week, so there are an extra 20,000 people in town. Traffic is terrible!

We drove over to  Keystone to meet them at the New Moon Café. Both the food and fellowship were great! Unfortunately, Terilu looked pale again. Craig said it started when they were going through the tunnel. Since her injury, she seems to be unable to tolerate the altitude. They would like to get back up here to continue to be GSA’s, but it seems like that is not going to happen this year!

We stopped in at the Verizon store in Frisco. We both were having problems with our new phones. Bob’s battery seems to be dying rapidly. The guys at the store made adjustments and it appears to be better. My problem was that each time an email or Facebook message arrived I had a loud tone that went off. I had made changes in my notifications, called GoWireless tech support who transferred me to Verizon tech support who sent me back to the store, as none of them could figure out how to fix the issue. . The guy at the store just turned down the volume on the notifications and it seemed to work.

When we returned to the motor home, Bob quickly started cooking some dog food. I defrosted some salmon and prepared that for the BBQ grill. At 5, we were off to the family center for dinner and games. We ended up talking for hours, and never did play games. That was okay, since we left a little after 9 to return to the motor home. We cleaned up the kitchen, walked the dogs, and went to bed.

Sunday- Bob had taken my GSA day, as he needed another day, due to missing one Friday for his ear surgery in November. We both could have slept in this morning, but it was not meant to be! Brian and Kathy picked him up at 7:10. At least the park roads are clear this morning. In the last 7 days we have received 18” of snow at Breck.

I still have 16.5 more CEU’s to complete for my Case Management Certification, so I decided to work on those. I now only have 5.5 left to complete.

Bob had a quiet day on the mountain and we had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- We went to the Verizon store again today. The battery in Bob’s phone is still not holding a charge. Nathan, shut off the automatic back up and it has been better. They have more of the phones arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday so we will return to exchange the phone. We went home and I took a nap. Bob continues to work on the ice around the motor home and he cleaned off the roof.

We went to our usual dinner at the Senior Center. Another fantastic meal. This time it was Swiss Steak, caesar salad, mashed red potatoes, brussel sprouts, and cake for dessert. The brussel sprouts were excellent. Bob doesn’t like them, but he really liked these!

Roxie has had some vomiting and diarrhea. Not fun! We had gotten into bed, and she settled in, then got up and headed for the door. Bob followed her, as this was not normal behavior. She obviously was desperate to go out, so he let her out, This was around 11 PM.. He ran back to put on slippers so that he could keep an eye on her. She would not go anywhere, but we are concerned about the mountain lions.

Tuesday- We woke up to more diarrhea and vomiting. We cooked her some egg beaters and gave them to instead of her usual food. She really did not like them, but ate them on the second try. She is not really acting sick, she is acting pretty normal.

Bob now had time to started doing some of the other repair items around the motor home. He replaced the ceiling fan and installed our new drinking water faucet. We had seen a different one in Craig and Terilu’s Alfa, and we really liked it, so we had found one on the internet and made the change. We really like the new one, as it is much taller and goes out over the sink farther, keeping water from going onto the counter. It also has a nice handle, instead of the old one, which you had to turn. It is much easier to use. 001

We are still using the coolers. This big one is Steve and Doreen’s. We are having to use it as a very large cooler, as it runs, but seems to have lost its charge. We freeze blocks of ice in water jugs and milk containers to use in it.


We are also still using John and Bette’s small cooler, which is a plug in variety. We are using it as our refrigerator, as we keep the milk, butter, eggbeaters, dog food etc in it. 004

So we are still coping. This is a little too much like camping! The new refrigerator is to be delivered next week, sometime. It is being made in Indiana. shipped to John, then he is going to drive it up to be installed.

Normally, we would be going to the 50+ skiing today at Breck, but Bob is still sore from his falls and I am still nursing my ankle. I still went to Mahjongg and Bob took a nap.

Craig had arrived in the afternoon to ski Breck and then came over to the motor home. He and Bob worked in the back of the motor home, above the bed. Since they only had an hour and half to work on this, I could not get any pictures. Will get some when Bob works on the rest of the adjustments. When the 2004 Alfa’s were designed, they put on the right side, above the bed, the intake for the air conditioner, taking up an entire cabinet. Then the air runs behind the cabinets, over to the left, where it goes down to the machinery. No one is sure why they did this as it is definitely a design flaw. So people have redesigned this area. They open up the back of the cabinets giving themselves extra storage. Then they open the area on the left side of the vent to install the air filter. Will have pictures later.

This evening was the GSA Christmas party. Okay, I know it is January, but it is too busy in December to have the party. Also, some of the GSA’s, like John, don’t arrive until January. The party was fun. We had a Tiger Run Table with all of us hanging out together.

Bob waited until the last minute to take the dogs out. Roxie is still sick. She seems to only have the vomiting and diarrhea at night. She did the same thing tonight. We all went to bed. Around 11 PM, she jumped up and ran to the door. Bob hustled after her, this time putting his slippers on, and she ran across the road and did her thing. He has the scare light on, and watched for mountain lions.

She settled back in for the night, but some time during the night she was sick some more in the living room. We both slept through it.

Wednesday-  We cleaned up after Roxie, fed her egg beaters again, and called the Vet. We were able to get a 10:20 appointment. They took us right in.

On Sunday, I had been working on some embroidery, and my packet of needles had fallen on the floor. I had not noticed, but Roxie had grabbed them, and tore up the paper they were on. So we were afraid that all of Roxie’s problems were caused by a needle. The Vet did X-rays and there was no needle. But they could plainly see air and stool in her bowels. So they gave her fluids, nausea meds, antibiotics and probiotics. The diagnosis was that either she ate something while on a walk or she has a doggy virus.

We stopped at the Verizon  store while in Frisco, but the phones have not come in.  We took another nap. In the evening we went to the Wine and Cheese. Bob ran back and let Roxie out, since they had given her 250 ml’s of fluid. She is a little zonked by the meds they gave her, but other than that she seems to be doing well. She is fasting until tomorrow morning to give her tummy a chance to calm down.

The wine and cheese was fun and we played Mexican Train afterwards.

Bob took both dogs out as usual at 10 PM, and just after we got into bed, Roxie had to go again to down load some of the fluid. Things are better though, no vomiting or diarrhea!

Thursday- No vomiting or diarrhea during the night, so Roxie was allowed 1/4 cup of bland food. So while Bob walked the dogs,  I  cooked some chicken and rice. So far, so good with both dogs. We are expecting Karlie to come down with the virus soon.

Normally we would have gone to the 50+ at Keystone, and they are having a 50+ Après Ski at Keystone. Bob did not want to go. I have changed over from the walking boot to an ankle brace, so I did not want to go either.

John came over. He and Bette rent a chalet for Jan-Feb-Mar and they did not bring a printer with them. So he wanted to use our printer. He had found on Restaurant.com a special for a $ 25 gift certificate for $5. So we printed 3 for him and 1 for us. It is for Spencer’s in the Beaver Run area of Breck.  The bill has to equal at least $35, so we will have spent $15 for a meal for two. Not bad in Breck at a really nice restaurant. Unfortunately it was a one day special.

We went to the Verizon store, but they still did not have in the phone. The manager had  to special ordered one from another store. It should be in tomorrow afternoon. they will call me when it arrives.

We had a quiet day, eating dinner at home. The blizzard is waging in Denver, but we only rec’d a dusting at the motor home and 2” on the mountain.

Friday-  Bob’s GSA day. Roxie is doing much better. Unfortunately, Karlie did not eat breakfast. So she is starting now! So we are going to start her on the bland diet also, after resting her bowel. Hopefully we can get her to drink, as she does not like to drink water.

Bob had a quiet day on the mountain. I finished up my CEU’s for my Case Management certification, then went to the Senior Center to play Mahjongg. On the way I stopped at the Verizon store and picked up Bob’s new phone. He was using mine today and I had his.

We went to the Elks Lodge in Silverthorne for dinner. This is our first time doing this. We walked in and it looked like it was set up for a wedding. I asked the cook, and sure enough, it was. There were some uncovered tables back by the bar, so that is where we headed. It was Bette, John, Kathy, Brian and us. Bette and John had some wine and Bob, Brian and Kathy had beer. I had some hot water with lemon, as they did not have a wine I like. Dinner was rib eye with a really nice all you can eat salad bar. The salad bar had large shrimp, salad, vegetables; dessert was fruit with whipped cream all for $12.

We were not expecting entertainment, but they set up a set of drums, had a guitar player and there are two pianos. The cook ( Bob) sat down and started playing the grand piano and singing. These guys really got into it, playing Springstein, Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, and other oldies. Then the waitress, Gail, started singing. ( we think she is Bob’s wife) They were very good.  We were clapping and singing along! None of us expected to return home just before 10 PM from a 6 PM dinner!

It has snowed about an inch in Silverthorne, but we rec’d nothing in Breck. Denver is getting slammed! Westminster, where we stay when in Denver, rec’d 18.5 inches. Denver is already having one of the snowiest February’s in history, and it is only the 3rd of the month!

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