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Saturday Jan 20- Friday Jan. 27

Saturday- I work up sore! The ankle was okay, in fact it was a little better, but both arms were sore from the fall, as well as my left leg.

Bob had to take the dogs to the vets by himself this morning. They were due for their shots. He left $344 poorer!

The RV tech( John)  came today to work on the refrigerator. He arrived with the cooling unit in his Suburban and with his Westie. Our dogs liked his Westie. He arrived about 11:30 AM, as he had to work on a furnace first. That was more of an emergency. Of course, he had to work around me in the recliner with my leg elevated. He took apart the back of the refrigerator from outside. While he was doing that, we ate a quick lunch. Bob took the dogs for their walk, then Bob, Frank and John took the refrig, out of its cabinet and put it on the floor. By this time, I was in bed, ready to take a nap! John took out the broken cooling unit, and then tried to put in the new unit. At least we thought it was going to be a new unit. It turns out it was a refurbished unit and it didn’t fit! Dometic has discontinued our model and did not have any new units. He worked on it for hours. At 3, Bob went to City Market to pick up some ground beef to make chili for the chili ‘cook-off’ this evening. Needless to say, we were not going square dancing tonight! Bob made the chili, and at 5 ,we went to the activity center for dinner. We were not even trying to win the cook off!

Bob took a bowl of chili and dessert back  to John. He came back to the activity center and said, we have to talk. I said, not until later, as I knew this was not going to be a fun discussion.

We played Mexican Train until 10 PM. We had the usual group, Bette, John, Brian, Kathy, Doreen, Bob and I. We had just started and a young man, about early 30’s came in to watch. We asked if he wanted to join us. His name was T-Rock. He wanted to add music and ‘weed’. We had a lot of laughter and taught him how to play. He actually was winning some games. He thought we were a hoot. I am not sure that  he was used to play with ‘seniors’.

We returned to the motor home to the discussion on what we were going to do about the refrigerator. We decided on purchasing a new one. John had given us several suggestions, and that was the one we chose. We had decided before this, we were not going with a refurbished cooling unit anyway.

Sunday- Bob was taking my GSA day, as we had traded days. It had started snowing last night and we had 10’ on the mountain. Bob cleaned his way out to the car for  Brian and Kathy to pick him up.

Bette and John arrived at 9:45 to pick me up to go to Silverthorne to the Elks Lodge for a fundraiser brunch. They shoveled the snow and a lot of slush away from the motor home. We were not sure why there was all this ‘slush”. They helped me to their Prius, and off we went. When we arrived at the Elks, Tom was waiting at the door and assisted me out of the car. Aren’t these folks great!

We had a great brunch. Bette and John drove me back to the motor home. The slush was now ice! I opened the door to the motor home and Roxie flew out, and romped through the snow, having to go potty! Bette was afraid she was going to run away, but I was not. She finished and raced back into the motor home. So Bette walked Karlie who of course had to doddle! John is allergic to dogs, so he could not help. Dogs give him asthma attacks.

I laid down and took a nap, with the dogs cuddled up. John came back over about an hour later to deliver an electric cooler that they have. So we now have a small, working refrigerator. I plugged it in to get it started cooling.

Terilu and Craig called at about 4:15 to say that Terilu is going to be discharged tomorrow. They are going to be staying at the Elks for another 2-3 weeks, to follow up with the doctors.

Bob called while we were talking. No one was around to go to happy hour this week. So they were coming home. He stopped and picked up our mail, as it had arrived yesterday. It had continued to snow all day and the mountain received another 4-5 inches of snow.

I had been watching a pervious season of Big Bang Theory and they kept eating Chinese food, which put me in the mood for Chinese. Bob agreed, so he walked and fed the dogs, then we went to Frisco to the Chinese restaurant. They were closed!

So we headed back to Breck. We knew about the Red Orchid, but they did not look busy. We had eaten there last year and didn’t think much of the place. So we passed it by and went to another Chinese restaurant, Taipai Tokyo. We really liked it much better than the other Chinese restaurants.  We ran into Harold and his wife, who had just returned from Mexico. He is the organizer of the Sunday GSA’s happy hour!

We returned home and started watching TV. I had a lot of trouble getting back into the motor home due to all the ice. I looked at Bob and asked him ,where did all that water come from? He sat and thought about it for a moment and said, I wonder if John forgot to cap off the water that goes to the ice maker in the refigerator. So he went out to look and sure enough, John hadn’t. We were not happy campers! Bob figured out that we had lost about 2, 000 gallons of water! It was all under and around the motor home. Bob has worked so hard at keeping water from around the motor home this year!

Monday-  Bob had woke up at 5:30, mad at John for not capping of the water. He spent the morning chipping ice away, and we have ice all under the motor home! The jacks and the tires are stuck in 1” thick ice. Grrrrrr! We ate lunch and I took a nap. Bob continued chipping away at the ice.

I had been able to schedule a 4 PM appointment at Stedman Hawkins with Dr. Clanton, their ankle doctor. He said it is a sprain. He said if it was not better in 3 weeks to come back. He also said that I can ski when I feel that the ankle is okay.He said that the shadow on the Xray could be a broken heel bone. The heel bone is spongy and bleeds a lot if broken. So that is why he determined that it was not broken, since I only have a little ‘black and blue” area on the inside of my heel.

We left the doctors office and had some time to kill, so we went to the library. I found one book. We continued on to the Monday night Senior Center dinner. Tonight was the volunteer appreciation dinner, so they had wine, appetizers, prime rib ( the king cut) fancy vegetables, bread, Cesar salad, and an awesome mango mouse dessert.

For a change, we did not stay to help with breaking down the room. We headed home for me to ice and put my foot up.

Tuesday- I had my yearly Dermatology appointment. The doc found one small area on my face that he sprayed. While I was at the doctors office, Bob took the CRV in for an oil change. Since he had a nice coupon, he took it to Big O tires for the change. I was finished before he was, since it took a little longer. Bob’s phone holster had broken, so we decided to stop at the Verizon store for a new one. I also wanted to check out the new phones. My Blackberry Storm’s battery is starting to go. It turned out we were both eligible for new, free phones. Well, we had to pay $50 each, and we each get a $50 rebate. So we picked up the LG Global Droids. We like them, as they have a sliding keyboard. They  are also much faster than our Blackberries. The problem is that they are identical, so we have to look at the home screen to figure out which is which.

We rushed back to the motor home and ate lunch. Bob drove me back down to the senior center for Mahjongg. He returned to the motor home to keep chipping away at the ice.

Brian arrived to play, so I asked for a ride home. Bob was happy about that, as he was busy making dog food. Bless him, Brian picked me up at the door and walked me to the door of the motor home.

Wednesday- We were up early and out the door to go to Denver. We had an appointment to have the window washer reservoir fixed. It had a crack in it, so they had to replace it. Bob would have done it, but you have to take the car apart to fix this item. We arrived at 8:30. They thought they had the part, but they were missing one piece so they had to pick one up at another dealership.

We called Craig and Terilu, since we wanted to meet up with them. Terilu had been discharged from the hospital yesterday, as she had some more complications. Craig had an appointment for his hip, so they stopped by to visit with us, rather than us going to visit them. Terilu looked a lot better!

Craig called later, after his appointment, to let us know that it was a fluid pocket on his hip from the fall. He is allowed to ski, but Terilu’s skiing days are over.

We left the dealership at 1:00;  there longer than we anticipated. We ran through a McDonalds drive thru for  lunch, then went to Camping World to check out the refrigerators. They had the one we are planning to order there as a floor model, and we really liked it.

Next we ran to Colorado Mills mall to a Verizon kiosk to pick up phone covers. They only had black and red. The Verizon employee told us there was a phone kiosk 3 down from them. That was nice of him, since now we had some choices. We can tell our phone apart! Bob went with electric blue and I wanted something with some pizzazz! So I chose this heart tree. 002-1

We arrived back at Tiger Run just in time for Bob to walk and feed the dogs while I made stuffing and gravy for the pot luck dinner. Back in December there had been free stuffing mixes, awhich expire in September 2012, at the Senior Center, so I had picked up a 14 oz bag.  I made the stuffing and we had some jars of gravy in the pantry. It was pretty good, I wish I had picked up two bags!

Of course, the pot luck was wonderful. I love trying other peoples recipes! We played Mexican Train after the dinner. The usual group, John, Bette, Brian, Kathy, Doreen, Bob and I. Chris, who is from Germany, also joined us. She plays Mahjongg with us sometimes.

Thursday-  Bob decided to skip 50+ and kept chipping away at the ice. He has the patio and now around the car cleaned out. It was a very quiet day for us. I worked on laundry all day and kept my foot up.

Friday- Bob’s GSA day. It had snowed overnight. We had nine inches at our motor home but Brian and Kathy had over a foot! We are a little more protected than they are. Bob had to shovel out to the road to walk the dogs.Karlie was having too much fun playing in the snow that she did not do her business.

The plow had not yet gone by, and when John came to pick up Bob in his Prius, he got stuck. So Bob jumped out to push and John took off. He was going around to pick Bob up again, and became stuck again. The plow driver helped to push him out, he turned around and went back the other way, that had been plowed by this time, and picked Bob up. They made it to the locker room by 7:50 for the 8:00 meeting.

I sent Brian an email asking if he could walk Karlie, since she had not done her business. He and Kathy arrived at around 9. The dogs went for a walk and did what they needed to do! Kathy and Brian then went skiing.

They stopped back by on their way home to walk the dogs again, about 1:15. They said that it was still snowing on the mountain and the skiing was tough. Brian even had a fall, which is unusual.

Bob arrived home at 4:30. He said that he had four falls today. It was easy for one ski to stop and for the other leg to keep going. Glad I was not out there! He had called in a 10-30 ( snowmobile taxi ride). I had spent the day cleaning, washing the sheets, and keeping my foot elevated.

My ankle is doing pretty well as I am really trying to be good so that I can get back out skiing!

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