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Saturday Jan. 7 to Friday Jan 13 2012

Saturday-  We slept in until 7. We did the usual bill paying and budget update. We both worked on the internet while doing laundry. We ate lunch and took a nap. Not really an exciting day, although, the excitement was that it is snowing! Yippee! Finally! I know on the east coast, most everyone dreads snow, but here, not having snow,  is an economic disaster, not to mention a water disaster. Their primary water source is the snowpack, so having a light snow year causes major water issues during the spring, summer and fall. The Goosey Ladies song worked, or maybe it was the Ute Indians doing a ‘snow dance’ at Vail. Something worked!

It continued to snow all day. Bob only slept an hour, which would come back to haunt him later. I slept for two hours. I baked Snickerdoodles to take to the square dance this evening. I finally dressed at 4:30, after spending all day in my PJ’s!

We had the barbecue dinner this evening at the Activity Center, so at a little after 5 ,we headed over. It was still snowing! I had to use my high boots. We  had decided to cook salmon on the grill. I have a “Fix it in Foil” cookbook so I pulled it out of the drawer and followed the recipe. Oh, was it good! Here is the recipe:

Glazed Salmon

2 T butter

1/2 C brown sugar ( I used 1/4 C of Splenda brown sugar & thought it was a little too sweet, so we are going to use 2 T of the Splenda next time)

1 1/2 T lemon juice

3/4 t dried dillweed

1/4 t cayenne pepper

2 frozen salmon filets, partially thawed

Lemon Pepper ( we did not use any)

In a small saucepan, melt butter. Add brown sugar, lemon juice, dillweed and cayenne pepper. Cook over low heat, stirring until brown sugar is dissolved. Cut 2 pieces of heavy-duty foil, each large enough to wrap around 1 salmon fillet. Spray foil with nonstick vegetable spray. Place 1 salmon filet on each piece of foil and brush each with half of the glaze. Wrap foil in a flat pack around each fillet.  ( I microwaved the brown sugar mix and stopped to stir it several times while the brown sugar was melting.)

We ate dinner with the usual group, Dave, Jeanne, Craig, Terilu, Brian and Kathy. We drove through the snow to Frisco to the square dance. The caller was Deborah Steinkirchner of Colorado Springs, she was excellent! One of the best callers that we have had as a dance caller. We had a great time, but we ended up leaving early as Bob was falling asleep on his feet!

Sunday- My GSA day. I was on Peak 7 and it was a pretty boring day. Not much happening, although the skiing was good. We went to the Blue River Bistro, and there ended up being 17 of us for happy hour. The good news was that the mountain had received 7 inches of snow! Of course, last year we were receiving 7 inches almost every day! We watched the end of the football game, and the Bronco’s won. Hopefully that means that there will be less people on the slopes next Sunday!

Monday- We woke up to no hot water and a flat tire on the car. Not a great way to start the day! Bob had decided that since we have a heater under the motor home he could turn off the light bulb; evidently not, so he has turned it back on.  Bob had taken his shower last evening. I was too tired last night to shower so I was planning to do it this morning. So while Bob changed the tire, I walked over to the activity center to shower. Bob came over with the car to pick me, and my wet hair, up. Then he took the tire to Frisco to the tire store to have it repaired. At 10 ,we left for Denver. Bob’s appointment was at 1:45, but we needed to go to the storage unit and run a few errands. We had to stop at the Honda dealer, as Bob had misplaced the wheel hub. when he changed the tire So we bought a new ones and they installed them for free. While Bob handled  that, I looked at the new Honda Odyssey’s. Wow, have they upgraded them. Good thing we are not currently in the market for a new vehicle.  I purposely did not look  at the CRV’s.

We stopped at Applejacks to buy some beer for Bob and Brian. We went to Walmart, the storage unit, and carwash. We stopped at Red Lobster for lunch, and both had New England lobster rolls. Not as good as the ones in Maine, but they will do. We went to the local Safeway for gas, and with our 10 cent discount, we paid $2.84/gal. Gas is $3.15 in Breck, without the discount.

We continued on to the plastic surgeon’s office, and he removed an inside stitch that had migrated up to the surface. He was happy with Bob’s ear, and has discharged him from care. We headed back home, getting the car dirty again from melting snow on I-70. At least is is less dirty than when we started!

At 6 PM we were at the Senior Center in Frisco for our Monday night dinner. Salmon ( about 10 oz each), bread, peas.carrots, rice pilaf, salad, and chocolate cake for dessert. They had raised the price to $8, and it is still a bargain! There were 108 people there, so a lot of people agreed with us.

Tuesday- 50+ ski day. Kathy, Terilu and I all went with the moderate intermediate group. Bob, Craig and Brian went with the aggressive black group. We had a really nice time. I left the group to go to meet Bob in the locker room. Bob was late because Craig had been knocked down by a snowboarder. When he arrived he said that when he left Craig he thought he was going to the BMC ( Breck Medical Center). So I called Kathy, who was with Terilu at Vista House. She said that Craig had just walked in, so we were able to leave and head back to the motor home.

A quick lunch and dog walk, then we drove to the Senior Center for Mahjongg. Bob won two games and I won three, so we are doing well with playing this difficult game.

We returned to the motor home, ate dinner and watched TV.  When we spoke with Craig he said he was pretty bruised up, but doing okay.

Wednesday-  I was off the the Rec. Center for my exercising. We spent the day doing laundry, going grocery shopping, taking a nap, and generally relaxing. At 5PM we went over to the activity center for the wine and cheese. The usual feast. At about 6: 15, I noticed I had a voice mail message. It was Craig ( we were not expecting them as they had a church function this evening). He was calling to say that he and Terilu were at the BMC ( Breck Medical Center). Terilu had a very bad fall ( at 2:30, the voice mail was at 6:10) and she was being evaluated. She is on coumadin and had a brain bleed from the fall. At this point there was nothing that we could do to help them. She was going to be transferred to the hospital in Frisco.

Since there was nothing we could do to assist our friends, we played Mexican Train this evening. There were seven of us: John, Doreen, Jeanne, Kathy, Brian, Bob and I. We hooted and hollered a lot and had a great time! We dropped Jeanne off at her chalet on the way back to the motor home. It was very cold, –6 when we arrived home!

Thursday- ( temp –13). We got up, took showers( yes, we had hot and cold water), and got ready to head to St. Anthony’s hospital in Frisco. I called the hospital and was told that Terilu had been transferred to St. Anthony’s in Denver. We left Craig a voice mail message and waited for him to return our call. He called back a few minutes later to tell us that Terilu was doing well. ( She is in ICU). The brain bleed, which was small,  had stopped and they were now trying to get her back on therapeutic coumadin levels. She will have to stay in the hospital until at least tomorrow. Craig is staying with a friend in Denver. We were able to speak with Terilu and she said the pain meds were handling the headache.  Craig told us that Terilu had a fall where she twisted around a fell onto her back, downhill,  hitting her head hard enough to crack her helmet. ( She must have caught an edge). So we went to the motor home and fed the cat. Freddy, and checked to make sure the heat and water were working. Bob went back later and shoveled their snow. Craig says that is the end of her skiing, but she still wants to work as a GSA.

We decided to go to lunch at The Log Cabin in Frisco. We liked it last year, and the food was just as good this year! I had the 2-2-2, which was 2 pieces of excellent bacon, 2 eggs scrambled, and 2 pieces of French Toast. Bob had a 3 egg omelet, with mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese, with hash browns and a biscuit. Bob was half way through his omelet, when I asked him what that green thing was. He popped it out and it was a piece of green bell pepper. We freaked. The waitress noticed and came right over. We explained about Bob’s allergy, and she whipped the  omelet away. Bob thought he had not eaten any of the pepper, so we had our fingers crossed. They brought him another omelet with more of the terrific hash browns. They also did not charge us for Bob’s meal.

We left Frisco to go to Silverthorne and the Target store. They had an IPod arm holder which I wanted for exercising. I have had lots of trouble with where to keep my IPod while I am at the Rec. Center. Then we rushed home in case Bob started to get sick.

We did some laundry and took a short nap. Bob had no effect from the bell pepper, so we picked up Brian and Kathy and took off into town to the 49th annual Ullr Parade. Ullr is the Norse God of Snow.  If you remember from the blog last year, this is a crazy parade of idiots. Some floats are businesses advertising and some are just freezing gals, and some guys, in bikinis showing a lot of red skin from the cold.  The temp was 12 degrees! So here are some of the highlights.

2012 Ullr King and Queen

This years King and  Queen of the parade.

Ullr parade float

Ullr imitators.

Ski Butler's float

Luna Bar Float

Trailing behind the float

The pray for powder float!

We are all praying for powder!

King Ullr wandered over to talk to us!

King Ullr came over to talk to us!


Another mostly naked guy!

Doesn’t this fool look cold!

The furniture float.

The couch looked like it was in good condition before this!

Breckenridge 50th birthday float

The Breck 50th Birthday float.

After the parade, we walked up the hill to have dinner at Angels Hallow Restaurant. This is a small restaurant that Brain and Kathy had been to before. It is on Ridge street, across from Fatty’s, where we went last week. We had looked at the menu on line, and it was limited, but when we arrived we found that they had specials. Also, because we walked fast, we were able to get a table. The place filled up quickly. Kathy and Brian started with an excellent pear salad, which told us the place was going to be awesome!

Brian ordered the Beef Stroganoff special. It was to die for, with tender steak as the beef. Bob had carnitas, and I had chili rellenos. Kathy had a burger. All were excellent. One of the GSA’s had sent us an email asking us to sign up for the “Shop Breck” program , which is a benefit for the boy scouts. So we had, and we received a 10 % discount on our bill, which was nice. We ran into Randy, Jane, John, Betty (all from Tiger Run) who had also gone to the parade.

We dropped off Kathy and Brian, then went to Craig and Terilu’s motor home to feed Freddy, their cat. Freddy greeted us at the door and was not happy that his supper was late! He likes to eat at 6 PM and it was 6:45. Our dogs were happy to see us so that they would be fed also!

Friday- (temp 3) John was picking Bob up to go to the mountain at 7 AM for his GSA day. I stopped on my way to the Rec Center to feed Freddy. After exercise, I returned to the motor home and had the left over omelet and French Toast for breakfast. Lunch was the leftover chili rellenos from last evening. I walked the dogs and headed to Frisco for Friday afternoon Mahjongg.

Bob called me several times. First, Terilu is having another MRI, so they will not be back until tomorrow. Second, the part for the refrigerator was shipped on Wednesday, so our repair is delayed until next Wednesday. UGH! Third, he realized that we have an appointment to have the windshield washer fluid container replaced in the car, as it is leaking, next Wednesday, so we have to change our appointment with the Honda dealer in Denver.

He also said that they had a Code 1 on the hill. A snowboarder hit a 65 y.o .man and left him face down in the snow. That is a crime, possibly felony hit and run, so they put it up on all the boards, looking for witnesses. When Craig was hit on Tuesday, both Brian and Bob were ready to chase the snowboarder. Thankfully, the snowboarder stayed and apologized. We have seen the Breck cops arrest guys that take off after hitting someone.

I stopped in to feed Freddie on the way back to the motor home while Bob was walking the dogs. We watched TV and went to bed.

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