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Saturday Nov. 19-Friday Nov. 25- Breckenridge

Saturday- Nothing special today. We paid bills, updated the budget, and went grocery shopping. We stopped at Walmart before we went to Safeway, just to check on the prices of a few items. We were able to pick them up, at a significantly lower price, at the Walmart, than on sale at Safeway. Unfortunately, the Frisco Walmart is a regular Wallyworld, not a super Wallyworld, so we can’t get everything there.

After lunch, we took a short nap. I baked cookies for this evening.  Then at 5:30 we went over to the Activity Center for hot dogs and beans. The resort was having a “Get to know your neighbors” dinner; at 6:30 we were off to square dancing in Frisco.

The weather has been in the 20’s all day, but it snowed most of the day. The accumulation was only about a fluffy inch.

Sunday- My GSA day, so Bob dropped me off at the bus stop so that I could catch the 7:30 bus up to the GSA locker room. Then Bob went to City Market to supplement our groceries. Nothing really exciting happened on the mountain today. My first assignment was at the base of the gondola. At 12:00 I had to be at the Peak 8 hut, so at 10:50 I went up on the gondola, changed into my ski boots, then ate a very quick lunch. Since there are only 7 trails open, the mountain was extremely busy. I stood in the singles line for 25 minutes. This made me about 7 minutes late for my assignment. When I arrived at the hut. John was there and he said it was okay as he had been 10 minutes late arriving for his assignment. Only a few people came by the hut, mainly to ask when Peak 9 was going to open ( Wednesday). Mike relieved me at 1 and I skied down to the Gold Runner Coaster to assist with the safety waivers. Debbie( Mike’s wife) was there and the two of us spent a nice hour assisting people with the waivers and answering questions. We were relieved at about 2:15, as the lift lines were still long, so Mike and Ted were late arriving. That was okay with us, as it has been so busy on the mountain today, that I was not gung ho to go out skiing! I went into the Ski Hill Grill and bought a cup of hot water and drank some apple cider. Last year the cup of hot water was 10cents for a cup, this year 25 cents! I always carry cider packets in my pockets. Debbie joined me at 2:45 and we headed over to the ski check for our 3 PM, very short, meeting. Basically, Tom, the team leader, just counted heads to make sure we were all there! After the meeting, we stood around at the base of the mountain saying good-bye to the guests until 3:30. Bob picked me up at the base of the gondola, we went to the hot tub, and ate pork loin Bob had cooked in the crock pot for dinner. It was a quiet night of watching TV.

Monday– I was out the door by 8 to the Rec. Center. When I arrived home, we returned some phone calls and I worked on the article for a short while. Craig &Terilu, and Brian & Kathy are all arriving this week so they were checking on conditions. Bob has been keeping Brian and Kathy’s site cleared for them, so it has no snow or ice and is ready for them to arrive later today.  After lunch, we went to the Senior Center to pick up some bread, then proceeded over to Dillon to Walgreens ( the only actual drug store in the area), then to Silverthorne to the Target for a couple of sale items. Back at Tiger Run, Brian and Kathy were just arriving as we pulled into the parking lot, so we honked and waved at them. One thing you never do with RV’ers is to talk to people who are arriving or leaving. Everyone has their own ‘checklist’ of things to do when arriving or leaving, and if you talk to people, they get lost on their list, and forget to do something important! Our mail arrived today so we sorted through all that stuff. Somehow I had gotten on a list for Eastern Mountain Sports and I rec’d their catalogue. So I had to call them and ask to be removed from the mailing list. Hmmm, I have not ordered anything from them and had not signed up for the catalogue. We specifically tell each company that we do not want their catalogues, as we do not want to pay to have them forwarded. When I ordered some Christmas presents for Bob from LL Bean, I ordered over the internet for the discount, but called them to make sure that I was not automatically put on their mailing list! Bob’s new credit card arrived also. Last week we had a call from the credit card company about some fraudulent charges. There were a whole bunch of them, including 4-5 to Google for $1 each, which was what triggered the phone call from the credit card company. Someone was testing the card number. Plus they bought some stuff, We are not sure how much, as the company automatically shut down the account. His not having a card was not an issue, as I have mine and we try not to use the credit cards unless it is an emergency or we are ordering over the internet.

Tuesday- We slept in until 7:20, which is late for us. I headed straight over to the exercise room at Tiger Run to spend time on the elliptical and the exercise bike for my aerobic exercise. Bob walked the dogs. It was slippery walking, so we both had to be really careful. We had about an inch of snow overnight. It snowed 2” on the mountain, but only 1 inch here at the park.  I kept slugging through the article.

After lunch, I headed to the senior center for Mahjongg. You never know who is going to show up. It was Marsha, and two new ladies. At least there were four of us. I won  4 or 5 games, and am up on money. Marsha, who usually wins, did not win any games and lost her max of $4. Win some, lose some. I need to keep better track of  the money, but I know I was ahead!  The senior center is closed on Friday, so we are going to play here at Tiger Run.

On the way back in I stopped in and picked up the mail. We had two boxes. One was Bob’s CPAP tubing and the other was Bob’s cereal. We rarely find his Post Bran Flakes, so he ordered them on Amazon. He had found them at the little local grocery store, which we never shop in because it is too expensive.( We stick with Safeway and City Market which run specials). The boxes were  a dollar more per box at the local grocery store,  than on Amazon, with free shipping. Leftovers for dinner, then settled in for an evening of TV and crochet.

Wednesday- I was off to the Rec. Center. When I returned to the motor home I worked on my article. Bob ran over and checked on Terilu and Craig’s site. It still had snow on it, but the resort cleared it before noon. We ran to Safeway and picked up shrimp that was on sale and some cream of mushroom soup, Thought we had some, but we had run out! I started getting some of our Thanksgiving meal ready. Terilu and Craig arrived around 3 PM. They were running a little later than they thought they would be,  as they had a lot of errands to run in Denver before they headed up to the mountain.  Since our convection oven is small, I cooked the green bean casserole and the yams. We cleaned out the regular oven ( storage)and heated it up, using it to keep the casseroles warm while we were gone. We walked over to greet Terilu and Craig and took them over to the Activity Center for them to sign up for the tomorrow’s pot luck Thanksgiving dinner. Steve and Doreen were there, stuffing the turkey’s. Wow, were they some BIG turkey’s! I have signed up for clean up detail and Bob is going over tomorrow to assist with carving the turkey’s and hams. After the tour of the activity center, they walked over to our motor home to check out how Bob had insulated the rig and set up the dump PVC pipe. Craig will be busy working tomorrow on getting their Alfa Gold set up. Their motor home is identical to our on the outside, but they have a slightly different floor plan.

We cooked a turkey breast for Bob and thighs for me in the convection oven. While they were baking I cooked the stuffing, potatoes and gravy. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with lots of leftovers for the next few days.

Thursday-  Happy Thanksgiving! We had a holiday breakfast of eggbeaters, turkey sausage,and fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Yum! A special treat!. At 10, when the pool officially opened, we went over to the activity center to swim and hot tub. We ate a small lunch and just puttered around the motor home, watching the rest of the Macy’s parade and the National Dog Show. At 4, Bob went over to the activity center to assist with carving the turkey and ham. I prepared stuffing( Stove Top to which I added sautéed onions and celery) and went over at 4:45. We settled in for our pot luck dinner, which was excellent, sitting with Brian & Kathy and Craig & Terilu. Of course, as with any pot luck, there was a lot of food left over, although it looked like someone licked my stuffing bowl clean! There were 8 pies leftover, one which was fully intact. So we stuck all of them on our tray, and Brian took them to his truck. He is working with Bob as GSA tomorrow, so they are taking the left overs up to the GSA office for everyone to enjoy!

We returned to the motor home, fed the dogs, and settled in to watch TV on the DVR.

Friday-  We were up early since this is Bob’s GSA day. Brian picked Bob up at 7:10 and I went to the Rec. Center. I had woken up earlier than Bob, so I spend time on the Rec Center website purchasing a Black Friday special. I had originally purchased a 25 visit pass to the Rec Center, but I am really enjoying going. They were having a Black Friday sale, where they are offering, today only, online, an unlimited pass for $170,  more than half price, since Tiger Run is not actually located in the town of Breck. So I set up an account and bought one. This means I can go to the center more than 3x a week. We have a nice exercise room here at Tiger Run, but the Breck Rec. Center is awesome. So I shopped local! Plus then I stopped at Breck Building Supply to pick up some light bulbs. No Black Friday madness for us! Ugh!

When I returned to the motor home, I worked on the article all morning. After lunch, I took the dogs for their walk. Since the senior center was closed, I had set up Mahjongg at our activity center.  There were 7 of us! Jeanne, Kathy, Terilu and I were all from here, with Phyl, Lenore, and Marlene from the senior center joining us. We played from 1-4, and plan to play again tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully Bob will join us tomorrow to start learning how to play. Kathy and Terilu were a little rusty, but it started coming back to them.

I took the dogs for their late afternoon walk. Just after my noon dog walk, it had started to snow. It became icy and the wind picked up. We had winds in the 30 mph range with gusts in the 60 mph range. Not as bad as last week, but still pretty chilly with the blowing snow. We need the snow, but we certainly don’t need it all blowing away! It was frigid walking the pups! I guess that since they are closer to the ground, they did not mind the wind as much, as they did their business ,then played on the way back home. The temp was 30, but the wind chill was pretty bad. Bob and Brian passed me on my walk returning home.

Bob said that he did more “ 10-50’s” (injuries) today, then he did all last year. Since it is early in the season and it was snowing all day on the mountain, and windy, with poor visibility, people seemed to just be having  lots of problems skiing. One call was on Duke’s run, a fairly steep intermediate slope. He arrived just as Ski Patrol was getting the person into the sled to go down. He and one of the ski patrollers followed the sled to keep people away. Bob commented that people are crazy; they would ski around Bob and the ski patroller to get close to the sled so  that they could take a look at the injured person. No common sense and no concept of the privacy for the injured person. They had to keep telling to people to stay back.

Bob was really tired by the end of the day. So tired he forgot to turn in his radio. He rec’d an email reminding him that he was to turn in his radio. Lori said to him in the email that he had to bring ‘treats’ next Friday as punishment. ( They opened our locker and took the radio out of his jacket.) Bob replied to Lori that he brought pies this morning in anticipation of messing up! He rec’d a joking email back!

We had leftovers for dinner, which made life easier. Bob fell asleep on the couch watching a movie.

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