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Saturday Nov. 5-Friday Nov. 11- Breckenridge

Saturday- I woke up at 4 and could not go back to sleep. We are expecting snow, but  it is really windy. Occasional gusts rocked the motor home, and the weather guru says to expect wind gusts up to 60 mph. The temp was 32 when I got up, so the front has not gotten here yet.  Bob woke up at about 6:15, so it was both of us waking early.

Around 8 AM we left and went grocery shopping at City Market. Between coupons and the 10 for $5 we saved over $40 on the grocery bill, so we were both pleased with that!

After lunch, we took naps to make up the sleep from getting up so early. Bob went  to the office to pick up our mail and I baked some peanut butter cookies for this evening.

After dinner, we ran up to Frisco to the Timberline Toppers Square Dance. The caller was Ron Abbot, who we have danced to before. This was a plus only dance, and everyone was messing up! We laughed a lot, so it was a lot of fun.  There were only 20 dancers present, which was a low number for this club. It was snowing pretty hard and was a little icy, so they thought that was the reason.

Sunday- Well, frozen water pipe somewhere. The temp was 16 when we woke up. The pipe defrosted before Bob figured out where the frozen water was located. So he is going to search some more tomorrow morning. We paid bills, Bob worked on finding the problem spot, and I made dog food and did more laundry.

After lunch we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to look for a new comforter, but the store in Dillon is small and they did not have what we wanted. Then it was off to Walmart and Safeway for the rest of our shopping.

We returned, went to the hot tub, took showers, ate dinner and settled in for an evening of watching TV.

Monday- We were up at 6 AM and out the door at 6:50 heading to Denver. The CRV had a recall of the transmission software, so we drove straight to Planet Honda, right off of I-70 in Denver. We arrived just about 8 AM. Since we are expecting snow again today ( the weather forecast for today was for sun, no snow when we made the appointment) we asked the tech to please push us through quickly so that we can get back across the pass before it starts to snow. Since we had an appointment he agreed and we were out of there by 9:00. Thank you Planet Honda!

We ran to Applejacks and Bob picked up some Old Rasputin beer, which is his current favorite beer. Then off to Lowes. I wanted two more hooks for hangers and we bought a vacuum cleaner.  Since our space is limited, we had an Electrolux carpet sweeper which gets up the stuff on the top of the carpet, but really doesn’t do deep cleaning. Plus it has no edger and it does not get the edges or corners very well. It was not working, although Bob did get it working after we got home. We are going to donate it to a local charity thrift shop. We bought a small, light ( less than 12 lbs) Eureka vacuum with the usual tools. Here is a picture just to give you an idea of how small this puppy is! It looks like something the Jetson’s would use. Also, all the vacuum cleaners at Lowe’s were this lime green. Must be the current color, as all the kitchen items are that color also… 001

We ran to the storage unit to drop off some ‘stuff’ then stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond at Colorado Mills on our way back up the mountain. They had the comforter we wanted and with a coupon it was a reasonable price.

As we were driving up the mountains, we were in bright sunshine, but we could see ahead of us the snow on the mountain tops. Eventually we drove around a curve and into clouds, then snow. Fortunately, it was fluffy snow, and was just blowing across the road. It started just past Georgetown and continued until we were about half way down the drive from the western side of the tunnel to Silverthorne. We stopped in Silverthorne for lunch at The Sunshine Café. We had seen it advertised. The food was excellent. We are very predicable. Bob had a club sandwich and I had Eggs Benedict. They make their own potato chips and Bob said they were excellent. My hash browns were also very good. We stopped for gas at the City Market in Dillon, as it was on the way, and the price for some reason is 5 cents less expensive than in Breck; so with our discount card(3 cents) the price was $3.41. 

After we arrived home, we took the sheets and quilt over to the laundry room and washed them. We went to dinner at the Senior Center. Tonight it was Chicken Teriyaki, with mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes( real ones not from a box), gravy with peaches and cream for dessert. Yum!

I realized this evening that I was coming down with a cold. Bob was also starting to get one. Fortunately it is a minor cold. We both think we got it at the square dancing on Saturday night. We both kept forgetting to wash our hands with the hand sanitizer. We won’t do that again!

Tuesday-  We both woke up with stuffed up heads. The temp. was 20 degrees. Bob went out and swept away the 1.5 “ of fluffy snow. I spent the rest of the day inside. We both took a nap.

Wednesday-  The temperature was 2 degrees and the heated water hose was frozen again! Today was our welcome back Guest Service Ambassador meeting.

We arrived at the parking lot right behind Kathy and Brian, so we all walked over to the meeting room together. As Kathy said, the meeting was “organized chaos”. We are moving to new uniforms this year. The new Helle Hanson uniforms are bright red, jackets and pants. Plus we have 3 pieces. An outside jacket, a shell, and a ‘bubble’ type jacket for warmer days. No one is really happy about the red pants and unfortunately, there are not enough of the pants to go around. So they have told people who are working this week to just wear black pants if you don’t have the red pants. They had one of each size of the uniform pieces, so everyone had to try on the clothing. None of the sizes matched. If you wear a small outside jacket you might wear a medium shell, and extra small pants. It was interesting, especially since there were about 130 of us, all having to try on every piece of clothing. At least they were saying that there are 130 returning GSA’s. The new GSA’s have their orientation meeting in the beginning of December, just like we did last year. Usually they end up with about 190-200 GSA’s for the year.

Our boss, Sandy introduced the new Guest Services Manager, Chris. There have been some changes in the department, but not much that directly affects us.  They did a ‘dog and pony show’ about the changes to the Epic Mix. We can add pictures this year. Vail Resorts has evidently bought Sharpshooter, and will have their own photographers on the mountain. This is going to be really nice, as the price of pictures is going to go way down. They will take the pictures and attach them to our Epic Mix account. The pictures will be low resolution. But you are able to purchase a high resolution picture, that you can download for $19.95 and re-print as many times as you want to… Cool. Sharpshooter was so expensive at $45+ for a picture and all they gave you was one hard copy. With having a professional picture that you can download, you can do anything you want with it! Yes they do groups!

After the meeting we went to lunch with Kathy and Brian at Windy City Pizza. None of us have been there before. It was okay. They have a ‘pizza and pasta bar’ for $7.99 with chicken noodle soup, chicken wings, pasta, various pizza’s, and bread sticks.

We hung out catching up till about 2:45, then Kathy and Brian followed us back to Tiger Run. We let them in the park, and all went into the office.They are still staying in Denver and will be moving to the park on Nov. 21, if the weather cooperates. Then we went over to their new site to take a look at it. 

We returned to the motor home and Bob took the dogs for a walk.

Thursday- Temp 5 degrees, water hose frozen. Bob called the company and they said return it and they will replace the hose. He requested that they replace it with a 25ft hose, as we have a 50 ft hose which really too long. Bob seems to be over the cold but I don’t feel great, so I stayed in in the morning.  Bob had his dental appointment for them to put on the crown. After lunch, we ran up the mountain to put our skis in our locker. We had purchased a locker mirror and a shelf at Staples on our travels this summer so we installed them. There were piles of bags of uniforms on the floor in the locker room. So we found our uniforms. Bob has pants but I do not. We left the bags there, as we did not want to upset the ‘system’. Other people had the same idea, about dropping off ‘stuff’ before the crowds start tomorrow,  so we ran into some people we know. We also ran into Chris, the new manager. So far, he seems more involved, and much more friendly than the previous manager, who we never met last year.

We ran down to Frisco and picked up a book for Bob at the library, free bread and orange juice at the Senior Center, and a box for mailing the hose at the Post Office. We never go to the Breckenridge Post Office as there is usually a line out the door. It takes less time to drive to Frisco and back than to stand in the Breckenridge line!

When we arrived back, Bob went over and broke up the ice on Brian and Kathy’s site to make it easier for them to clean it when they arrive on the 21st. He is going to try to keep it in shape for them.

Then we were off to the hot tub. We ran into Steve, Doreen,Frank and Dee. We arrived there at about 4:30 and we left ,pickled,at 6:30. But we had a great time catching up with our friends. We had such a good time, Steve is going to talk to Michelle, the Tiger Run Manager, about starting the Wine and Cheese next week so that we all can get together. Usually the park supplies wine, but it is going to BYOB until January.

When we arrived back, we checked our email, and Bob is on for tomorrow to do the Guest Services gig. They had a lot of volunteers for tomorrow, so we were not sure that he was going to be needed. Steve and Doreen are working extra on Saturday as they needed more people for Saturday. I did not volunteer for this Sunday since I have the cold and I have not skied yet. I never ski well on my first day out for the season, so I want to ski a couple of days next week before I have to do a whole day!

Bob spend some time gathering his gear to be ready to leave early in the morning.

Friday- Breck opens today! This is the beginning of their 50th year, so all season there will be a lot of activities going on. This morning they are giving out 1111 free cupcakes! ( Bob said they were about 1” in diameter)

I dropped Bob off at the transit center at 7:25 so that he could catch the 7:30 bus. Today, they are starting early, since the mountain is going to open early. Bob had to be there for the meeting at 8:00. Up until mid December the morning meetings are going to be at 8:30, with today being the exception. So he managed to catch the employee bus up the mountain, as the gondola does not start until 8;00. 

I stopped at City Market, as they are still having the 10 for $5 sale and picked up some more cans of Del Monte green beans for the dogs. Some of this set are going to the “9  Shares, Colorado Cares” food drive starting tomorrow. 50 cents sure beats 68 cents at Walmart, which definitely beats the $1.50 per can we paid several places this past summer!

Then I went to the Rec. Center to exercise, since I have not been there all week.

When I arrived back at the motor home, I started laundry, and working on an article. Yesterday, I had received an email from my editor asking me to do two articles for Iowa nurses. Since the required Ohio article seems to be progressing through the system, he asked me to do two for Iowa. Yesterday I had started some research and I continued with more research today. I also called the Iowa State Board of Nursing and left a voice mail asking for requirements. Of course, I forgot that it is a state holiday, so I don’t expect to hear back until Monday at the earliest. At least I can gather together my research and start my outline.

After lunch I walked the dogs, then ran up to the Senior Center for Mahjong. The office is closed, but I guess they received enough complaints that the center is actually open for  yoga, Bridge and Mahjongg.

I picked Bob up at about 4:15. He said that the mountain was busy, and that there were only 5 tails open. He said each time he made a turn, he looked over his shoulder to make sure that he did not have someone run into him. He said that he helped 3-4 people every time he came down the mountain, including some crazy lady who had never skied before, never had a lesson. The lady finally gave up and walked down the hill. He was pretty tired by the end of the day and went to the hot tub while I cooked dinner.

We are expecting a big snow storm tomorrow with fierce winds.

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  1. Denise wow you are getting lots of snow today again! I don’t think I would like all of that snow but you and Bob seem to get around without any problems. You will not believe it Tom and I have the exact same vacuum that you just purchased. And yes ours is green also. There is a lever that you push and the handle extends up so it is easy to push around. We love ours. Don’t need bags or anything. It also has the tools for corners and tight areas. Well enjoy your skiing season.

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