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Saturday Oct. 22- Friday Oct. 28- Breckenridge CO

Saturday- The temperature was a balmy 29 degrees when we woke up this morning. It is the lull before the storm! We are expecting a ‘substantial’ snow on Tuesday through Wednesday. Bob is still trying to get the modem/router working. Finally Comcast just told him to return the darn thing and they will give us a new one.

Sunday- Bob did more work on the ‘skirting’ for the motor home. Hopefully next year it will not take so much time and effort. He is re-doing it this year, as last year, with the design, snow was able to get between the motor home and the insulation, so that has precipitated the change. I have still been working on cleaning all the wood.

He has had to work really hard at getting this done as we are expecting snow on Tuesday.

Monday- More work on the skirting and more Murphy’s Oil cleaning. Now over half of the wood is done! I was out the door early to the rec.center. I am going to be sore this evening! After I arrived back, took my shower and ate breakfast, the phone rang and it was the Comcast tech. Bob has not been able to get the internet up and running. The tech guy, who had actually arrived earlier than the scheduled time, worked on it for over an hour and had to change cable. Now we have Comcast internet and I put the Verizon Mi Fi on hold. The speed is definitely faster!

Right after we finished lunch, the glass guy called, and he was also running early. He put in the new car windshield and it looks really nice. Bob had kept working and has the most important skirting completed. It still needs to be painted, but it is up! He is going to paint after this snow storm. Because he finished the skirting under the slides today, he has put my bike away, under the slide. I missed my bike ride today, but having the bike safe and dry is more important. There is an exercise bike in the activity center.

Steve and Doreen stopped by on their bike ride and I ran into David ( Jeanne who taught me how to play Mahjongg husband) when I was walking the dogs. They bought one of the chalets, right down from us and are now mostly living here in Tiger Run.

We ran down to the Senior Center in Frisco for dinner. It was nice to see some of our Square Dancing friends. They told us we are supposed to dress in costume for the dance this Saturday night, but I don’t think we are going to be able to . Will have to see what I can come up with…. Dinner was excellent. For $6 we had chicken cordon blue, salad, bread, mixed veggies and cake for dessert. The chicken cordon blue was the best I think I have ever had! They have a new chef, who they stole from Eagle County ( that is where Vail is) and so far so good! Signed us up for next Monday’s dinner.

Tuesday- It was a delightful 36 degrees when we got up this morning. But the storm is coming!  We are expecting 6-12 inches of snow over the next 36 hours. When I went for my powerwalk, there was a wind and snow flurries. It looked like it was snowing on the mountain. They need the snow, as the snow that they have had melted quite a bit and we could see dirt on the ski runs.

Usually Bob waits until it warms up a bit, but he was out there working as early as he could trying to get finished. He completed what he wanted to get done by 2 PM, which was a good thing as the sky was starting to look pretty dark to the north east. As soon as he laid down for a nap, it started to rain. Oh good, a nice wet layer to ice up under the snow! it still had not started to snow by the time we went to bed. It looks like the majority of the storm will be in the Denver area, not the mountains. We finally finished off all the TV shows on the DVR, so in the morning I will call Direct TV to put the service on hold for the winter.

Wednesday- I woke up early. The temp was 32 (it dropped to 25 later) and we have about  5-6 inches of snow here at the motor home. We received another couple of  inches during the day, but it packed down pretty quickly.

We have dental appointments this morning for our routine cleanings. Neither of us have any new issues. Back at the motor home, we had homemade chicken noodle soup that I made yesterday with fried eggbeater sandwiches. I am trying to limit the number of times we go to the grocery store during the week, so we are eating what we have in the motor home.

After lunch, we took a quick nap. the dogs are loving the snow; they romp in the deepest parts and chase each other, having a great time!

The temperature is supposed to plummet this evening( down to 10-15 degrees, so we had to put up the inside insulation, which blocks most of the windows. One of the many things I like about our Alfa is the huge windows. When you are inside, your feel a part of the outside. So I am going to miss the fantastic views. Ah, but it is better to stay warm and keep  our electric and propane bills down.

Bob called and put Direct TV on hold until April 1. We are only putting it on hold for 5.5 months, as you can only have it on hold for 180 days in a year. That way we stay under the number of days. It extends our contract, but that is not a real issue.

Thursday- I woke up early this morning. Off to the rec center for exercise. It was a pretty quiet day for us. We went grocery shopping for a few items at Safeway, cruised through Walmart, and did the rest of the grocery shopping at City Market. They were having one of their 10 for 10, which is a mix and match. Works really well for getting a little of different items at a huge discount.

Friday – No water; the temp was zero! So we used bottled water while Bob tried to figure out what the problem was.  Turned out our heated water hose was no longer heated. It had a 1 year warranty, so of course it lasted just over a year. Bob used the regular hose to put water in the tank and ordered a new hose. I guess we will have to plan on a heated water hose each year. With a full tank we have plenty of water to last a few days and he can re-load until the new hose arrives.

We were out the door by 9:15 to take Karlie for a vet appointment. She has doggy breath and is having problems eating her ‘busy bones’. Michelle, the dog sitter from last year, was the ‘intake’’ tech at the vet office, and the dogs definitely remembered her! They were excited to see a familiar face! The Vet did ‘not see any major issues with Karlie’s teeth, but they drew blood and she has an appointment on the 3rd for teeth cleaning and an X-ray. Our dentist here is cheaper, but the Vet dentist is much more expensive!

After lunch I went to the Senior Center to play Mahjongg. There were only 3 of us there, Marsha, who I have played with before and Jeanne, who taught me how to play, here at Tiger Run. Meanwhile, Bob checked on whether the pool and hot tub were open. While at the activity center he ran into Steve, who said friends Grant and Joan will not be back this year, as Grant’s Parkinson’s has progressed and he is no longer able to ski. Received an email from Wayne and Margie; they will be returning in late February, staying in one of the chalets, not their 5th wheel, and for a shorter time period this year.

Once I returned to the motor home, Bob and I went to the Activity Center and rode the bike, used the Elliptical, and the treadmill. The pool and hot tub were still closed. They have been cleaning them, and they are scheduled to open tomorrow. We were able to take showers though. 

Bob hopes to get painting tomorrow as we are expecting another snow storm, Tuesday into Wednesday.

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  1. I just left Maryland after being away from Greenwood for a month
    because of a forcast of snow and here you guys playing in it.
    No thanks!!
    Have fun!

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