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Monday Oct. 17-Friday Oct. 21- Westminster to Breckenridge

What a busy week!  Since we are in Breck I am switching over to weekly blog posts.

Monday morning we woke up and turned on the TV to find that it was snowing in the mountains; it was going to snow all day. When we went over to give Ernie a check for Monday, he laughed and said I saw the weather report and knew you were going to be over at some point! So we ran around doing some more errands and then took a nap. It was windy and cold, so there was no happy hour today, much to the dogs dismay. We decided to go to the Olive Garden for dinner. What a disappointment! We used to like Olive Garden, but the sauce had much too  much of a tomato taste (it was bright red) and the price was much more than the last time we were there! At least we have leftovers. Maggiano’s is much better, but we did not want to drive into the city.

Tuesday morning we woke up to sunny skies. No snow today, so we packed up, ready to leave for Breck. After a hug and handshake with Ernie, and hooking up the CRV, we drove out of the Elks at 10:20. It takes quite a while to put the insulation into the motor home. We stopped at the TA on I-70 for diesel, and drove up to Breck. Just before the Frisco exit there is a rest area, so we pulled in and Bob disconnected the car. I drove over to Wendy’s to pick up lunch, as we had forgotten to make sandwiches before we put the insulation in the motor home. The insulation rides well in the hallway, but we cannot get into the refrigerator or the bathroom as it blocks both of the doors. The snow line was below the Eisenhower Tunnel, and there were flurries at the tunnel, but there is no snow at Tiger Run. We can see snow on the mountains.

I met up with Bob at Tiger Run. He had already checked us in, so we ate lunch sitting on the couch. While Bob drove the motor home to our site, I stopped in and picked up our mail. The manager Michelle introduced me to Solange, the new front desk employee.

It took us about an hour to situate the motor home. We had to work on getting it close enough for the 10 foot PCP pipe that we are going to use for dumping, yet far enough for Bob to be able to use the snow blower on the drivers side of the motor home. But, we also had to have enough room to be able to get in and out the front door. So this year we are not straight in the site, we are crooked, which is okay with us. We took the insulation back out of the motor home, it goes in and out the window over the couch. Then Bob hooked up the heated water hose and put insulation around it. 002

He also put the light behind the refrigerator. This keeps the fluid in the refrigerator from freezing. RV refrigerators are different from household ones. 001

I rode my bike around the park looking for ‘site for rent signs’ and emailed the list to Craig and Terilu who are going to join us up here this year. They have their telephone interview with Lori on Friday for GSA. I also emailed the “for sale by owner list” to them, just in case all the sites are already rented. So they can call the owners and see if they want to rent for the season. None of us want to go through Tiger Run as they charge $150 a month more than going through an owner.

Wednesday- it was 21 degrees when I went for my powerwalk this morning, brrrrrr! We also had a heavy frost. We drove over to Comcast and picked up the DVR.. This year, they had us in their computer, but we had to give them $100 deposit.. I asked them about this and it is a new Comcast rule for everyone, even if we had service before. Guess they have been stiffed by too many people. We stopped in Ace hardware and Target. We bought another heater, as one of the ones that we had from last year has a broken thermostat. We are keeping it for really cold nights, but not using it all the time.

We returned and ate lunch. Then Bob took the dogs for a walk. Of course, right after he left, the Amerigas guy showed up with the propane tank. Fortunately we had already discussed where we were going to have him put it.  We found out they owe us money! We think they mailed a check to Tiger Run, after we left, and it was returned to them. So we have a credit from last year. Of course, since we were gone for the last 5.5 months, they closed our account and they had to open another account. Seems like a silly thing to do , as it takes the employees longer to start a new account than if they just re-opened the previous account.

Bob arrived back just before I had to leave to go to my Chiropractor appointment. Dr. Steve greeted me at the door and we had a lot of ‘cracking’ going on with my  neck and back. Better than last year when I arrived in pain!

Bob worked on setting up the  sewer hose. We are using PVC pipe, wrapped in aluminum foil, then heat tape on the bottom, then wrapped in insulation.. This cost us about h $70, but laundry last year cost us almost $80 per month, so it is well worth it!


While Bob took the dogs for their afternoon walk, I rode my bike around. Bob stopped in at Frank and Dee’s site. They were the first people we met here last year! Their dog Yeddie, greets our dogs, then tries to protect his toys. He still remembers Roxie stealing his toy last winter.  He give a big ‘woof’ at her to warn her off, and she just looks at him, as if she is saying ‘and your point is?”. It is really funny, since she is 12 lbs. and Yeddie is a big fluffy 130-140 lbs. Roxie is usually a timid, but she likes Yeddie.

Thursday – Bob thought he had lost a filling, so he was off to the dentist office first thing this morning. Turns out it was a broken molar, so he needs a cap. At least the dentist here is a lot less expensive than in Maryland.

After lunch, I went to the bank  ATM to activate my card. I discovered that Wells Fargo had sent us an ATM card. We already have Check Cards, so we have to figure out what that is about. So far nothing from them on the $3-5 charges. I also went to the Breckenridge Recreation Center and signed up so that I can get in shape for ski season. There is some exercise equipment here, but not enough to really get my legs in shape for skiing.

Then I cleaned some cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap. Doing a little of that each day while Bob is working on the insulation. I helped him put some insulation on the top of the slides. 004

Bob also worked on getting ready to set up the DVR.

Friday –  I had an orientation on the exercise equipment at the Rec Center at 9 AM, so I headed over there at 8:30 and walked on their indoor track while waiting for the employee. I was the only one in the orientation, so that was pretty nice. Then I did a round of exercises. While I was gone, Bob set up the DVR.

While I was driving over there, either I was hit by a rock, or something happened, as we now have a 27” crack on the windshield. We were okay with this, as we had some etching on the glass and a repaired spot on the glass. We thought it was going to be a free replacement, but it turns out only 3 states require that, and South Dakota ( nor Maryland) are not ones that do… It will be less than our deductible, so it is out of pocket. UGH! Not okay!

We ran back to Comcast to sign up for their internet service. It is less expensive, even if we rent their modem/router, than the Verizon MIFi. So we are going to put the MiFi on hold for the winter along with the Direct TV. We stopped at Walmart and Radio Shack to see if we could purchase a router/modem. Walmart did not have any modems and Radio shack was $150, so we are just going to rent.

This afternoon, Bob worked on the insulation, I Murphy Oil Soaped more of  the cabinets, and rode my bike around taking pictures of the sites that Craig asked me to look at. They had a telephone interview this morning, and have been accepted as GSA’s. Now they just need a Tiger Run site. A couple of the sites did not look flat, so Bob hopped on his bike, taking an insulation break, and went with me to check on how level the sites were. Then I emailed Craig so he could make a decision on what site they want to rent.  I would have gone to the Senior Center to play mahjongg, but we were just too busy!

One Response

  1. Denise what is Murphy Oil that you are putting on your cabinets. Also how is it applied and how often do you use it. Where can it be found…

    Glad and sad both to see you back in Breck because that means your travels come to an end. But the good part is you will be able once again to enjoy your skiing season.

    It sure was great to meet up with you and Bob several times this summer. Hope we meet up again this coming summer.

    Take care, and my new knee is coming along. Just wish it was all over and I was back on the road again. Tom and I hope to leave just prior to Thanksgiving and go to Kentucky and camp with the Kentucky Cournals they are a chapter of FCRV they put on a great Thanksgiving Campout.

    Then off to Florida for about a month with some visits with our son and girlfriend in Palm Coast. Then we head back west to meet up with Chapter 8 “Mexican Connections” to a trip into Mexico. Should be a good winter. Hopefully we will stay warm. It is getting rather chilly here in Maryland.

    Saw Betty and Don for a while at the FCRV LaPlata Campout. Tom and I just drove over for a visit on Thursday then another visit on Saturday and Sunday. I still cannot camp in the RV.

    Take care,


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