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Sunday October 16- Westminster CO

We were supposed to leave for Breck yesterday, but we are running two days behind schedule. Thank goodness there is no reason we cannot be late!

We paid bills and updated the budget. We did tasks around the motor home and Bob went to Lowes for the 5th time! We ate lunch, then loaded up the CRV with items to go to the storage unit. We borrowed Marianna and Fred’s little pickup truck and drove over to the storage unit. We unloaded the stuff from the CRV, then loaded up all the winter items, like the insulation, into the truck and the CRV. We returned to the motor home and unloaded the insulation. When we go to leave tomorrow, we will load the insulation through the window under the awning and carry it up to Breck. Finally, Bob returned the pick-up with a full tank of gas.


A couple of things that we have done this time in Denver, is to make some changes to the motor home. We had seen some ideas that we liked, on the coach walk in ABQ, and worked on making these changes work for us.

One of the ideas was to use this window space for shelves. One of the coaches had put plain shelves in this area. I did not like the open shelves, and we do not need the room in the summer. We never use this window, so I went to Walmart and found these bins. The top drawer is for ski socks, the middle drawer is Bob’s and the bottom drawer is mine. I had Bob remove the valance, and we will put insulation behind the bins. Then in the spring, we will just take the whole thing over to the storage unit and store the ski ‘stuff’ as is, putting the valance on for the summer.. 001-1

A second idea we liked was for the dishes in the kitchen cabinet. One couple had made a plate holder with dowels. I liked the idea in theory, but thought that the dishes might move while in transit and fall out when I opened the cabinet. So we went to The Container Store, and I found this ‘pot holder’. Before, all the plates were lying flat, with spacers in between. This way we can just pull them out. There is a rubber surface on each divider and it is rounded below, and has a rubber surface, so that the plates etc. do not move. We are really pleased, as there is more space in the cabinet than before, and we do not have to remove other items to get to what we use the most. It cost about $20, and is well worth the money! It is also lighter than wood would have been, plus Bob did not have to do any work! 003-1

The third idea was that one of the husbands  had figured out that you could add a spacer to the ceiling fan, lowering it about 1.5 inches. This would not be in our way and dramatically increases the amount of air circulation. So Bob measured and picked up the items he needed at Lowes. In addition, the gentleman had also found “Ceiling Fan Air Filters”. These are by “BioStrike” and are available at Lowes. They last 3-4 months, and since we use the ceiling fan in the winter to push the warm air down, they are going to help keep the motor home cleaner. On the coach walk, we noticed that theirs were covered with dust, so they work really well! Each package contains 2.



The little white tubing between the fan and the while ceiling cover is the spacer.

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