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Saturday October 15- Westminster CO

Today was cleaning day! I vacuumed the motor home, including the valances and ceiling. Then Bob shampooed the ceiling and floors. Between cleaning the ceiling and floor, Leo and Kiera stopped by. Leo has applied for a job at Breck as one of the satisfaction survey employees. He has already had one interview and has to go up to Breck on Tuesday for the second one. They retired in July, so they have not wintered at Breck and wanted to pump our brains. We talked for about half an hour, ate lunch, then did the floors.

We continued with more errands and cleaning, then went up to happy hour at 4PM. At 5:30, Bob and I went to Golden Europe and treated ourselves to a nice German dinner. Bob had the special, German meatballs with spatzle and red cabbage. I had the Jagerschnitzel with the spatzle and red cabbage. Both of us returned home with leftovers for dinner one evening this week. Bob also had the Spatan Oktoberfest beer.

We returned to the motor home and collapsed with exhaustion.

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