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Wednesday October 12- Westminster CO

We had to get up early to drive the motor home over to Transwest for the drivers area air conditioner repair. After dropping off the motor home we headed back to Arvada to Lowes to pick up all the stuff on Bob’s list. They were having a staff meeting, but we ended up with our own ‘personal shopper’. It was a guy with no legs in a Quickie wheelchair who zipped around the store like a Nascar driver. He told us he was grateful for us being there so he didn’t have to attend the meeting!

Next we went to Hancock Fabrics so that I could pick up some Thanksgiving material to make a steering wheel cover for November, then we went to Flat Iron mall. I wanted to pick up the 2012 Mahjongg card, but the store did not have any yet. Bob noticed that his Blackberry was not working, so we stopped by the Verizon kiosk. Since none of us knew that Blackberry was having a world wide issue, the guy tried, unsuccessfully,  to get his Blackberry up and running. Now we have had Verizon and Blackberry issues over the last 2 weeks!

We went across to the Walmart and Bob checked on tires. They were much cheaper there, so we ran and picked up lunch at Honeybaked Ham. Transwest called and said that the motor home was ready. So instead of waiting for a truck in line ahead of us,  that was going to have all new tires, we drove over to Transwest, picked up the motor home, and returned to the Elks Lodge RV Park. Bob drove back to the Walmart and had 4 new tires put on the CRV. While he was gone, I cut the material for the table cover.

He arrived back just in time for happy hour. The dogs were getting anxious, as they like their happy hour, where they get to play with the other dogs.

At 6 :15 we all went to the Lodge for the steak sandwich dinner. We had never attended this event, as we are not really interested in the steak sandwiches, but we went to socialize with our Elk friends. It turns out they have great steak sandwiches, but they also had other meals. Bob had fish and chips and I chicken marsala. Both were wonderful, and inexpensive at $8 for a full meal.

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