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Tuesday October 11- Westminster CO

We tried to sleep in, but after a week of  getting up at 4:45, we are having problems getting back on track. After a nice breakfast, and starting laundry, I went over to Fantastic Sam’s and had my hair cut. I had grown it pretty long, and kept it that way so that I could put it up at the Balloon Fiesta.

Bob and I went to Walmart with a long list of items to take with us to Breck. Our plan is to leave on Saturday, but I don’t think we are going to make it. We have a lot to do before then.

I set up the dogs grooming for Thursday and tomorrow we take the motor home in for the air conditioner repair. Friday Bob has an appointment for the CRV to have an engine warmer installed. In the mean time, I have to get all the laundry done plus wash all the winter clothes that we are trading in the storage unit. Then we have to move everything to the motor home and car for the trip to the mountains.

It is already snowing in Breckenridge! While traveling north yesterday we could see the snow on the mountain tops in the distance. The weather is perfect in Westminster, with temps in the high 60’s and low 70’s, and bright sunshine.

After lunch, we took a load of summer items over to the motor home and dropped a bag of stuff off at Goodwill. We traded some clothes, then took the storage boxes back to the storage unit.

At 4, we walked up the hill to happy hour. Because we only arrived back at the motor home at 3:55, Roxie was at the door, talking to us when we arrived. She was ready to go play! Poor girl, she was disappointed as Ernie would not left Susie off her leash. They tried to play, but it just was not as fun. Finally, another guy, who we don’t know, started throwing a ball for all of them and Susie was allowed to play. That got the two of them chasing each other again!

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