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Monday October 10- Raton NM to Westminster CO

We woke up to a warm motor home and a nice long hot shower! After taking ‘navy’ showers in ABQ, it was so nice to take a good shower. A ‘navy’ shower is wet down, turn of the water, soap, shampoo, rinse quickly and you are done. Does the job, but it is not enjoyable!

It was 38 this morning when we woke up. After showers and breakfast, we headed north on I-25 to Westminster. We drove out of the RV park, turned right, and were in Colorado. We literally were staying on the state line.

We had an easy trip to Westminster and pulled into the Elks Lodge at about 12:30. We parked in the parking lot and ate lunch. There is another Alfa in the parking lot, and Ernie said that when they arrived everyone thought it was us until they saw the people. Ernie said we had a package waiting in the Lodge so he knew we were going to show up sooner or later!

Our friend, Leona, Ernie’s wife, passed away in late July. We found this out when the newsletter arrived in mid September. She had been fighting ovarian cancer for a long time. She was the organizer here, at the RV Park and she is greatly missed. Ernie will be leaving for Arizona on November 1, but plans to return next spring.

We set up and at 4 PM went up the hill to the happy hour. It was really funny. The dogs knew where they are and were at the door ready to go to the happy hour. As soon as Bob took of their leashes, Karlie started running, with Roxie chasing her. Susie,  Ernie’s dog, chased the both of them. Karlie stopped after about 3 laps; Roxie and Susie chased each other for almost an hour. They would run and stop, rest, and start running again. they traded back and forth as to who was the chaser and who was being chased. They had a great time until Bob headed down the hill to our motor home. All the dogs followed him and Susie did not come when called. Ernie put her on her leash, and might not let her off again!

Either Verizon has solved their problem or connectivity in Denver is better than ABQ as we now have reliable service again!

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