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Sunday October 9- Travel from ABQ to Raton NM

Since we have been in the bad habit of waking up early, we woke up early again today! I jumped up and turned on the generator at 6AM. The rules say no generators from 10:30 PM to 5:30 AM, so we were okay. The next door neighbors on our right drove out of their site at 6 AM, so that was what had woken us up. As soon as the generator was running, the furnace started heating up the motor home and we were toasty in about 15 minutes.

By 7, the balloons were overhead. Evidently it was a perfect day for a launch, with the “box” in play. This was the view from the motor home this morning.  That is our motor home in the second picture!



ABQ is a balloonist meca because of the perfect conditions for ballooning. Due to the mountains and air currents, they have an effect called the ‘box’ where the balloons go one direction at low altitude and the opposite direction at high altitude. We have seen this several times, and it is really interesting to observe. The ABQ International Balloon Festive was on our bucket list and we are glad that we came this year. We are seriously thinking about returning again next year. My pictures do not do this event justice. It is not something that can be described easily.  Crewing for the balloon teams added to the experience!

We packed up and said good-bye to everyone that we could find. No one was home at Craig and Terilu’s or at Brian and Kathy’s rigs, so we did not get a chance to say good-bye to them. But we will be seeing them again in the near future.

The bus driver last evening had told us that the traffic is terrible by 10 AM, so we should leave by 9. We drove out at 8:25, and the police sent us around a different way to get to the interstate. The interstate is a direct drive from the RV park, but they had so much incoming traffic they sent us to the next entrance to the south.

I forgot to put in yesterdays blog about last evenings bus driver. He was a hoot! We had not had him before. He had everyone on the bus singing songs and cheering. The kids loved it, especially ‘ The wheels on the bus go round and round’. He had everyone involved and jumping up at the appropriate place in the song.

We did not hook-up as we were going a few miles to an Indian Casino for diesel and to dump. While Bob was pumping the diesel, I ran into the Casino and asked where the dump station was located and how much it was. There was no charge to dump! Fine with us… After dumping we hooked up the CRV and headed north.

We are really pleased that we did so well with 9 days of boon-docking. We still had room in our black and gray tanks; plus we still had water! We made it without any issues, other than the weather became so cold. This morning the temperature was 46 degrees when we got up. The temp in the motor home was 50, so it was chilly.

We drove north on I-25, stopping at a rest area for lunch. We passed 5 rest areas, and 3 had no facilities and only 2 had facilities. Budget cuts! We arrived at our destination of Cedar Hill RV Park in Raton NM at about 2:25 PM.

Once we hooked-up the water, sewer, and electric, I started laundry in the motor home and took the sheets over to their laundry.

I continued doing laundry up until bedtime. Bob had to disconnect the water hose as it is supposed to be freezing tonight and the RV park owner told us not to leave our hose connected.

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