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Wednesday October 5- ABQ IBF

We were up again at 4:45. Ugh! It had been raining, but looking at the radar, it appeared that the weather was going to clear. About  5AM they said on TV that the field was closed, so we just puttered around. We went over to the tent for the continental breakfast, watched some TV and did some chores. After 9 AM clean up at the tent, we drove over to Bank of America to check on this $5 fee. We have been having a problem finding branches out west, so we are going to slowly close out our accounts. Then we went to the Credit Union, as they have a branch here is ABQ, but they do not do ATM cards, just check cards. That means that we cannot get money at the Walmart check outs, plus they do not have a lot of branches available. So finally we went to Wells Fargo, and that seems to be our best bet. We can put most of our money into one spot and not have to pay the $3 fee that they are eventually going to charge us, and they have branches east and west.

Once that was done, we stopped at an RV dealership to pick up some lights, as our lights are cracked. They were the wrong size, so after lunch, Bob returned them and went to the TA a few exits towards town and picked up 3 of the right size. These are the warning lights up on the outside of the motor home. He returned and put them in.

We went to happy hour at 4 PM, then returned to the motor home for dinner and watched TV.

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