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Friday October 7- ABQ IBF

I woke up to rain on the roof at 3 AM, thought oh well, guess we might be cancelled for today. The alarm went off at 4:45. Bob turned on the radio and we waited to hear what was happening We could hear rain on the roof, but the “weather guessers” said that they thought it was going to stop by 6 AM and that the balloon launch was on. So we hustled to be ready to catch the 5:45 bus. Terilu stopped by at 5:45, and off we went. We hiked out to the field. After a while it started to rain again, but the “weather guessers” were now saying it would stop by 7 AM. I walked over to the porta-potties. Just as I got back, Bob was getting out of the pilots RV. He had left my coffee in the pilots motor home and they took off for the pilot breakfast. So we walked over to the “witch” which is one of their other balloons. ( They own an RV dealership in Tucson and own 13 balloons. The cactus is the most expensive at 100K). We sat in the ‘witches’ chase vehicle, out of the rain until about 7:30 when the powers that be cancelled the balloon launch. Terilu was still with the pilot, so we went back to the motor home. It was now about 8:15.

We paid bills and decided to to close out our Bank of America accounts and move all the money to Wells Fargo, since BOA has no banks in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and we had problems finding branches in Oregon and Washington. Wells Fargo also has Wachovia on the east coast.

We ran to the hardware stores, Walmart supercenter, and the Post Office. We could not find a mailbox anywhere!

We returned to the motor home and I cooked a big pot of soup. It is really cold. This morning then temp was 42, and it never reached a high of 60 degrees. We only have heat when we run the generator, so the motor home is pretty cold .When we had gone out,  the dogs were lying on a blanket and I had covered them with another blanket, and they stayed there the entire time we were gone.

After we had the soup for lunch, we took a 2 hour nap! We went to happy hour. in the cold tent.  Since so many of us joined the chase crew, there was money left over. So the Alfa See Ya’s group  decided to have a gift exchange. Bob and I won a balloon hat ( purple so it is mine) and a turquoise T-shirt. ( guess that is also mine!)  Actually, I ended up with a window glass ornament and after the game was completed,  I traded with Terilu for a black t-shirt which was too small. I traded with another person for the turquoise t-shirt. There was a lot of trading going on!

We returned to the motor home. It was still pretty cold (50), so we huddled under blankets until we heated up soup at 6:30. I have on one long t-shirt and two sweatshirts! When we reheated the soup, we turned on the generator and the furnace. At 7:20 those fools started the fireworks,( the balloon glow was cancelled) and it is pouring rain! We can hear them, and if we wanted to open all the blinds we could see the high ones, but it is too cold to open the blinds.

We dug out the electric blanket, so before we climb in bed tonight we will run the generator and warm up the bed before we climb into the sheets…

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