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Sunday October 2- ABQ IBF

We slept in until 7:00. While laying in bed, I said to Bob, I think I hear a balloon. We got up and started moving. I got dressed and went to open the blinds in the bedroom, and looked out. There were balloons everywhere over us! I went racing through the motor home yelling camera, camera… grabbed the camera and went out the door to start taking pictures. Bob turned of the coffee and followed. The balloons were everywhere!


I thought one was going to land, so I followed it to the field within the RV Park, and sure enough it did.052-1





We kept watching the balloons until after 9 AM. Here are some I don’t think you have seen. 066-1


We ran to the urgent care, and the Doc was pleased with Bob’s infected ear. The swelling was down and his face is not so red. He is to continue the antibiotics and the Doc is checking on the culture. He is going to call us on Friday morning.

We ran to Walmart, bought gas for $2.97 ( yippee!), and went to Target and Office Depot. We raced back to the motor home, and ate a quick lunch, then drove to Old Town ABQ to go to the ABQ museum with the group. There were no pictures allowed in the museum. Downstairs they have a four century exhibit of the history of ABQ. By now we know that ABQ was in existence prior to Europeans “finding” the America’s. So it was interesting.

The name ABQ is not Mexican, it is  Spanish, named for the Duke of D’ABQ in Spain. New Mexico was the 47th state to enter the Union, and it became a state in 1912. They are starting their centennial celebration this year, going into next year. The state constitution proclaims both English and Spanish as the official languages of the state.

After the tour, we were supposed to tour Old Town, but the docent went without the members of our groups, since the museum docent ran late. Oh well, we have been there, so we decided to head back the motor home.

Happy hour was delayed until 4:30. There were fireworks and the glow this evening, but after the happy hour, we went with Craig and Terilu to see the changes that they have made to their motor home. Bob looked at what Craig did for his ‘blisters’ and I went with Terilu to check out the washer/dryer. They have removed their one machine, took out the upper cabinet and one drawer, and put in a stacking washer/dryer. This is what I want to do. Craig had also changed the air vent in the bedroom. They also have a 2004 Gold Alfa, with a slightly different floor plan.  We ended up talking with them until after 9 PM.!  They are very interested in joining us in Breckenridge this winter and Craig would like to be a GSA. We returned to the motor home and ate a light dinner, and went to bed.

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  1. I think I know exactly where you are. Where we were last year about 6 rows back from the gate with the LazyDaze Group. We camped with them last year. If you see a fellow in a blue and white 26 1/2 FT lazydazy his name is Jim tell him Tom and I say Hello….

    Looks like “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil came down right on top of you guys. That is strange isn’t it….

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