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Friday September 30- ABQ- International Balloon Fiesta

We left American RV Park at about 9:30 and drove east on I-40 to I-25 north, about a 15 mile drive. Bob drove the motor home and I drove the CRV, as it was not worth the trouble to hook the car up to the motor home. We followed an Alfa in and had an Alfa behind us, driving into the RV parking  area. The arrival went smoothly, as we were pre-registered with the Alfa group. Our Wagon Masters, Craig and Terilu, assisted us with parking. There are 20 motor homes(42 people), most are Alfa’s, but there are some SOB’s(some other brand) motor homes also!

Bob had woken up with an infection on his right ear. So we set up and immediately headed for an Urgent Care. We tried two before we found one that was open. The doctor was very nice, and he thinks it is a staph infection, so he gave him an antibiotic shot. He sent us to Quest for Bob to have a culture, but they refused and sent us back to the MD. While Bob was in Quest, the first time, I ran to Walgreens and dropped off the pill prescription. I picked up Bob, we ran through McDonalds, as that was the only fast food around,  picked up the prescription and drove back to the doctors office. Bob went in and the doctor did the culture, then I drove Bob back to Quest for him to drop it off.

We hustled back to the RV park, as the welcome meeting had started at 2 PM and by now it was a little after 3 PM. Since I had let Terilu know that we would be late, they had seats saved for us. We met some of the other attendees and discussed boon-docking. We think we are prepared, so we will see what happens!

We returned to the motor home, Bob walked the dogs, and applied some ice to his ear and face. The whole right side of his face is swollen and throbbing, so he is pretty miserable.

At 5 PM. we went back to the tent for dinner. Craig had arranged an authentic New Mexico dinner, by Lee and Nancy Thompson. Lee is Navaho and Nancy in Puebleon. The dinner was very good, and they finished it off with sopapillas. Then they discussed some information about the Native American Tribes in the area.

After they left, Craig reviewed the schedule for the week and started setting up car pools for some of the events. Bob had gone back to the motor home to ice his face again, then returned in time to walk back with me. We are only 4  motor homes away from the tent, so it is pretty close. With so many Alfa’s, it is easy to confuse which one is ours, but the guy next door has a surf board under the front of his motor home!

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