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Wednesday September 28- ABQ

Bob worked around the motor home and I worked on the article. My editor paid for me to join another CEU site so that I can figure out how to to correct the article. The person who wrote the original article had it all messed up, so I am having problems re-doing the article. I finally started over from scratch.

We went to Dagmar’s Restaurant and Strudel shop for lunch. Not the best German food we have had, but not the worst. Bob had the special, which was three worsts and I had the Jagerschnitzel, our usual meals. The strudel did not impress us, so we did not order any. We went to Trader Joe’s and picked up some more of the fresh salmon for dinner, since it was just down the street.

We returned to the motor home; I sat outside reading. The dogs were in their pen, with me when I heard a pop and rushing water. The next door neighbor’s water hose had blown up and water was flying everywhere. I called to Bob and he went over the turned off the water, which is in the ground, under a plastic plate. We walked over to the office and let them know what had happened and asked them to call the owner of the 5th wheel and let him know to pick up a new hose on the way home.

While we were in the office, we stopped into their little store. They have a lot of nice International Balloon Fiesta stuff. I ended up buying a denim shirt with balloon embroidery, which was $10 less expensive than downtown, and twice as nice. I also found an embroidered T-shirt for $7.99, which is a terrific price! Bob couldn’t find anything he liked, but there will be lots of vendors at the Fiesta.

We walked back to the motor home, and grilled the fresh salmon for dinner.

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