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Thursday September 29- ABQ

Today was a really busy day. We had planned today, as we have to prepare to go to the International Balloon Fiesta tomorrow. We move from the RV Park to the Fiesta RV parking, which has no hook-ups. We will be boon-docking for 9 nights. This is our first time doing this for such a long period of time.

I started the day working for 2 hours on the article. Then started cooking dog food. I was also doing laundry all day. I ended up cooking a double batch of dog food, so that I do not need to cook it again until we arrive in Denver on the 10th of October.

We have to turn off the freezer in the basement, so we have had to clean out the refrigerator freezer inside the motor home, so that we can move the basement food to the house freezer.  We have been working on eating as much out of the freezer as we can. Meanwhile, Bob topped off the water in the motor home batteries, put up the thermometer shelf, and put a clock on the cabinet door. 033


The temperature on the thermometer( 25 degrees) is for the inside of the freezer in the basement. We did not want to put all the warm dog food into the one freezer as it impacts the refrigerator temperature.

The temp outside is in the 70’, although a cold front has gone through and it has been really windy this evening.

Finally finished the laundry, and we went to Walmart to grocery shop. Returned to the motor home. I cooked pasta salad, pea salad, and made some Watergate salad for us to eat this next week.

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