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Monday September 26- Albuquerque (ABQ)

We decided around 10:15 to leave and go downtown to the Apple Store. We have been thinking about buying an I Pad. We drove east on I-40,  then turned off to a very nice area and an upscale mall. We were able to quickly find a parking place and walked into the Apple store. It was mobbed! We chuckled, and walked up to the I Pad display. There were several, not in use on the table, so we both started to play. We were immediately hooked. These tablets are fascinating!  An employee named Ed showed up right away, we asked  a few questions and he wandered off. We played some more, then looked around. Another employee named Steve showed up. We asked a few more questions and talked about our lifestyle. Finally, we decided to go to lunch. We headed out to a German restaurant that Bob had found on the net, just a few blocks away. Unfortunately, it was closed on Mondays.

So we returned to the mall and went to the California Pizza Kitchen. It was a little expensive, with personal pizzas costing $12.95 each. We like their frozen pizzas, so we both ordered. Bob had a mushroom pizza and I had the pineapple chicken BBQ pizza. Both were delicious. While there we discussed buying the I Pad, and since the sales tax is less in NM than CO we decided to go a head and buy it. here. We had already figured out that since we buy the USA Today ($1 a day), 5 days a week, that in 2 years, we will have saved enough, that the I Pad will be have earned its keep.

The pizzas were a little big for a personal pizza, but a little small for a double, so we both ate half of our pizzas and took the rest home. We took the pizzas to the car and while walking that direction we notice a Toll House Cookie store. So we wandered in and had dessert! Hmmm, fresh, warm Toll House Chocolate Chip cookie. Yum!

We wandered into William Sonoma, as I want a smaller rectangular baking pan that will fit in our oven. $79, I think I will keep looking for a Pyrex dish.

We went back to the Apple store, this time Chris waited on us. They do not work on commission, so it was not an issue, trying to stick with one sales person. One thing we noticed was that all of the guys who spoke with us were older, all over 50. Only one younger guy spoke with us, and then Chris showed up and the younger guy politely turned us over to the older guy. We think that they sell by demographic. Worked well for us, since we spoke the same geezer language!

We had a little bit of a problem, as I needed my Apple password for my Apple account. ( I have an I Pod, so I have an Apple account). I thought I knew it.  Actually, turned out that was not the issue. The guy asked me for my email, and it turns out my ‘name’ is not my email address; I was using the correct password. Oh well, we worked around this. Chris spent time going over the Pad with us, setting up email and showing us how to register, once I had the name/password straightened out back at the motor home.

Next we went to a Radio Shack, as the switch for one of our ceiling vent fans is starting to have a problem and Bob thought Radio Shack might have one. They did not and neither did an electrical supply company. We already knew that the Camping World did not have one. So Bob ordered several off the internet, as we have 4 of these switches in use.

We returned to the motor home, had a quick dinner, sat out for awhile with the dogs, and watched TV ,downloading lots of free apps onto the I Pad. We are going to get a lot of use out of this nifty little techno toy.

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