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Saturday September 24- Santa Fe Farmers Market

We left the motor home at about 8:30 heading downtown to the Saturday Farmers Market. We parked at a meter about 2 blocks away. There were a lot more vendors today and of course twice the crowd that there had been on Tuesday. Santa Fe Farmers Market

This time we bought heirloom tomatoes. If you have not had heirloom tomatoes, they are more flavorful than regular tomatoes. Since they are not as pretty as regular tomatoes, growers have bred regular tomatoes to be nicer looking. While doing that they have bred out the flavor. Heirloom tomatoes are much better tasting.

We also bought some Honeycrisp apples, I see an apple pie in our future! We also bought some fresh apple strudel and at the Intergalactic Bread Company, we bought a flat bread which had apricot and peach filling. We also bough some green chili jam.

These are the hanging flowers. Hanging flowers

These are wreaths made out of chili peppers. 004-1

Chili Flowers

We took out purchases back to the car, then went to the Arts and Craft fair, across from the Farmers Market. There was a lot of jewelry, pottery, baskets, and paintings. I ended up buying these Dichroic Glass earrings. Dichroic means two colors. These are a multi-layered coated quartz crystal and metal oxide placed on glass. The glass can have up to 30 coats. Evidently dichromic glass can be costly, although these were not that expensive since they are small.

Pottery and earings

I have been looking for a small decorative bowl. or basket to hold some small items. I had looked at quite a few, but today I found this one. It was very inexpensive, a lot less than the ones in the junk shops and hand made by the potter I was purchasing it from. We had only $7 left at this point, so I asked her if she took a credit card. No but she would take a check. Since we did not have one with us, she said just mail it to her! You don’t hear that on the east coast! So we got her name and address and walked away with a piece of pottery. I guess we have honest faces ; I have mailer her a the check.

We returned to the motor home, ate lunch, and took a nap. We grilled pork chops for dinner and ate out on our patio.Site at Santa Fe Skies

I took this picture of the sunset over the mountains. Sunset with smoke from fire

That is smoke from a fire that you can see hanging over the sunset. It was a 1 acre brush fire that is now under control.

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