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Friday September 23- Santa Fe

We had another quiet day. We seem to have seen everything in Santa Fe that we wanted to see, so we are just hanging out until we leave on Sunday.

In the morning Bob worked around the motor home. I worked on another article. This one is a little different. It is an Ohio State Continuing Education course. Some states require certain CEU articles for license renewal. The article was rejected by Ohio, and the nurse/attorney who wrote the article decided not to pursue the corrections. So my editor turned it over to me for a re-write. I worked on it for 3.5 hours. Still have a way to go…

After lunch we went to Trader Joe’s to grocery shop. The place was busy, but not as busy as it will be tomorrow! We took the food home, then went in search of a Barber Shop for Bob. After 2 tries, we found a place. While Bob was inside, I drove around the area. We returned to the motor home and had a nice dinner of fresh salmon, which we had bought at Trader Joe’s, and we cooked on the grill.

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