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Tuesday September 20- Santa Fe

We were having a pretty frustrating morning. First, I could not find my camera. I looked everywhere I could think of, but could not find it. I called Brian to see if it had fallen out of my purse last night in their truck. He checked and no luck. Then I called the restaurant, but they did not have it. I checked the motor home again and found it on the floor in the front, under the seat.  A little after that Bob noticed that one of the lenses in his glasses had fallen out. So we spent some time looking for that. We didn’t find it, so at a little after 9AM we left and picked up Brian and Kathy, with Bob wearing his old pair of glasses. We drove downtown to the Tuesday Farmer’s Market. We wandered through. Brian said that it was much smaller than on Saturdays. They had some interesting items. One was hanging flowers. They attach the flowers, one at a time and hang them down a string with a bell at the bottom. There were also a lot of wreaths with red pepper on them. Very pretty!

There were a lot of fruits and vegetables, but we have to eat what we have before we buy any more. We will be attending again on Saturday. They had a lot of interesting different items; example, different kinds of tomatoes, which were different colors, green, yellow, a different orange color. Plus some veggies I did not recognize; also a zucchini that looked more like a small baseball bat!

After our cruise through the Farmers Market we stopped at a coffee bar. Kathy bought coffee and a scone, so of course we had to join her. Bob had an orange chocolate chip muffin, Brian and I had cheese Danish.

We stopped in REI next door. Bob found another hat in the clearance section. We had been looking for one for him, but they had all been really expensive. This one was still a little pricey, but it was half price.

By this time it was already 1 PM since we had spent awhile talking, so we headed to lunch at Frank’s Diner. It looked like a diner inside,  but it was located in a strip mall. We all had a beef brisket Quesada, which was very good.  We sat talking some more, and by now it was getting late. So we stopped in next door to have a cupcake at the cupcake store. Oh well, all those calories.

We returned to the motor home and Bob worked on getting our slide, in the basement, to work. It was a disconnected  wire, so he fixed that.  We sat outside for awhile, as we  are facing north, so the patio is on the shady side of the motor home. Sweet! The temperature was 79 degrees so it was nice out. We walked the dogs and finally moved inside. I checked again for Bob’s lens, and found it. It had slid under the back-up camera monitor. Bob fished it out and put his glasses back together.

We watched some TV, ate a light late dinner, and went to bed. A very nice day visiting with friends and seeing some of Santa Fe.

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