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Monday September 19- Travel Mesa Verde to Santa Fe NM

Our goal was to leave the park at 9AM, we made it out at 8:50! We drove east on Hwy. 160 to Durango, then turned south on Hwy. 550. We followed that all the way south into New Mexico to I-25. We drove about 33 miles north to Santa Fe Skies RV Park, just south of Santa Fe. We are staying here until Sunday.

I went in to check at the office and when I walked out I ran in to fiends Kathy and Brian Mungar. We knew they were here as we have been in touch. We said quick hello’s then went to our site to set up camp.

Brian and Kathy gave us time to get set up, then they came over for a visit. We had a great time updating each other on our travels and RV repairs. Yup, repairs. When you take a house and rattle it down the highway at 65 mph, things loosen and break. It is just part of the lifestyle!

At a little after 6, they stopped by and picked us up to go to dinner. We decided on Harry’s Roadhouse, a local favorite. We knew it was going to be good when we arrived and the the parking lot was full. Brian lucked out as someone was just pulling out of a parking place, and he was able to drive right in.

We had to wait only about 3 minutes, then we were seated outside on the patio. It was a beautiful evening, with temps in the 70’s. Brian, Kathy and Bob had beers and I had a margarita. The margarita was a little sour, so I added Splenda to it and that made it okay. Bob had an enchilada and I had fettuccini with shrimp. Both were excellent. Brian had lamb chops and Kathy had a bison burger. It was a varied menu!

We had a  wonderful time catching up with our travels and all agreed that we live in an amazing country with some great people and places to visit!

We arrived back at the motor home and watched some of the new shows on the DVR. Bye-bye Charlie Sheen (Jon Cryer was the whole show anyway!), hello Ashton Cusher!

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