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Friday September 16- Travel from Moab to Mesa Verde

We took our time this morning as we only have a 125 mile drive. We had to be out of the park by 11, but left by 10. We traveled south on Rt. 191 through Moab, stopping at a USA Today box to pick up the newspaper. The weather was nice, with temps in the 60’s, partly sunny. The road was two lanes most of the way, although on Rt. 191 the road was a bit rough.

We passed by Wilson Arch, Wilson Arch on Rt. 191 south of Moab

which is right on the highway. We turned left (east) onto Rt. 491 heading into Colorado and the city of Cortez. Cortez was larger than we expected; it even has a Safeway and Walmart.

We drove straight though, stopping on the eastern side at a rest area to have a quick lunch. We only had about  3 more miles to go to our destination. We are staying at A & A RV Park, directly across from Mesa Verde NP. The park is okay, and is a Good Sam park, with FHU 50 amp. We set up then went back into town to the Welcome Center. The volunteer was very helpful, as he used to volunteer at Mesa Verde, so he knows the park pretty well. He suggested that we do the Ranger guided walks to two of the sites.  I was able to stamp the NP Passport and they volunteer gave Bob a free hat.

We went to Walmart and I bought at walking stick. After that climb yesterday, I think that I need one. Between my bad knees and my bad ankles, I need something to help me over rough terrain. Poor Bob had to assist me yesterday on the way down.

We returned to the motor home and settled in for the evening. The weather was crazy. Sun one minute, then rain for another minute, then sun again.

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