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Monday September 12- Salt Lake City

We decided to have another quiet day. We stayed in with Bob putting some of the information that he found at the FHL into Legacy, the computer program ( free) that we are using to store our information. I worked on laundry and another article. Just after lunch, Bob talked to Camping World and the thermostat had arrived. So he drove down to Camping World in south Salt Lake City and made the exchange.

While he was gone I cleaned the motor home and kept working on more laundry. Since we now have that part, we are going to be able to leave here in the morning. We are still waiting for the part for the jack, but they are just going to have to ship that to us.

At a little after 4 we headed over to Barbara and Lee’s motor home for happy hour. There were 12 of us today. Most of the other people have left. The group decided to go out to dinner, but we had already defrosted some chicken so we decided not to go along. After lots of good-bye hugs ( Escapees are huggers) we returned to the motor home and cooked dinner. Then we ran over to the Super Walmart to stock up, as we know we are not going to be able to hit a less expensive grocery store for at least a week.

We made copies of our Camping World receipts and put them in an envelope to send them to the Escapees Headquarters. Camping World matches a percentage of the amount on the receipts, each quarter, and donates the money to CARE. This helps to generate much needed  income for CARE.  We watched the Closer and Roselli & Isles, Leno, then headed off  to bed.  When I went to close the window shade next to the bed, I broke the shade.  It is very easy to do and I know better, but it was just one of those things. We were not able to fix it, Because these shades let in so much light, when we first bought the motor home, I had bought some double sided quilt material, put a blanket binding around the edges and we attached the material to the window. So the window has a cover, but the we still need the shade.

At 11:15 some idiot pulled in the site next to us. We can’t image driving that long in a day. The only noise that they made was the hum of the engine, but it was enough to wake us both up! 004

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