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Sunday September 11- A quiet day in Salt Lake City

The Rally Wagon Masters, Barbara, Lee, Bob and Viva Lee  hosted a catered farewell breakfast for everyone with scrambled eggs, sausage, date, zucchini and pumpkin breads, Danish and the assorted drinks.  We bid farewell to those who were leaving, then walked back to the motor home. We are staying another two nights while waiting for the thermostat to arrive at Camping World.  I worked on an article revision  and laundry while Bob washed / waxed the car and motor home with the new waterless cleaner. This new stuff works pretty well, especially since the majority of the dirt and bugs had already been removed by the guys earlier in the week.

We also paid bills and updated the budget. I discovered the Redskins game on Fox, so we watched them win, for a change! As the game wound down, we headed over to Barbara and Lee’s motor home for happy hour. There were about 10 of us there. At 6, we broke for dinner, and we returned to the motor home to eat leftovers. Right before 7 we headed back to Barbara and Lee’s for dessert. Just as we were getting ready to leave the wind picked up! It became extremely windy. You could not leave your chair sitting unattended, as it would just blow away.

We ate the left over carrot cake from Thursday evening and since everyone was cold and windblown, the get-together broke up for the evening.

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