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Saturday September 10- Salt Lake City

We slept in this morning then started out at the Farmers Market in Pioneer Square. We only bought some corn, but they had a lot of the usual vendors with jewelry, pottery, jams, candles, baked goods, fruits and vegetables.

We went from there to the Library. Neither of us got very far with our ancestors, so we left at about 11:30. We drove north to Bountiful to the China Star restaurant for lunch. The food was pretty good, and we have enough leftovers for dinner tomorrow night.

Then it was off to Walmart to grocery shop. We wanted to go to a regular grocery store but there is not one close by. We went to Radio Shack to pick up a small inverter to run the clock in the bedroom for when we boondock. Then back to the motor home for a very short nap.

At 6 PM we went over to the main building for a catered dinner of pulled pork and beef brisket, with coleslaw, roll and baked beans;it was BYOB. The pulled pork was excellent, but the brisket was tough. After dinner and the dogs walk, we went over to Barbara and Lee’s site for a campfire. The RV park, like many of them, does not have fire pits for campfires. Lee has a portable ‘fire pit’ that he is using. Almost everyone attended, and we roasted large marshmallows.

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