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Wednesday September 7- Salt Lake City- Family History Library

We had an orientation scheduled for 8:30 this morning, so we were out the door by 7:40. We arrived at the parking lot to find an antiquated system. You pick your parking space and then shove cash through a slot with the parking space number on it. Difficult if you have dollar bills; the parking cost $6 per day. Not really expensive, but a pain to get the money into the slot.

We walked the 1/2  block to the library. Since everyone was there early, we started the introductory film at about 8:15. The library is interesting. It was built in 1983-86. It is 5 stories, 3 up and 2 down. The Church of Later Day Saints ( LDS) has been working on family history since the 1800’s. They have a vault built in the nearby mountains which holds millions of records.

After the films, they moved us into the first floor (main floor) to computers. We each had our own ‘guide’. We started with finding some information, so that we could learn the computer. Since we are both fairly good with computers, we moved rapidly to the other floors of the buildings. Our ‘guide’ took us to the next floor and set us up with another ‘guide’. After a while they left us on our own.

The second and third floor going up are USA and Canada. Microfilm on the 2nd floor and books on the 3rd floor. In the basement, 1 is international and 2 is the British Iles.

The library has subscriptions to the various paid websites, that you can use for free to gather information. Copies are only 5 cents per page, and you buy a card to use the printers. It is free to just copy to a flash drive!  It has been years since either of us has used a microfiche, so that took some figuring out!

We spent our morning working, then Bob and I hooked-up again, put our computers into lockers(10 cents) and walked across the street, past the Temple and over to a nice courtyard to sit at the tables and eat our picnic lunch. 001

In the afternoon we continued to work on the computers, trying to gather as much information as we possibly could find. We returned to the motor home, ate dinner, and then went over to the “campfire” and group dessert. We are very tired, but it was a lot of fun!

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  1. Can I borrow your Mormon Temple Shot. Tom and I were there about a month ago but only got a shot of the temple while driving. Yours is much better.

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