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Thursday September 8- Family History Library

We were up early and out the door again heading south to the library. Parked and went in to our various areas. Bob has been working on the Turpin family (his mother’s side). A third cousin had done a lot of work, and so Bob has just been filling in some gaps.

I have a brick wall with my maternal grandfather! I just can’t seem to find information on him. I have been able to find information on earlier generations, though!

We met up again for lunch, and walked over past the Temple again and ate our sandwiches in the same area. The weather has been beautiful with temps in the low 80’s, no humidity, and no rain. On the way back over, we realized that we had not left the air conditioner on for the dogs. Although the temperatures were comfortable, there are no  trees so the motor home is in the direct sun. So we ended up calling Lee and asking him to run over to the motor home and turn on the roof air conditioner. Didn’t seem to upset the dogs too much, having a stranger enter the motor home.

We worked until 3, then headed south again to the Camping World to pick up the new thermostat. We ran back to the motor home to find out that the new thermostat was the wrong one. So Bob called and they re-ordered the part.

We ate dinner, then headed over to the campfire and dessert. Tonight, it was dessert provided by the group. Last night had been a pot luck with half the group bringing the desserts. ( there are 32 of us). Tonight they had a sheet carrot cake which was wonderful!

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