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Friday September 9th- Family History Library

We were out the door early, again. We both started in the British Iles this morning. We had eaten the last of the sandwich meat yesterday, so we went to the cafeteria for lunch. We had heard that the food was very good. You have to be an employee or you pick up a card at the library to get into the cafeteria. We both had the turkey lasagna, which I have to say, was some of the best lasagna that we have ever had. I had a salad and Bob had some extra pasta, as the salad had bell pepper in it. The lasagna was $4.95 ( side included)and worth every penny!

Here is a picture of the library entrance. 002

We worked until 3 PM, then went to the bank and over to a German Deli. We picked up Schnitzel for me and brats for Bob, with spatzle and red cabbage. I got to choose, as it is my birthday, but then Bob never objects to German food!

We returned to the motor home, took a short nap, ate dinner, then went over to the campfire and dessert. Today was our day to bring a dessert. I took the Chocolate Éclair Dessert, which was gone in a flash! There is nothing like homemade. I had to make copies of the recipe for several of the ladies.

We returned to the motor home and worked on our plan for where we are heading next. We can’t make reservations yet, as we have not received the thermostat yet, so we might have to wait until Monday to leave. We are scheduled to leave on Sunday.

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